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01/19/06: You... Tease!
"Thank you Alternative Tentacles, you've changed my life.

...just kidding.

01/17/06: Extras for Aussies!
"it took four days to reach me in melbourne-australia, great service guys, thank Jesse for the extra's - thanks again :)"

01/15/06: The Boss (Jello, not Bruce) in PDX
"Your boss put on an Excellent show here in Portland...Glad I didnt miss it! The shirt showed today...Thanks for the Great service Jesse
Regards, Sean"

01/13/06: U$A to Germany in 2 days!?!
"Folks, just got the Report Suspicious Activity CD in the mail today. It only took 2 days to get it from the United Snakes of America to my lil' home in Germany. How do you fuckin' do that? Awesome!! Be sure i'll be back to get some more from your nice record company!! Long live the bat!!
Your fan, Willi"

01/11/06: Undead Virus
"thank you for your business which i greatly appreciate from one of the greatest &my favorite indie record labels in the world of the record industry. big up to everyone at alternative tentacles,keep on making the harmful matter last forever so that the virus shall never die.
Thanx , Tim"

01/09/06: Celebrate the Bat!
"Hey Jesse, I got my order yesterday in the afternoon mail. Just want to thank you for the expedient and outstanding service. Have a wonderful holiday, what ever you choose to celebrate.

01/07/06: X-mas Over Deutschland!
From a German mailorder customer:

"Hello Jesse, what a perfect timing. I got a nice x-mas present today. thank you so much. everything is perfect now.

01/05/06: Continually decreasing record industry
Danny wrote us looking for a replacement for his DK album which had bit the dust. We suggested buying it used since he didn't want to support the Faux Kennedys and he replied with this awesome e-mail!

"I will definitely give a look or I'll just hit up ebay. That's how I found the original Frankenchrist. Alternative Tentacles has been and continues to be one of the most original and meaningful labels out there. With a continually decreasing music industry its very difficult to find people who care more for the music and meaning rather than royalties and image. Thanks for always being there to stand up for what truly matters.
Sincerely, Danny V"

10/30/05: Words to Live By part 3
"Hear The Pounding Army Of The Night
The Call Of Metal Summons Us Tonight
And Gather We On This Site
To Behold The Power And The Might
We Wear Leather We Wear Spikes We Rule The Night
Off With The Lights Hear The Screams
See The Banging Heads Awaken To Their Dreams
The Sound Of Metal So Loud It Cracks The Beams
Played By Warriors Called The Metal Kings
A Hero's Welcome For Those Who Heed The Call
Hands High Fists Fill The Air
Against The World We Stand
Hands High Forever We'll Be There
Gloves Of Metal Rule Tonight Yea"
- Manowar "Gloves Of Metal"

10/29/05: Words to Live By part 2
"Manowar Manowar Living On The Road
When We're In Town Speakers Explode
Now We Don't Attract Wimps Cause We're Too Loud
Just True Metal People That's Manowar's Crowd
They Wanna Keep Us Down
But They Can't Last
When We Get Up We're Gonna Kick Your Ass
Gonna Keep On Burnin We Always Will
Other Bands Play Manowar Kill
Other Bands Play Manowar Kill
We Like It Hard We Like It Fast
We Got The Biggest Amps Man They Blast
Now True Metal People Wanna Rock Not Pose
Wearin Jeans And Leather Not Cracker Jack Clothes"
- Manowar "Kings Of Metal"

10/28/05: Words to Live By part 1
"I Made A Rock and Roll Sin When I Tried Givin In To Make Money
Had To Turn Down Low
They Said Why Be Proud Don't Play So Loud
Be Like Us And Get A Sound That's Real Thin
Wear A Polyester Suit Act Happy Look Cute Get A Haircut And Buy Small Gear
That's When I Turned To Them And Said Hold It Right There
Well It's More To Me Than Just A Job
And While I'm Playin You Won't Get Robbed
Nobody Tells A Man How To Play
It Just Ain't That Way
Hey Hey Hey
Can You Hear Me Say

All Men Play On Ten Never Gonna Turn Down Again
All Men Play On Ten Never Gonna Turn Down"
- Manowar "All Men Play On Ten"

10/27/05: Beauty and such
"Beauty doesn't survive commodification. There's something ephemeral about it. Something delicate. The moment it's clutched, it's destroyed."
-Robert G. Hardies, Unitarian minister

10/24/05: Homes' stab at six-word novel
"He remembered something that never happened."
-AM Homes

10/21/05: Edward Albee's six-word novel
"Poison; meditation; skiing; ants - nothing worked."
-Edward Albee

10/18/05: Welsh's six-word novel
"Eyeballed me, killed him. Slight exaggeration."
-Irvine Welsh

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