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05/01/14: Disaster Strikes announce 2014 summer tour dates with Opposition Rising
Disaster Strikes (Alternative Tentacles) and fellow Boston punks Opposition Rising (Profane Existence) have announced their joint summer tour schedule.

In addition to sharing the same hometown, both bands deliver songs that are unapologetically political - promoting messages of labor solidarity and environmental justice in opposition to corporate greed. The tour dates were announced on May 1st in recognition of International Workers Day / May Day - a date globally associated with protest movements for labor and immigrant rights.

"Our first goal as a band is inspiring people towards collective action and to resist the corporate power-grab that is killing our generation's hope for decent jobs and a livable planet. Period. May Day is a global celebration of resistance and that's the spirit of the joint tour we are announcing today," explained Disaster Strikes in a statement released today along with the new tour dates.

The July tour will span the Midwestern and Western United States and will include select dates with punk legends Naked Aggression, D.I., and MDC, amongst others to be announced.

Prior to the July tour, Disaster Strikes is also scheduled to play at Montreal's Pouzza Fest (May 16 - May 18), along with Dillinger Four, Reagan Youth, and more. On June 22, Disaster Strikes will join Negative Approach in opening for Jello Biafra & the Guantanamo School of Medicine at Brighton Music Hall in Boston, MA.

Meanwhile, Disaster Strikes is finishing the tracking of their new full length release "In the Age of Corporate Personhood" at Galaxy Park Studios in Watertown, MA, and are expected to announced a Fall pre-order date prior to the joint tour with Opposition Rising.

Check out the full list of tour dates at the ALTERNATIVE TENTACLES TOUR PAGE

Attention all Artists! Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of Medicine have come together with Alternative Tentacles to host our first T-SHIRT DESIGN CONTEST! We are looking for a brand new ONE COLOR T-shirt design for Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of Medicine to take out on their upcoming June Canadian and U.S. tour! Hurry though; the deadline for design submissions is Monday, May 19th! Winner will be announced on May 21st!

If your design is chosen, it will become a real product and will be up for sale at the band's merch booth through out the entire North American Tour! You will be given copies of the T-shirt featuring your design, paid a royalty for the amount of shirts sold, and if possible, get tickets to an upcoming Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of Medicine show, and of course, bragging rights forever!

Submission Guidelines:

•Create a high resolution version of your one color design. Keep any layers separate.
•Create a 72 dpi flattened copy of your design.
•Your submission should be 1200 pixels wide, 1200 pixels tall, and 72 dpi.
•Save your file as a jpg.
•Email your jpg to by Wednesday, May 19th.

Shirts and design can be any color combination, but this is for a one-color design. If your design is chosen, we will contact you for more information and your high-resolution version for actual printing. You MUST have the high-resolution version in order to win (We have to be able to actually PRINT the design).

ALL artwork submitted would be considered property of Alternative Tentacles and Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of Medicine.

Show us your best! Good luck everyone!


AT STAFF PICK OF THE WEEK: AT INTERN Amy picks "BLACK LIQUOR" by Dash Rip Rock! In her words: "I love Dash Rip Rock! They have been touring non-stop for 20 years, packing venues across the USA with their Southern-tinged punk and high-energy roots rock. SPIN says Dash Rip Rock is "undeniably the South's greatest rock band." The New York Times calls Dash Rip Rock "skillful musicians with a penchant for getting reliably wild...." No Depression raves that DRR's recent albums prove that Dash is "one of the greatest bands working today." In 2012 Dash Rip Rock was inducted into the Louisiana Music Hall of Fame."

Available on CD & Digital Download. For more info on the band including streams and videos check out the DASH RIP ROCK "BLACK LIQUOR" ALBUM PAGE

04/16/14: bATcast #110 - BATDADDIO!

Join AT Publicist Dominic with AT Intern Rafer Rawb as they play some tracks from the latest batch of Alternative Tentacle releases, including some sneak peeks at the upcoming FRANTIX and ARNOCORPS releases! All while finding weird themes to the songs they choose.

Check out the latest bATcast along with all the others on our bATcast page: ALTERNATIVE TENTACLES BATCASTS

04/14/14: FRANTIX release date moved until MAY 13th!

