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07/24/09: Jello's new band explained!
We've added a ton of information about Jello's new band, Jello Biafra & the Guantanamo School of Medicine to the site! Check out their brand new bio!

JB & GSM (that's what we're calling 'em, add a vowel wherever you want!) are getting ready to hit Northern California and Europe- scroll down for the tour dates!

07/08/09: Jello and Triclops! Run Away, Join Circus
Vau De Vire, Circus Metropolus, and bi-polar productions in collaboration with Students for a Democratic Society and Alternative Tentacles present:
The Bohemian Carnival featuring Vau De Vire Society and Gooferman, with the Punk Rock Circus
starring the Diamond Daggers and a special musical guest
Triclops!, Cowboy Girl, Sisters of Honk and DJ Smooth with special guest host Jello Biafra!
July 24th
DNA Lounge, 375 11th St., SF, 9pm
21+ with ID, $20
A benefit for Students for a Democratic Society

05/07/09: Jello & his new band play SATURDAY!
Jello Biafra is now immersed in creating an all new music album with his new band, the same one that electrified the Biafra 5-0 celebration last year:
Jello Biafra
Billy Gould (Faith No More)
Ralph Spight (ex-Victim's Family, Freak Accident)
John Weiss (ex-Sharkbait, Horsey)
plus additional guitarist Kimo Ball (ex-Freak Accident & Mol Triffid)

[The band's still arguing over the name- it is NOT Jello Biafra And The Dick Army! Jello's current favorite is Gitmo Twinkie.]

The band's playing a last minute hit and run show @ Annie's Social Club in San Francisco this Saturday May 9th!

It's going to be a short-to-medium length set so that Billy's arms don't fall off after stacking this project on top of intensive rehersals for the reformed Faith No More. Speaking of Faith No More, this is probably Billy's last live appearance with Jello's band because FNM is going on tour!

Also on the bill are local punk rock legends Social Unrest & Ribzy, plus newcomers Fix My Head and The Excuse! Don't forget back room Punk Rock & Schlock Karaoke! 21+, $10
Buy Tickets!
SF Weekly's preview: Drink PlumpJack Wines or You Will Pay

04/01/09: Jello Biafra joins Twitter

02/25/09: Jello on Sound of Young America
Jello was Jesse Thorn's guest during San Francisco Sketchfest taping of the Sound of Young America podcast, along with Tom Ammiano. Check out the podcast here

02/12/09: Jello Biafra in conversation with V Vale on 2/14

On February 14, there will be a live taping of "Counter Culture Hour," a public access TV show hosted by our friend V Vale of RE/Search Publications. The other guest will be Steve Mackay of the Stooges. The show will also feature a performance by the Thrillpeddlers.

Tickets are available online here.

Saturday, February 14 @ 8pm
Jello Biafra, Steve Mackay in conversation with V Vale
w/ performance by the Thrillpeddlers The Hypnodrome
575 10th Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

02/09/09: Jello + Fucked Up = Ramones

Fucked Up played at the Independent in San Francisco last night. Jello Biafra jumped on stage for the encore to sing "Blitzkrieg Bop" with them. Here is a video of this joyous occasion, courtesy of Umlaut. Read Umlaut's excellent review of the show here!

01/15/09: Jello Biafra at Sound of Young America Live

Jello Biafra will be one of the guests at the live taping of the radio show/podcast Sound of Young America with host Jesse Thorn. The other guest scheduled for the taping is Tom Ammiano from the California State Assembly.

Who: Jello Biafra
What: Live taping of Sound of Young America
When: Friday, January 23, 8pm
Where: Cobb's Comedy Club 915 Columbus Ave, San Francisco

Tickets are $20 and available online here.

Sound of Young America Live is a part of SF Sketchfest.

01/08/09: RIP Ron Asheton
RIP Ron Asheton

Without him, where would we be? Would this label even exist?

Here's the New York Times obituary

12/12/08: Read Jello Biafra's open letter to Barack Obama

Since Election Day, Jello Biafra has been working on an open letter to President-Elect Barack Obama. We're submitting the letter via, the Obama administration's transition website, on Jello's behalf. We posted the letter in its entirety at:

Please read it, pass it along to your friends and family, and let us know your thoughts. Most importantly, go to and submit your own ideas and suggestions for the incoming administration!

