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05/18/06: Pro-Knights AT fan
From another AT fan comes this e-mail:

"I enjoy the 'batcasts.' The interview with the band could have been a little bit longer. I liked Jello's question/answer session a lot too. I'm a gigantic Jello fan.
I liked to hear what those guys from that Knight of the New Crusade band had to say and some of their music. I think they really have a good message. I'm a serious Christian and I think the ridiculous fundamentalist 'Christians' (we hate immigrants-love thy neighbor?, love the death penalty/war-thou shalt not kill?, etc.). I don't agree with them on some things like evolution and personal interpretation of the bible. I believe in the Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches are great sources of guidance in interpretation of the bible, but that it is all pretty clear if you just read the damn thing.
I really appreciate that Alternative Tentacles and Jello have been able to make the distinction between "Christians" who let emotions and sentiments about their imagined 1950's God-fearing nation rule their lives. Real Christians are humble, and love people from other religions and nations as brothers and sisters. I believe that the conservative right that's giving us so much troulbe over its "Christian values" isn't full of people who are Christian because they believe the theology or love Jesus, I get the feeling they're just doing what mommy and daddy did because that's right and how could they possibly be wrong?
The most devout Christians I have met are from place where the religion is persecuted and converts. People raised in somewhere like Central Pennsylvania where the different religion is some Catholics who live two streets over raises braindead hypcrites.
CHALLENGE our thoughts CHALLENGE our beliefs. That produces people who can actually think instead of braindead fundamentalist zombies. I mean it for everyone else as well! I like when my liberal beliefs are challenged alongside my Christian ones.
I'm going to buy a bunch of Altenrative Tentacles stuff soon, I love your label and how Jello has never given up. Keep on rocking against the corporate enslavement of our planet and corrupt governments!
-Dan E."

05/15/06: Customer Service Workers of the World, Unite!
"To Whom it May Concern:
I work in retail. I have been working in customer service for almost 10 years. I make it a point not always to complain when something is broken, but to compliment when I receive good service. I know that I work better when complimented.

The order I received was perfect. Well within the shipping time. This is my second order with you guys, and I was very happy with my order. Please keep up the good work. I look forward to future orders with you guys :)
- Ed G."

04/20/06: Bat Care Pack to Iraq Makes It!
From the wife of a US servicemember in Iraq:

"Hi! My husband recently emailed you from Iraq and he told me that you sent him a box with tons of things! I cannot tell you how incredibly happy he and the other soldiers are! It was so great of you to send the CDs, stickers, sweatshirt, etc to him. I think that they believe most people don't support them (and it's not like they choose where they go or what they do) and your generosity made a ton of difference to him.
Thank you sooo much!
Sincerely, Michele and family"

04/19/06: German Knights Comment
A concerned German AT fan about Knights Of The New Crusade:

"Hi! This is Daniel from Germoney. I am writing to you because I´ve just found the release of the band Knights Of The New Crusade on your hp. I could read that this band has sth. to do with christianity, so I would like to know what´s up with them exactly. I hope you do not release religious fucked ups on your label. This would makes you incredible in my eyes.

Love and peace, Daniel"

04/18/06: Quick Shirts From Us Dudes!
My T shirt arrived yesterday. That's why I like you dudes. So quick!
Regards, TM"

04/11/06: Fab Mab review #2
Here's one of a couple of unsolicited e-mails we received about Saturday's "Fab Mab Reunion" with the Faux Kennedys:
Dear Jello,
The text below is what I mailed to Scott at the DK site. I'm sorry I'm not as eloquent as you with words; I still think they got the message. Many people miss you and many people exclaimed that and other sentiments at the Fillmore show Saturday. Anyway I thought you might find this amusing.

