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04/23/04: FBI finally pays Judi Bari and Darryl Cherney!
After months of negotiation, the Federal Government has settled with Darryl Cherney and the estate of Judi Bari for $2 million total. The City of Oakland had already settled for the same amount and was just waiting for the FBI to settle before paying out $500,000 annually for the next 4 years.

The $2 million settlement from the FBI is one of the largest ever. According to the San Francisco Chronicle article, "In 1995, the FBI paid $3.1 million to the family of Vicki Weaver, who was killed three years earlier at Ruby Ridge, Idaho. The family of Black Panther Fred Hampton, killed during a FBI raid in 1969, received $1.85 million..."

"The settlement stems from a civil suit Bari and Cherney filed over their arrest after a pipe bomb exploded in Bari's Subaru station wagon on Park Boulevard in Oakland on May 24, 1990. Bari, who was driving, suffered a crushed pelvis, and Cherney received cuts from the blast. The two, who were headed to a rally to mark the beginning of a campaign of protests called Redwood Summer, were arrested within hours, and their homes and vehicles were searched. Authorities then said they believed that Bari and Cherney had been carrying the bomb in her car and that it had detonated accidentally. Prosecutors later declined to file charges against the pair, citing insufficient evidence, and no other arrests have ever been made. Cherney and Bari later sued the FBI and Oakland police investigators, alleging false arrest, illegal search, slanderous statements and conspiracy. The suit said investigators focused on Bari and Cherney only as suspects and refused to consider the possibility they were victims chosen for their confrontational environmental activism. "

Alternative Tentacles is proud to have released a spoken word release from Judi Bari and a music release from Darryl Cherney.

Congratulations, we only wish Judi was alive to enjoy the settlement. Perhaps the FBI can now try to find out who actually bombed the pair of Earth First activists instead of trying to blame the victims...

04/21/04: Arundhati Roy a national favorite!
Posting was removed.

04/16/04: Yummy Bake Sales for Democracy tomorrow!
Those nutty activists from are organizing a delicious deed dedicated to democracy! Tomorrow MoveOn members will holding over 1,000 bake sales to help raise some dough (ba-dump-bump!) and take our country back. It's a great way to demonstrate the contrast between Bush's millionaire-backed campaign and our grassroots movement. All the money raised will help MoveOn PAC run ads and get out the vote this November to support John Kerry.

If you need a piece of pie or a cookie or two tomorrow -- and who doesn't -- you can find a bake sale in your area here!

04/16/04: Greedy Bastards = funny fundraisers!
Our buddies at Astropitch have a new line of shirts out called Greedy Bastards, immortalizing the Bush/Cheney administration, among other things. We're proud to offer three of their beautiful US-Made American Apparel designs just in time for the run-up to the 2004 US National Elections. Some of the proceeds are donated by GB to and to help those fine organizations mobilize the public to vote Dubya and his gang out of office this November.

Here are the three shirts: Bush=Clown, Cheney=Evil Dead, and Bush=Giant Pussy. Check 'em out!

03/26/04: Mia Zapata's killer convicted- finally!
Thursday morning a jury in a Seattle court convicted Jesus Mezquia of first degree murder in the 1993 death of punk singer Mia Zapata. Zapata was 27 at the time and fronting up and coming Seattle punk band The Gits. On July 7th 1993, after returning from a successful tour of the US west coast Zapata was beaten, raped and strangled, with her body was dumped in an alley in Seattle's Central Area.

Police arrested Mezquia, 48, in Florida in 2002. DNA evidence linked him to the killing. No sentencing date has been set at this time. The killing spurred the creation of the Home Alive anti-violence/pro-self-defense organization, as well as the band Evil Stig, which was the surviving members of The Gits fronted by Joan Jett.

Alternative Tentacles artists like Jello Biafra and Zen Guerilla donated tracks to various Home Alive compilations over the years. We're all very happy that the person responsible for this murder has been convicted and hope that similar violent, hateful crimes happen less and less in the future.

03/17/04: Rumsfeld trips on own words- Censure Dubya!
Local heroes Move On dot Org forwarded this video of Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld being called on his pre-Iraq invasion lies. It's part of Move On dot Org's push to censure President Bush- check it out!