11/13/08: RSVP for a taping of Soft Focus with Ian Svenonius

Cobb's Comedy Club will host a taping of's Soft Focus with Ian Svenonius. Ian will interview Jello Biafra as well as Alan and Richard Bishop of the Sun City Girls in front of a live audience. The taping is free and open to the public. You must RSVP with your name and e-mail address at

Soft Focus with host Ian Svenonius
featuring interviews with
Richard & Alan Bishop
Jello Biafra
Wednesday, November 19, 2009
Cobb's Comedy Club
915 Columbus Ave, San Francisco, CA 94133
Space is limited. RSVP at

11/05/08: Jello on Pirate Cat Radio TONIGHT 8pm!

We have a last minute confirmation that Jello Biafra will be on Pirate Cat Radio tonight (11/5) at 8pm PST for MonkeyMan's show. Other guests will include Matt Gonzalez, Ralph Nader's running mate and former SF Board of Supervisors president, and Ross Mirikarimi, current SF Supervisor for District 5. This will be a discussion and analysis of Election 2008.

You can listen to the broadcast by tuning in to 87.9FM in San Francisco and Los Angeles. If you live in San Francisco, you can go to the Pirate Cat Radio studio, which is also a cafe, at: 2781 21st Street, San Francisco, CA 94110. The show will also be streamed live at the Pirate Cat Radio website and will be archived on the site as a podcast.

Please repost this and help us spread the word!

11/04/08: 10 Questions with Jello Biafra

Before you get bogged down with today's election return reports, head on over to the Sundance Channel's Voices on the Election Blog where there is an interview with Jello as well as a lot of other musicians, actors, etc.

An excerpt:

There are two things about an Obama regime that worry me the most.

1. I remember someone else who had the audacity to misuse peoples' Hope when they were desperate for a change, and his name is Bill Clinton. Let's not forget it was not Bush but Clinton who gave us NAFTA, the WTO, the Telecom Act of 1996 that opened the floodgates for Clear Channel and Fox News, and laugh out loud Abstinence-only sex "education." Clinton signed Newt Gingrich's cruel welfare reform bill at the urging of Al Gore. And, yes, it was Clinton who planted the seeds of the economic meltdown when he gleefully deregulated the banks.

If Obama turns out to be another Clinton - and surrounding himself with Biden, Lawrence Summers, Robert Rubin and Zbigniew Bzrzinsky is not a good sign - I fear he will break the hearts of whole energized generation of voters who won't feel it's worth it to participate again.

2. When Clinton got in, people rejoined "Ding Dong, Bush is gone. Now we can finally sleep at night" - and went to sleep for the next 8 years! We can't rest easy and sleep this time. There will be no change from Obama or a congress of corporate-owned Democrats unless we increase the pressure and keep a blowtorch up their ass the whole time they're in power. We need leaders, not more deal makers, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid (remember him?) need to be replaced with people who actually give a shit.

We stopped Vietnam. We torpedoed the Gulf War. Our civil rights and environmental awareness as we know them today didn't happen because our corporate lords granted the peasants new rights out of the goodness of their corporate hearts. They don't have any. We got where we are because we got together and fought for it. Same for the New Deal. It was us.

And the only thing standing in the way of more wars, more Abu Ghraibs and more Guantanamo Bays coming soon behind a Wal-Mart near you is us.

So don't give up, OK? Besides, causing trouble is so much fun.

10/22/08: Jello Biafra and Matt Gonzalez at UC Berkeley

This Friday, October 24, Jello Biafra will speak at a Nader for President event featuring Nader's running mate Matt Gonzalez.

Jello Biafra and Matt Gonzalez
People Fighting Back!
Friday, October 24, 8pm
2060 Valley Life Sciences Building on the UC Berkeley Campus
Sponsored by Students for Ralph Nader at Berkeley and the Campus Greens.

Event info on the UC Berkeley events site here.

10/01/08: Jello & Vale on Presidential Politics & Punk!
This Thursday, October 2nd, it's a discussion between Vale of RE/Search and Jello Biafra about Punk, Presidential Politics, and Art! The discussion will be followed by a Q&A session.

7pm, all ages, at 924 Gilman in Berkeley, CA. It's a benefit for the progressive Berkeley Rent Board Slate. You can find out more info about the Slate, which includes Jesse the AT Mail Male (!) at here & here on My Space!

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