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12/14/06: Jello on NPR/PRI's "Fair Game"
The new Public Radio International show Fair Game interviewed Jello, and will air the episode starting tonight, running through the weekend. To find out what stations air the show, go here. If your local NPR station doesn't air the show, you can check the Fair Game website for an online version starting Friday, 11/15.

12/13/06: Jello on Creepy Sleepy!
You can hear Jello Biafra on the Creepy Sleepy on-line radio show! Here's the mp3 link. Ch-ch-check it out!

11/08/06: Jello on-line and in-person!
1. Jello apologizes for missing the Omaha in-store appearance, though he made the show later that day. He missed his first flight.

2. Jello Biafra is featured on Mindwalk internet radio! Here's all the details from one of the most consistently entertaining and thought-provoking on-line radio shows around:
Mindwalk 53: Punk Voter Battle Cry
Jello Biafra, "get out and vote" spoken word from his new 3 CD set "In the Grip of Official Treason"... plus Sweatshop Union and Anti-Flag.

Mirror broadcast quality mp3 downloads or find rss feed here:
TRT 29:30 Stereo 128/44 27meg mp3

For more info on Sweatshop Union, Jello Biafra, & Anti-Flag:

10/27/06: Jello and Punkvoter unite against Prop 90!
Jello Biafra and Fat Mike have united Punk Voter to oppose the stealth Proposition 90 here in California.

Here's how Jesse Luscious the AT Mail Male (who moonlights as a political activist when he's not packing orders for you) describes the Proposition:
"Prop 90- bans most zoning and eminent domain moves by government unless fair market value is paid to the owner. It may also require reimbursement for loss of revenue due to workplace safety regulations, rent control regulations, environmental laws, or any other regulation which negatively affects the value of properties or businesses. Yes, there's been some egregious abuse of eminent domain by local governments, and the US Supreme Court's pro-eminent domain decision 2 years ago was a terrible decision. However, this proposition goes much much further.

By mandating that cities, counties, and the state reimburse landowners and business owners for the effects of zoning, worker safety, rent control, and environmental laws, the proposition effectively ends most local regulation of developers. For instance, a landowner can say "I want to build a 10 story casino which pays minimum wage and is powered by a coal furnace in downtown Berkeley." When Berkeley turns down the proposal because of existing zoning, green building, and living wage laws, the city must reimburse the landowner for the "loss" of revenue from the rejected project because these laws have decreased its value. If this passes, then government can either go bankrupt or remove many useful common-sense local laws, leaving our entire state open to whatever project for-profit developers come up with. Oregon, which just enacted a similar law and is 1/10th the population of California, is currently facing $5 Billion in related lawsuits.

This is a trojan horse proposition like Proposition 13 was in 1978- presented as a tax break for small property owners, it ended up stripping away most existent education funding and California tumbled from #1 in per-pupil spending in the 1970s to #47 this month. Proposition 90 is a truly terrible proposition.
No on 90

10/21/06: Jello on LUVER!
You can hear the new Jello Biafra spoken word triple cd streamed live tomorrow (Sunday 10/22/06) on The Talking Stick program on Frank Moore's always entertaining

09/21/06: Biafra bashes Bush bill
According to Senator Patrick Leahy on the
Bill of Rights Defense Committee website, the US Congress is trying to shield the President from future criminal prosecution while making torture and rigged trials legal and unreviewable by the US Judicial system!

After reviewing the facts, Jello Biafra said, "This is the most corrupt thing I've heard of congress doing ever. Hey kids, can you say coup?" He suggests "Faxes, e-mails, polite but firm prank calls to the offices of your congress creatures" to let 'em know what you think about this shameful move on the part of the Republican leadership!

07/31/06: Jello Art Contest Completed!
From Jello Biafra:

"Thanx so much to everyone who submitted their art and ideas! I wound up going the Winston Smith route in the end, but this sure was an eye-opener.

It was interesting to see how different people imagine and interpret my work. Some of the drawings, graphics and collages were quite good. There were also some great media wire service photos that we couldn't afford to use.

I was surprised at how many people turned in drawings of me, considering I make a point not to put my face on my album covers. I can't believe how many artists waste so much precious art space on yet another picture of their ugly mugs. Some entries were clearly from people who had no idea who I was. One person even submitted a bunch of drawings of mutilated women.

So I hope this was inspiring for everybody involved and no one got put out too much. Keep at it and stay tuned for the album!"

07/11/06: Jello explains Net Neutrality
Not everyone understands the issues around net neutrality. [Although you can go to for a lot of in-depth information about it] Jello lays out Net Neutrality in this brand new mp3. He recorded this last month when he was in Washington DC on his recent spoken word tour- dig in!

06/27/06: Jello meet and greet in Chicago 7/3!
On July 3, Jello is scheduled to do a brief meet and greet at Reckless Records on Broadway (3157 N. Broadway, Chicago, IL 60657) just a few doors down from Lakeshore Theater where he'll perform that night. The meet-n-greet will begin at 4:30pm. You can bring your AT releases for Jello to sign, or buy Jello-related items at the record store to get signed. (Jello will NOT sign DK "reissue" releases on Manifesto Records.)