"It saddens me to write this as I have been a fan of the Dead Kennedy's for many years. The show Saturday was embarrassing; your new lead "Yuppie" singer is terrible. I only went to the show to see Flipper and the Avengers because I thought the DK's would be bad without Jello and it's true. My friends had never seen any of the bands and they had the same opinion as I. I suggest you put the DK's to bed where they belong and move on to separate projects because without the name Dead Kennedy's your new lead singer will suffer the terrible fate of selling used cars somewhere like Oroville.
A former fan"

04/10/06: Fab Mab review #1
Here's one of a couple of unsolicited e-mails we received about Saturday's "Fab Mab Reunion" with the Faux Kennedys:
Jesus Christ. I have been a fan of The Dead Kennedys since forever. I have never been so embarresed in my life. The frat boy kid that they have on vocals should be taken out back and put out of his misery. The Mutants, Avengers, and Flipper were great. Flipper stole the show. It just wasn't the same without the DK's complete. I think your legacy is being exploited, and I wish there was something that could be done to stop this travesty. We miss you.
Thanks, Joshua"

04/06/06: Broke 'Cause of the Bat!?
"Cheers for the speedy delivery of ordered goods! Stop releasing great records, goddamit! I cannot resist whiling away my days of unemployment buying various AT swag and soon I'm going to be out on the streets - hell, at least I will have some good tunes to listen to with the other bums.
Thanks again!"

04/03/06: Everyone's a critic!
Today I received a mailing for a spoken word CD titled "Rulers of the Planet" by Michael Parenti.
I have no interest in anything by Michael Parenti, who is a Communist and a defender of Stalin, Mao and other butchers of the human race.
If you really are concerned with liberation, you will melt down the CDs you have produced, and use the material for some better purpose.
Thank you for your consideration.
Renaissance Books
Riverside, CA 92506

03/27/06: Bat Buddies!
"Hullo guys,
Just my, now traditional, "cheers for the prompt dispatch of my order" message.
Wifey well pleased with the skinny JB and the Melvin's "Swartzenggeerrrrr" shirt and I look positively delicious in the Hydra top...
Keep up the good works bat buddies, Rousie Rouse!"

03/03/06: Grizzled ol' one-eyed hippie?
Yowch, the funniest comment to come into the podcast suggestion bin yet! It's kind of sweet and sour though- I mean come on, The Dead? Ick! Ha ha ha...

"Jesse The Mail Male doing the podcast totally ruins the mail order experience for me. Something about hearing a much younger voice than I'd expected; it somewhat destroys the image I had of him as a grizzled old hippie with an eye patch and a penchant for talking about The Dead. I had my image firmly set, based solely on scribbled notes he'd include in packages or the emails I've received from down AT way.
- Richard"

02/20/06: Mass murdering fundie confirms our fears...
In the category of quotes from people who are murdering fundamentalist nutjobs- in this case Osama Bin Laden- here's further excerpts just released from his 1/19/06 audio cassette. In it, he compares the brutality of the US to Saddam Hussein's brutality, and notes that Iraq has become a focal point and recruiting tool for he and his fellow fundamentalist terrorists. Even a stopped clock is right twice a day...

From Ireland On-line:
"In drawing the comparison to American military behaviour in Iraq to that of Saddam, [Osama Bin Laden] said: "The jihad is ongoing, thank God, despite all the oppressive measures adopted by the US Army and its agents (which has reached) a point where there is no difference between this criminality and Saddam's criminality."

... Bin Laden also denied Bush administration assertions that it was better to fight terrorists in Iraq than on US soil.

"The reality shows that the war against America and its allies has not been limited to Iraq as he (Bush) claims. Iraq has become a point of attraction and restorer of (our) energies," he said."

02/08/06: Chuffed to Bits!
Hey Jesse! Sweatshirt has arrived and ....
FANTASTIC. It fits my son just right!! He is chuffed to bits.
Bye for now- until next time!!

01/25/06: Harper, Stompin' Tom, and Lady k.d.!
Got the CDs today; the perfect response to no-win election blues. Muchos Gracias.

Stompin' Tom rocks. Even kd lang has got to admit that.

Stephen Harper blows chunks, on the other hand, but at least our Bush-Lite (and whoever thought you'd be able to say that? It's like Quayle-Light - the mind boggles) is thoroughly shackled by his weak minority.

/political ranting. Sorry. It's pretty much constant up here today. Thanks again for the prompt service. Much appreciated.

01/23/06: Behind God's Back, it's...
I got my order yesterday, thanks! I'm very pleased with your service and i will use your mailorder in future and thanks for the extras! The Jello Biafra with the Melvins flyer was so cool! Okay it's just a piece of paper but for me it is seriously valuable. Fault line was something that i can't see every day, because i live here in finland, behind god's back, middle of no where and it was so interesting news paper. I'm really pleased.

Thanks! Antti

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