03/15/04: Computer nerds and Cunning Linguist Draft Alert!
From this Saturday's S.F. Chronicle:

"The government is taking the first steps toward a targeted military draft of Americans with special skills in computers and foreign languages.

The Selective Service System has begun the process of creating the procedures and policies to conduct such a targeted draft in case military officials ask Congress to authorize it and the lawmakers agree to such a request...

The issue of a renewed draft has gained attention because of concerns that U.S. military forces are over-extended. Since the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist strikes, U.S. forces have fought two wars, established a major military presence in Afghanistan and Iraq and are now taking on peacekeeping duties in Haiti. But Congress, which would have to authorize a draft, has so far shown no interest in renewing the draft..."

03/08/04: Anti-Bush shirts benefit Move On dot Org!
Our buddies @ Astropitch have put up a scathing anti-Dubya store called Greedy Bastard! This site, which donates some of the profits to Moveon.Org and, so far has 4 different delightful designs. Check it here!

02/26/04: Donate flowers to same sex newlyweds!

As you may have heard, San Francisco has been issuing marriage licenses to same sex couples despite threats from Governor Schwarzenegger and President Bush. People from around the world are sending flowers to SF City Hall to show their support for the couples.

Here is a site that takes PayPal donations to send flowers (without florist delivery charges!) to the people who are getting married!

02/24/04: Grand Theft America
In a delightful yet hard-hitting flash animation, this site has melded the shameful 2000 election shenanigans in Florida (as heard on the new Greg Palast cd from AT) with everyone's favorite misanthropic computer game Grand Theft Auto. This probably isn't work safe due to language.


02/19/04: FBI charges activists for leftist political views
This is an update on the case of Harjit Gill and Robert Brooks, two activists from Northern California, were arrested right before a Jello Biafra spoken word show in Chico by federal agents.

Hargit writes "I'm being charged with 2 counts of lieing to a federal officer, one count lieing to a federal grand jury. All are related to left-wing political activism... (sic)" They were indicted by a Grand Jury and are going to trial in the next few months. There is a maximum of 15 years prison time for the 3 charges. Tony Serra, the lawyer who won $4 million from the FBI on behalf of Judi Bari and Darryl Cherney, has agreed to represent them.

For more information or to send donations to help cover legal fees, please contact Harjit Gill at:

44 Galaxy Ave, Oroville, CA 95966

02/18/04: Greg Palast and Ann Coulter walk into a bar...
... the bartender says, what is this, "Dennis Miller Live"?

Ace reporter and AT recording artist Greg Palast will be on CNBC's "Dennis Miller Show" on 2/24/04 and 2/25/04 (two separate shows). The show airs 9pm (eastern standard) and is repeated at midnight and 4am. The 2/25 show will be with the conservative fembot columnist Ann Coulter, so expect some sparks to fly!

Here's Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting (FAIR) take on the Dennis Miller show.

02/12/04: Punkvoter has a rockin' new e-card!
Here's a link to a neat-o e-card that you can send to people you think would be interested in checking out Punkvoter! It features a tune by NOFX "The Cause".

Alternative Tentacles is a proud member of, which has organized over 100 of the largest punk rock bands and dozens of record labels to expose the Bush Administration. is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing grassroots coalition of punk fans uniting in opposition to the policies of the Bush Administration.

02/07/04: AT South By Southwest Showcase!
Alternative Tentacles will touch down at South By Southwest Saturday March 20, at the Caucus Patio in Austin, TX! There will be four AT bands- Comets on Fire, Harold Ray Live in Concert, The Evaporators, and Slim Cessna's Auto Club- plus Jello Biafra as the Master of Ceremonies! That's right, Jello's pulling double MC duty at the Punk Voter show Friday and at this rad AT showcase Saturday!

Watch out Dubya, Biafra's in your state!

02/02/04: Conservative Punks challenge Punk Voter!
You've heard of battle rhymes, now get set for battle political punk sites!

"The "Right" Side of Punk- As of January 31, 2004, officially launches. The site has been created to educate, inform and increase the little known demographic of the Conservative Punk. "

Check it out at, complete with links to the Drudge Report and David Horowitz's Front Page Magazine.

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