06/19/06: Jello Art Contest Open Now!
Incredible late-breaking news for all our Bat-ical friends and felines out in interweb land! Jello Biafra's upcoming spoken word record, "In The Grip Of Official Treason," is being compiled right now. In fact, some of Jello's upcoming shows may end up on the new record!

But enough about recording, this exciting news is all about... the art!

Here's what Jello has to say!

"Yo! I am putting out a new spoken word this fall called, "In the Grip of Official Treason." Some of the subjects, as you might guess, are Fall of the Rome Under Bush, Iraqnophobia, Vote Fraud, comatose bribe-addled Democrats, Geometry teacher part II, the full "Ass Clowns in Toyland" (Ministry), new "Die For Oil, Sucker," etc.

Right now, I'm drawing a total blank on the art! Any ideas? Rough concepts or even found photos or old art is possible. I don't want anyone to go to too much work when the image might not be used. I've also talked to Winston Smith, John Yates and others about this, so we'll see what happens. I don't want any designs too reliant on Bush, Saddam, Condosleezza, etc., that will date the whole thing like an '80s Hardcore album with Regan on the cover. But if you feel inspired, deadline is July 4.

Peace + Sabotage, Jello Biafra"

Please e-mail all ideas/submissions to:
or send them to:
Alternative Tentacles Art Contest
PO Box 419092
San Francisco, CA
94141 USA
All mail submissions must be RECEIVED by Wednesday July 5th 10AM to be considered.

Good luck to everyone!

06/13/06: Bike Cop Hates Jello Shirt!
"Hello Alternative Tentacles,
I recently purchased the Dick Cheney/Evil Dead t-shirt. I absolutely love it, and my affection for AT Records has only grown because of it. So my friend wanted to hang out, and we agreed on the yuppie/tourist-infested mall in downtown San Antonio since it's basically the halfway point between us. What a great time to wear my new shirt! And I got lots of glares from patriotic Texans.

On my way home, to the next bus, a cop saw it and didn't find it funny. Officer Garcia, badge #0622, to be exact. Bike cop, looked like a total idiot with the helmet on. He demanded identification, so I handed over my license. The explanation of what I was doing (coming home from a day out, trying to catch the last bus, "see here's my transfer") didn't convince him as he just laughed it off. Finally I got pissed and demanded to know what was up. He asked me what my shirt meant. I said it was a movie.

Officer: "Yea? And is Mr. Cheney in it?"
Me: "No."
Officer: "So why is he on it?"
Me: "He nearly dies every few weeks and some people think he's evil. It's a joke."
Officer: "I don't find it to be a funny one."
Me: "Yea I can tell by your line of questioning..."
Officer: "Don't get smart! Don't resist!!!"
Me: "I'm not. I'm standing here." [I was wearing flip-flops too]
Officer: "If you want to resist, I have many little toys I can use to make you stop." [He really said all of this.]
Me: "As I said I am standing here."
Officer: "Well for now you're being detained for suspicious activity."

He writes shit down and calls in my license. But the funny part was, the guy on the other end had him repeat it many times because he couldn't understand the stooge. Finally he gets it. 10 minutes passes. He's embarrassed now, so he pushes my license back at me and pockets my transfer. This was right after the last bus #602 passed. He smirked at me and told me to get lost and that he'd come find me if he needed me. I said "good luck!" and walked off. Fucking fascist. So maybe you guys should notify future patrons that this shirt might get your on TIPS or TIA or some shit like that.

Just thought I'd share my story. Keep up the great work!!!

06/08/06: Jello on Marc Maron's radio show
Jello will be on the Marc Maron Show tonight as a guest. 10:20 Pacific time, you can listen from Air America's LA affiliate, KTLK, to hear Jello promoting his upcoming spoken word tour.

05/19/06: Jello Biafra and Henry Rollins!

Henry Rollins and Jello Biafra at last Friday's incredibly fun and successful spoken word/art auction fundraiser for the West Memphis Three put on by Skeleton Key. Jello says it was the first time he and Henry have performed together!

05/11/06: Jello, Rollins, Penelope, Richman for West Memphis Three!
This Friday May 12th, there's an all-star Skeleton Key exhibition and spoken word event in San Francisco at 111 Minna Street, SF (@ New Montgomery & 2nd Streets). It's a benefit for the West Memphis Three

The art will include the one-night debut of artwork by WM3 prisoner Damien Echols, plus art by many others, including Carol Queen, Jayne County, Jonathan Richman, Matt Skiba, Shepard Fairey, Firehouse Kustom Rockart, and Winston Smith.

Speaking will be Henry Rollins, Jello Biafra, Jonathan Richman, Matt Gonzalez , Penelope Houston and Jacob Pitts. Michale Graves and Jacob Pitts will be playing acoustic sets.

Don't miss this incredible once-in-a-lifetime event!

05/09/06: Jello talks to Punk News Dot Org!
You can read the extensive interview our buddy Aubin from did this past winter with Jello here!

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