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03/17/04: Rumsfeld trips on own words- Censure Dubya!
Local heroes Move On dot Org forwarded this video of Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld being called on his pre-Iraq invasion lies. It's part of Move On dot Org's push to censure President Bush- check it out!

03/15/04: Computer nerds and Cunning Linguist Draft Alert!
From this Saturday's S.F. Chronicle:

"The government is taking the first steps toward a targeted military draft of Americans with special skills in computers and foreign languages.

The Selective Service System has begun the process of creating the procedures and policies to conduct such a targeted draft in case military officials ask Congress to authorize it and the lawmakers agree to such a request...

The issue of a renewed draft has gained attention because of concerns that U.S. military forces are over-extended. Since the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist strikes, U.S. forces have fought two wars, established a major military presence in Afghanistan and Iraq and are now taking on peacekeeping duties in Haiti. But Congress, which would have to authorize a draft, has so far shown no interest in renewing the draft..."

03/08/04: Anti-Bush shirts benefit Move On dot Org!
Our buddies @ Astropitch have put up a scathing anti-Dubya store called Greedy Bastard! This site, which donates some of the profits to Moveon.Org and, so far has 4 different delightful designs. Check it here!

02/26/04: Donate flowers to same sex newlyweds!

As you may have heard, San Francisco has been issuing marriage licenses to same sex couples despite threats from Governor Schwarzenegger and President Bush. People from around the world are sending flowers to SF City Hall to show their support for the couples.

Here is a site that takes PayPal donations to send flowers (without florist delivery charges!) to the people who are getting married!

02/24/04: Grand Theft America
In a delightful yet hard-hitting flash animation, this site has melded the shameful 2000 election shenanigans in Florida (as heard on the new Greg Palast cd from AT) with everyone's favorite misanthropic computer game Grand Theft Auto. This probably isn't work safe due to language.


02/19/04: FBI charges activists for leftist political views
This is an update on the case of Harjit Gill and Robert Brooks, two activists from Northern California, were arrested right before a Jello Biafra spoken word show in Chico by federal agents.

Hargit writes "I'm being charged with 2 counts of lieing to a federal officer, one count lieing to a federal grand jury. All are related to left-wing political activism... (sic)" They were indicted by a Grand Jury and are going to trial in the next few months. There is a maximum of 15 years prison time for the 3 charges. Tony Serra, the lawyer who won $4 million from the FBI on behalf of Judi Bari and Darryl Cherney, has agreed to represent them.

For more information or to send donations to help cover legal fees, please contact Harjit Gill at:

44 Galaxy Ave, Oroville, CA 95966

02/18/04: Greg Palast and Ann Coulter walk into a bar...
... the bartender says, what is this, "Dennis Miller Live"?

Ace reporter and AT recording artist Greg Palast will be on CNBC's "Dennis Miller Show" on 2/24/04 and 2/25/04 (two separate shows). The show airs 9pm (eastern standard) and is repeated at midnight and 4am. The 2/25 show will be with the conservative fembot columnist Ann Coulter, so expect some sparks to fly!

Here's Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting (FAIR) take on the Dennis Miller show.

02/12/04: Punkvoter has a rockin' new e-card!
Here's a link to a neat-o e-card that you can send to people you think would be interested in checking out Punkvoter! It features a tune by NOFX "The Cause".

Alternative Tentacles is a proud member of, which has organized over 100 of the largest punk rock bands and dozens of record labels to expose the Bush Administration. is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing grassroots coalition of punk fans uniting in opposition to the policies of the Bush Administration.

02/07/04: AT South By Southwest Showcase!
Alternative Tentacles will touch down at South By Southwest Saturday March 20, at the Caucus Patio in Austin, TX! There will be four AT bands- Comets on Fire, Harold Ray Live in Concert, The Evaporators, and Slim Cessna's Auto Club- plus Jello Biafra as the Master of Ceremonies! That's right, Jello's pulling double MC duty at the Punk Voter show Friday and at this rad AT showcase Saturday!

Watch out Dubya, Biafra's in your state!

02/02/04: Conservative Punks challenge Punk Voter!
You've heard of battle rhymes, now get set for battle political punk sites!

"The "Right" Side of Punk- As of January 31, 2004, officially launches. The site has been created to educate, inform and increase the little known demographic of the Conservative Punk. "

Check it out at, complete with links to the Drudge Report and David Horowitz's Front Page Magazine.

