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Wanna order? Here's how:

Jesse Luscious on the Mailorder Hotline!

Tel 510 596 8984
Fax 510 596 8982

Alternative Tentacles Mailorder Ordering Information

Domestic postage costs:

All California orders will have the 8.75% sales tax added automatically before your order is completed. All cloth items and coffee mugs are automatically sent Priority Mail. Other than these exceptions, you have a choice in the check out process of either Priority Mail or Media Mail. Once you make your choice, the total is calculated for you by our website. Priority Mail (i.e. First Class) is guaranteed to arrive in 1-4 days anywhere in the US, including any US territories like Puerto Rico and Guam. Media Mail is 1-2 weeks delivery within the continental US and up to 3 weeks for Hawaii, Alaska, and US territories. However, we've noticed that Media Mail can be just as fast as Priority Mail for California orders, especially in Northern California. It's not always true, but it's a thrifty tip for Californians.

Since the correct postage is automatically added to your order during the checkout process, the following is informational only. All $ amounts are before taxes and postage.

Priority Mail:
Orders up to $25 = $5
$25.01-$40 = $7
$40.01-up = $11

Media Mail:
Orders up to $25 = $3
$25.01-$40 = $5
$40.01-up = $6

International Orders:

The international shipping charge depends on the weight of the order. There are no flat rates due to this and because different countries have different rates.

You can construct your order on our website (use the shopping cart) and the shipping charges are computed before you have to enter a credit card, so if you need to send in an order via the post you can do that instead of using a credit card or pay pal. If you send in payment by mail, please make sure that any check or International Money Order is drawn on US funds.

Pay with PayPal, Credit Card, Check, Money Order, International Money Order (IMO), or Cash:

We accept payment by credit card (Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover), PayPal, personal checks, cashier's checks, money orders, International Money Orders, and good old US $ cash. We have a secure server.

You can print out your order from our website and mail us your credit card information, check, money order, or US $ cash. International checks and International Money Orders (IMO) must be drawn on US currency. Do not e-mail us credit card information. Feel free to fax, phone, or mail credit card information.

Important Note for Postal Mail and Phone Order Customers:

Due to technical issues, we process postal mail orders once every 2 weeks, so please be patient. Once processed, postal mail orders go to the front of the packing queue and usually go out that same day. This applies to both domestic and international postal mail orders. Phone orders are processed the same day you call, and, depending on the time of day here in California, usually go out the same day as the order. If we miss the day's deadline, the order goes out in the following business day's mail.

Return Policy: You can return items by sending us the item and we will ship out the appropriate replacement. Wrong sizes, incorrect items, and damaged items are returnable. We can also send you a credit slip if you prefer. We cannot do cash/check/credit card/paypal refunds at this point. Returns are processed more quickly than postal mail orders. PLEASE write down what you're returning and why, and what you which to exchange the item for. Check our site for availability, or list alternates, thanks!


To find what you are looking for type in a band name or something in the search window, or use the pull-down window to search by "new", "merch", "book" or use the other pull-down window to search via Artist or Label name.

Aside from carrying everything on the Alternative Tentacles Records label (duh) we carry lots of books, music from other labels, t-shirts, bags, stickers, and other merch.

Most orders ship within 3 days! 80% of the items we sell we manufacture ourselves, so we don't need to order them from other companies, hence your order can be processed and shipped almost immediately.

If you have a question about ordering, check our FAQ Page first. If you still have questions, please email or call (510) 596 8984. Our mailorder address (for sending in orders, sending returns, or to ask for a FREE catalog) is:

Alternative Tentacles Mailorder
P.O. Box 419092
San Francisco, CA
tel: (510) 596 8984
fax: (510) 596 8982

For more details about how to order, please visit the bottom of our FAQ Page.

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