Alternative Tentacles Records is proud to present FRANTIX "MY DAD'S A FUCKIN' ALCOHOLIC"

Collecting 23 tracks together for the first time on one album, this reissue includes both 1982's "Face Reality" 7" and the original 1983 "My Dad's A Fuckin' Alcoholic" 7", along with 7 previously unreleased demo tracks and 8 previously unreleased live tracks! They later became THE FLUID on Sub Pop, but THIS is the original KBD classic!

Out MAY 13th on CD, LP w/download, and Digital

04/07/14: Alternative Tentacles Pop-Up Record Store: 1-2-3-4 GO! RECORDS in OAKLAND,CA!
A huge thank you to everyone who came out and made our first pop up store such a big success. A special shout out to Steve and the staff at 1-2-3-4 Go! Records who allowed us to take over a corner of their store. A big thank you to Gary Floyd (The Dicks/Sister Double Happiness) for his wonderful artwork and fantastic acoustic set! This is an event we hope to do a lot more of, so stay tuned for information on the next location and date of the AT Pop-Up Store!

The AT Pop-Up Store at 1-2-3-4 Go! Records in Oakland, on April 4th

AT Merchandiser Anna with alt-model Olivia Dantes and Joel Foresti at the Alternative Tentacles Records Pop-Up Store event at 1-2-3-4 Go! Records

Joel Foresti helping AT publicist Dominic set up the Alternative Tentacles Records Pop-Up Store at 1-2-3-4 Go! Records in Oakland, CA!

DJ Alan Always with AT intern Amy at the Alternative Tentacles Records Pop-Up Store event at 1-2-3-4 Go! Records in Oakland, CA!

03/27/14: Alternative Tentacles Pop-Up Record Store: 1-2-3-4 GO! RECORDS in OAKLAND,CA!

This Friday, April 4th, Alternative Tentacles is hosting it's first ever Pop-Up Record Store at 1-2-3-4 Go! Records in Oakland, CA! The AT staff will be on hand with a ton of cd's and vinyl to add to 1-2-3-4 Go! Records already amazing collection! AT will also be showcasing the "Jello Biafra Record Store"! Rare and hard to find records from Jello Biafra's own personal collection on sale! GARY FLOYD (The Dicks/Sister Double Happiness) will be hosting a fantastic showcase of his original artwork as well as playing a short acoustic set! DO NOT MISS THIS!

All Ages and FREE! 7pm-10pm, Friday April 4th @ 1-2-3-4 Go! Records. 420 40th St. #5, Oakland, CA. 94609. 510-985-0325


AT STAFF PICK OF THE WEEK: Alternative Tentacles Intern Rafer Rawb picks the STAR FUCKING HIPSTERS album "Never Rest In Peace", and here is what he has to say about it:

"Never Rest in Peace" contains perhaps the most stellar lineup of band members in the Star Fucking Hipsters discography, being the last album with Nico De Gaillo as the sole female vocalist. It includes what is likely their most well known track, "3,000 Miles Away", crusty ska-hybrids like "The Civilization Show" and is an absolute must-have for the cross-country train rider's collection. BUY IT THE FUCK NOW!"

Available on CD & Digital Download. For more info on the band including streams and videos check out the STAR FUCKING HIPSTERS ALBUM PAGE

03/19/14: Alternative Tentacles signs ArnoCorps!
Alternative Tentacles is pleased to announce the signing of the world's premier Action Adventure Hardcore Rock n' Roll band, ArnoCorps! Rumored to be currently based somewhere in the San Francisco Bay Area, ArnoCorps has been bringing audiences original musical interpretations of ancient Austrian lore and mythology since 2001. The band insist that these ancient sagas, such as Terminator, Commando, Predator, Total Recall, and True Lies, have been bastardized via big budget Hollywood Austro-ploitation films. Determined to restore integrity and unleash the motivational power within these tales, the music of ArnoCorps defines and enables their ballsy action-adventure lifestyle.

To help them on their mighty quest, Alternative Tentacles will release both "THE GREATEST BAND OF ALL TIME" full length and the "TWO MORE!" single on glorious vinyl for the first time ever on July 8th 2014, just in time for ArnoCorps' triumphant return to the United Kingdom. Many listeners of this mighty tome claim to have experienced an increase in muscle mass, a better understanding of life's mysteries, and feeling like "goddamn heroes and sheroes". Now, let ArnoCorps tell you of the days of high adventure. Come on! Do it now!! What are you waiting for?!? Check TOUR DATES for the upcoming UK tour dates!