01/20/04: Mental Torture School Still Open for Business!
Jello Biafra talked about Provo Canyon School on his first spoken word cd "No More Cocoons" in 1987- and it's still torturing and warping its young inmates- er, students. One of its victims forwarded us the following information. Here is a .pdf file of an article from last year about the school: Here is a petition to close the school: From

01/12/04: United Auto Workers, AFSCME, and unite!
United Auto Workers (UAW), and America Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) have joined forces with Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack and in order to draw the nation's youth into the political process. UAW and AFSCME are excited to participate in the effort to ensure America's younger generation realizes what is at stake for working families. Both AFSCME Iowa and UAW Iowa have suffered severe job losses because of the Bush Administration's ruthless tax cuts and protection of the wealthy at the cost of working families.

"Iowa has lost over 30,000 good paying jobs in the manufacturing sector and Bush has done nothing. Our families have been deeply hurt in the heartland and we are glad to see Punkvoter taking action and bringing the story to our country's youth," said Dave Neal, of UAW. "We must encourage young voters to participate in the dialogue more - we need their help and their spirit in the fight for working families"

"It is time all of our country starts to speak out. From farmers and factory workers to punk rockers. George Bush has mortgaged our children's futures with his tax cuts for the wealthy, if they want don't want to inherit the debt Bush is passing on to them, they need to get involved", said Marcia Nichols of AFSCME.

Punkvoter is the nation's largest coalition of punk and music-related organizations and individuals uniting to expose the problems of the George W. Bush Administration, including Jello Biafra, Alternative Tentacles, and mail male Jesse Luscious. For more information about Punkvoter visit them here!

01/12/04: Ex-Treasury Sect'y says Iraq War planned pre-9/11
Former Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill told CBS's 60 Minutes that regime change in Iraq was the main topic at the very first meeting of Bush's National Security Council - a full eight months before 9/11/01. O'Neill said, "It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it.The president saying 'Go find me a way to do this'... From the very beginning, there was a conviction that Saddam Hussein was a bad person and that he needed to go."

O'Neill, who, as Bush's top economic official, was a permanent member of the National Security Council, was asked to resign in 2002 after threatening to publically oppose Bush's second round of major tax cuts. In the book, O'Neill says that the president did not make decisions in a methodical way: there was no free-flow of ideas or open debate. At cabinet meetings, he says the president was "like a blind man in a roomful of deaf people," a major difference from O'Neill's experiences in the Nixon and Ford Administrations.

Read the coverage on the 60 Minutes website here!

01/05/04: Tell Taco Bell That Slavery Tastes Terrible!
Three events organized by Florida's Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW) in Southern California will kick off the 3rd year of the Boycott The Bell campaign!

The fruits and vegetables we eat are produced, almost without exception, in a world virtually unknown to US consumers. It is a world hidden from our view by the bright neon logos of the fast-food giants and the shining rows of neatly stacked produce lining the aisles of WalMart supercenters from Miami to LA.It is also a world of extreme exploitation and human rights violations.

In 2001, the CIW called for a national boycott of Taco Bell, demanding that the multi-billion dollar corporation recognize its role in the exploitation of farmworkers who pick its produce and take steps to clean up human rights violations in its supply chain. With public attention to the modern-day slavery and sweatshop conditions in Florida's fields at an all-time high, this year's action promises to be the most powerful yet in this growing, grassroots campaign. The highlight of the 2004 Tour will be a three-day march, from East LA to Irvine. From March 2-4, Immokalee workers will be joined by allies from across the country on the 40-mile march, taking the boycott to millions of consumers on Southern California streets. The march will culminate in a huge, day-long rally on March 5th -- a political, musical, cultural festival that will shake the foundations of a fast-food industry built on the exploitation of workers and consumers alike.

12/31/03: FCC allows "Fuck" on TV, conservatives pissed!
Reacting to an October Federal Communications Commission (FCC) ruling, Reverend Wildmon's far right American Family Association is mobilizing its grassroots activists. They had complained that the televised Golden Globe Awards included U2 singer Bono saying `this is really, really, fucking brilliant,'' or ``this is fucking great.'' The FCC ruled that Bono's comments were not indecent or obscene- they were free speech.

From the FCC decision:

"Indecency findings involve.. two fundamental determinations. First, the material alleged to be indecent... must describe or depict sexual or excretory organs or activities. Second, the broadcast must be patently offensive as measured by contemporary community standards... The material aired during the ``Golden Globe Awards'' program does not describe or depict sexual and excretory activities and organs. The word ``fucking'' may be crude and offensive, but, in the context presented here, did not describe sexual or excretory organs or activities. Rather, the performer used the word ``fucking'' as an adjective or expletive to emphasize an exclamation... The use of specific words, including expletives or other ``four letter words'' does not render material obscene."

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