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Alternative Tentacles is excited to announce the tour dates for Ultra Bidé's 2013 Fall/Winter tour in support of their brand new CD and LP DNA vs DNA-c on Alternative Tentacles (virus 458).

Straight up skull-shattering is what comes to mind when hearing Japanese noisesters Ultra Bidé. On their first US record in over 10 years, they're hyper-energetic, relentless and fun! DNA vs DNA-c documents the trio's duel bass and drum attack, like a monster that pounds ever so thick and creamy, as if it were a custard donut cooked by Satan. Led by original Japanese punk, singer, & bassist Hide, Ultra Bidé will guide you across a complicated galaxy of sound and you're not always sure you will survive the voyage. Equally psychedelic as it is primal and fuzzy punk rock, Ultra Bidé is menacing and confident.

Ultra Bidé will be touring the USA and Canada upon the release of DNA vs DNA-c during October and November. Their legendary live sets head directly toward the stratosphere with unmatchable energy. They have got the musicianship and vigor that is clearly the work of heavy music experts. Hide's vocals drive the insane dragster that is Ultra Bidé far past the supersonic barrier, and the vivacity of the band's massive bass and drum sound will pulverize you into a pulp. These guys have been doing it since 1978 and show no signs of slowing down. Fans of the Unsane and the Amphetemine Reptile sound won't want to miss this.

08/28/13: Turn Me On Dead Man Record Release Show & Tour

TURN ME ON DEAD MAN's record release party is THIS FRIDAY at Bender's in San Francisco! On Saturday they embark on a tour of the Pacific Northwest. The dates are here:

Check out this amazing preview for Friday's show:

If you haven't picked up WE ARE THE STAR PEOPLE, Get it here:

Here's a video for "Hot Tub Mermaids," an outtake from the new LP:

08/20/13: TURN ME ON DEAD MAN!

Check out the video for Uhura from TURN ME ON DEAD MAN's latest LP - WE ARE THE STAR PEOPLE! Get it here:

catch them on tour too:

08/20/13: Winston Smith Art Show
Grant's Tomb Gallery presents: A Midsummer Night's SCREAM!!!
click here to see the flyer
Winston Smith's 15th Annual Art Bash
Friday, 23 August 7 p.m. to 11 p.m.
GROUP SHOW Featuring the Work of 8 Artists: *Rebecca Peters *Ronald F. Sauer *Karmene H-P Hassell * Jason Chandler *Meg Bay *Caoimhe Carty *Tiffany Pollard *Winston Smith
This is a One-Night-Only Event! Artwork will be available for direct purchase from the artists present. Cash & Carry! (Plastic accepted too!) Admission is Free. Light Refreshments Provided (But BYOB, if Possible.)
50-A Bannam Place ---San Francisco, Californy
(Near the Corner of Union Street and Grant Avenue in North Beach).

08/12/13: Child In The Sunburst Pyramid

Even MORE tour dates added to the long awaited Turn Me On Dead Man tour! Get them here:

And have fun trippin' out to this psychedelic video from their album Technicolor Mother:

08/06/13: Turn Me On Dead Man TOUR DATES!

Turn Me On Dead Man is hitting the road with their galactic rock sound. Be sure to check them out!!!
08/25/2013 The Night Light Oakland, CA
08/30/2013 Carbone's Monterey, CA
08/31/2013 Bender's Bar & Grill San Francisco, CA
09/01/2013 Club 66 Ashland, OR
09/02/2013 Slabtown Portland, OR
09/05/2013 Johnny B's Medford, OR
09/06/2013 Brotherhood of Eagles Hall Seattle, WA
09/07/2013 TBA Portland, OR

And here's a video for an older track, Fantasia

07/29/13: oh my god it's filled with stars

Check out this video from TURN ME ON DEAD MAN's last record Sunshine Suicide. If you dig it, pick up their latest slab of wax WE ARE THE STAR PEOPLE here:

07/22/13: TURN ME ON DEAD MAN - Galaxina

Check out the video for Galaxina from TURN ME ON DEAD MAN's 2nd record Technicolour Mother. Their NEW LP - WE ARE THE STAR PEOPLE is out now. Get it here:

07/15/13: Dreamchild

Check out the new video for TURN ME ON DEAD MAN's song "Dreamchild" from the BRAND NEW album We Are The Star People. Get it in your favorite record store or direct from us:

07/01/13: Missing Time
Check out "Missing Time" another space blast from Turn Me On Dead Man's new LP, We Are The Star People. It comes out next week!!! Get it NOW in our AT webshop before it's in stores July 9th.

06/24/13: Heart Of The Deaf
Here's "Heart Of The Deaf," another tripped out video from the NEW Turn Me On Dead Man lp We Are The Star People. Get it NOW in our AT webshop before it's in stores July 9th.

06/17/13: Deep Space Pollen
Here's Deep Space Pollen, the 1st video from the NEW Turn Me On Dead Man lp. Get it NOW in our AT webshop before it's in stores July 9th.

05/30/13: Turn Me On Dead Man
Turn Me On Dead Man's new LP, We Are The Star People is coming out on JULY 9th!!! In the meantime, enjoy Astrophobia from their first record 'God Bless the Electric Freak'.

02/27/13: Gee Vaucher and Winston Smith Art Show

Gee Vaucher (iconic art for Crass) and Winston Smith have an art show show entitled "First Impressions" at Grant's Tomb on Friday, March 15. More info here:

10/16/12: Show at Winston Smith's Studio This Friday

The Helium Safari - The Astonishing Collage Art of Sean Mackaoui

Friday, October 19th 7pm-10pm

Grant's Tomb 50-A Bannam Alley, North Beach, San Francisco

With additional Montage Art by Winston Smith

Sean Mackaoui likes to cut and paste in his much-loved adopted home town of Madrid, Spain. His work has adorned newspapers and magazines (El Mundo, The Herald Tribune, Courrier International, The Sunday Times Magazine, El Canto de la Tripulacion, La Folha de Sao Paulo), dripped off posters (Centro Dramatico Nacional, Spain or Biennale du Cinéma Espagnol de Annecy, France), graced wine labels, adorned book covers, dressed up T-shirts, sold shoes, animated TV spots.... basically anywhere they let him put a collage!

He has exhibited his personal work in galleries around Europe, and occasionally pieces have been known to cross the Atlantic to the shores of the American continent. His proudest recent achievement was to be awarded an Honorary Director's roll on the board of the San Francisco Collage Centre. For more information, please visit Thank you and Gracias.

Artists will be in attendance.

Food • Beverage • Art

Free Admission

Sean Catalog Cover

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