03/18/14: bATcast #109 - INTERVIEW WITH ULTRA BIDÉ

New host Dominic sits down with lead bassist and vocalist Hide while they were coming through San Francisco on their recent American tour! They talk about the difficulty of international touring, recording, and being in a band for long enough where multiple generations come to see you play!

Check out the latest bATcast along with all the others on our bATcast page: ALTERNATIVE TENTACLES BATCASTS

Ultra Bide have announced a full tour with SNFU through Europe! Check out our TOURS PAGE for more details!

VICTIMS FAMILY have just released a brand new music video for their song "Have A Nice Day". Directed by Jerrold Ridenour with creative direction by cover artist Zoltron (who also did the artwork for the 7" single), it features Puppets & pyrotechnics! Hand made puppets and sets are brought to life using marionette and rod puppet techniques.

Have a Nice Day - Victims Family from Jerrold Ridenour on Vimeo.

You can pick up the song off of their 7" for sale here: VICTIMS FAMILY "HAVE A NICE DAY" 7"

For more on VICTIMS FAMILY check them out in our ARTISTS section!

Experience the musical blitzkrieg that is San Francisco's PEACE CREEP! This brilliant debut release from former members of PINS OF LIGHT & TRICLOPS! is available as a 12" EP and DIGITAL DOWNLOAD for only $8!


Click to buy!

12/31/13: AT Top 10s of 2013
Alternative Tentacles family and friends provide us with their year-end wrap up lists:

Vic Bondi (Articles Of Faith)
1. Motorhead -- Aftershock
2. Jason Isbell -- Southeastern
3. Red Hare -- Nites of Midnight
4. JB/GSM -- White People and the Damage Done
5. Daria -- Daria/Office of Future Plans EP

Christian Beaulieu (Peace Creep, Anywhere, Triclops!)
1) Moving back to SF from LA. after this order is irrelevant.

2) Lee Ranaldo introducing me to Bob Mould in SF
3) Iggy and The Stooges/Thee Oh Sees live in San Jose
4) Anywhere Olompali EP
5) Bad Antics Where did I go wrong? cassette
5) Comets On Fire live in Oakland
6) Signing to both Merge and Alternative Tentacles
7) Buying a Cat Harness/Hockey Skates
8) Jello Biafra live in Long Beach
9) Generation Loss self titled
10) Feral Ohms live in Pacifica

Jesse Krakow (Dot Wiggin Band)
10) Jeremiah Cymerman's 5049 Records Podcast
9) The Red Sox winning their 3rd World Series in less than a decade
8) Kayo Dot/Psalm Zero/Ahleuchatistas @ Bowery Electric
7) Vomit Fist live on WFMU's "Minor Music"
6) The braised chicken thigh tacos I made for my wife
5) John Cale's "Paris 1919" at BAM
4) Da Groove Commanders live on WFMU's "Miniature Minotaurs" w/ Kurt Gottshalk
3) Artie Lange "Crash & Burn"
2) Dot Wiggin Band "Ready! Get! Go!
1) The birth of my son Jacob Francis Krakow (aka JFK Jr, Jr.) on 6/29/13

Bill Davis (Dash Rip Rock)
Live shows I liked this year:
White Light Cemetery
Delta Doom
Hymn for Her
The Mastersons
Missing Monuments
Hillbilly Casino
Trash Mavericks
Allen Toussaint
The Vibrators
Lost Bayou Ramblers

John The Baker
10. Neurosis on NYE to Kicker start this year off right. 
9. Fucktard tour to Texas with Black Market Prophets. 
8. Skate Til U Die 2013 
7. #moccupy Ghoulman Sachs 
6. Tankcrimes records turns 10 yrs old
5. Marge and I write new songs and perform them at the State Capitol on the indigenous day of resistance
4. Everlasting Love a new shop in SF run by Ami Lawless of Voetsek. 
3. Brainoil East Coast Tour.
2. Alternative Tentacles and Powell Peralta collaborate to produce skate boards.
1. Marge and I get married and my nephew Joey Eppard sings Purple Rain and we dance.   

10/02/13: Dot Wiggin Band Preview track on Pitchfork

Download "Speed Limit" from the new Dot Wiggin Band record entitled Ready! Get! Go! from Pitchfork now:

Dot was the singer of the Shaggs and we are extremely happy that she has joined the Alternative Tentacles family.

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