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04/14/06: Nardwuar vs. Jello and Nardwuar vs. Zolar X on CiTR FM this afternoon!
Today at 3:30pm (PDT) on CiTR FM, Nardwuar's radio show will feature the latest interview he did with Jello Biafra last week in Vancouver as well as an interview with Zolar X he taped during SXSW. You can listen over the Internet here at the CiTR website.

04/11/06: Vote for Seattle-based AT Bands!
Two Alternative Tentacles bands from Seattle have been nominated for Seattle Weekly's Music Awards: BloodHag for the Metal/Hard Rock category and Nat Damm from Akimbo for the Best Drummer category. You can go here to vote (you don't have to be a Seattle resident). Akimbo's new release Forging Steel and Laying Stone (Virus 344) is available here at the AT web store or in record stores. BloodHag's new album Hell Bent for Letters (Virus 357) is scheduled for release on May 23, 2006.

Good luck to both bands!

04/05/06: Sunday, See Mail Male Mull Music!
Jesse The Mail Male will be a panelist at this Sunday's "You Can't Stop the Music: Ways to get your Music Moving - Music Booking Panel" in San Francisco! This exciting event features local artists, critics, promoters, SF Entertainment Commission members, and more. Should be a blast!

Sunday April 9th 7PM till 9PMish roughly at the Edinburgh Castle, 950 Geary (between Polk and Larkin) in San Francisco. $3 -5 (No one turned away due to lack of funds), 21+. Check out for more information.

04/04/06: Deadly Kennedys Roll Over Dallas!
From the Dallas, Texas Assassination City Roller Derby League comes our favorite new team: The Deadly Kennedys!

"Thought you might want to see The Deadly Kennedys new team photo. We ran out of time to spray paint the "S" on the front of our shirts..
Thanks AT! We love you!
Iona Switchblade 8, The Deadly Kennedys

03/31/06: Mail Male as political partisan Saturday!
See Jesse the Mail Male in his alter ego as local political activist at this exciting forum on public financing of elections and Instant Runoff Voting, 2 things which will help our ailing US democracy! It's hosted by East Bay Common Cause at the Greenlining Institute 1918 University Avenue, 2nd Floor (Wheelchair Accessible), in Berkeley, CA. Saturday April 1, 2006 1pm-3pm.

Speakers include:
Assemblymember Loni Hancock - Implementing state-wide public financing (AB 8385)
Trent Lang (what Berkeley/Oakland people can do on this issue)
Councilmember Kriss Worthington - Implementing IRV (Instant Runoff Voting)
Joanne McKray Oakland IRV (what Oakland people can do on this issue)
Jesse Townley Berkeley IRV (what Berkeley people can do on this issue)

03/29/06: No Jello at Fab Mab Show
(You'd Think People Would Know By Now, But...) Here We Go Again

We are getting too many reports of people buying $25 tickets to a so-called "Fab Mab Reunion" concert at the Fillmore in San Francisco thinking it is a Dead Kennedys reunion, therefore Biafra will be there.

Jello responds:
Enough people are confused [that] we need to set the record straight. No, it is not a Dead Kennedys reunion. Yes, I am boycotting the whole scam. These are the same greed-mongers who ran to corporate lawyers and sued me for over six years in a dispute sparked by my not wanting "Holiday in Cambodia" sold into a Levi's commercial. They now pimp Dead Kennedys in the same spirit as Mike Love suing Brian Wilson over and over again, then turning around and playing shows as the Beach Boys. They despise everything our band ever stood for.

"Money Uber Alles" is what all these bands used to stand against. Back in Mabuhay days, no one was more up front about not selling out to Bill Graham than Dead Kennedys and Flipper, especially Will Shatter (RIP). Now Bill Graham Presents has been swallowed and the name is being used as a front for Clear Channel, as nasty a corporate predator as Fox News and Wal-Mart.

It breaks my heart that Dead Kennedys now seems to have the worst reputation of any old punk band trying to cash in on their names, even more than the so-called Misfits. We still get complaints from people who bought tickets to shows expecting Dead Kennedys and getting stuck with the world's greatest karaoke band. Others report someone they know getting ripped off thinking they were seeing me the whole time because no one on stage ever mentioned the singer's name. I guess it's sort of like paying to see Black Sabbath and finding out the singer is Donny Osmond.

So I hope people who go know in advance what they are getting into. As Johnny Rotten said at the Sex Pistols' own miserable Bill Graham experience, "Ever get the feeling you're being cheated?"

03/22/06: Akimbo, George, and the Bay Guardian!
Check out this SXSW wrap-up in the San Francisco Bay Guardian which features Akimbo and our very own press dude George Chen!

03/20/06: Bat Bash in Austin=Awesome!
Whew, with weary legs and battered eardrums your trusty Bat buddies are trickling back to the Bay Area...

Friday's Alternative Tentacles showcase @ the Jackalope was an event for the ages, with the rockin' started by Ralph/Victim's Family and his new band The Freak Accident! Soon afterwards Akimbo leveled the crowd, making way for a surprise appearance by the original Triple-X rapper, Blowfly, who, with entourage and television cameras in tow, jumped up on stage for 2 songs. Immediately afterwards, Turn Me On Dead Man knocked out a winner of a set.

Jello Biafra had been introducing each band and before the next band Nardwuar The Human Serviette jumped up on stage and had a mini-interview with Jello Biafra about Canadians, Zolar X, and, well, we're really not sure what else because we were laughing so hard!

Beginning the interplanetary portion of the night was Plutonium's finest, Zolar X, who sent us out into space for an extended rock odyssey. And from the Planet Kero-Kero, none other than eX-Girl followed Zolar X and sent everyone in the sold-out club to the moon and beyond in the 2nd of only 2 shows in the USA this time around!

It was a great night and big thanks to the Jackalope, SXSW, the bands, and you for making it a kick ass event! The rest of SXSW had a lot more AT representation through Bat superstars like Dash Rip Rock, The Yuppie Pricks, The Bellrays, and multiple shows from Akimbo and Blowfly. We may be missing a couple of bands in that list, if so sorry, we're still woozy from many many bands and little little sleep!

03/08/06: Steve Chinn show and auction tonight!
Tonight! It's a benefit for Steve Chinn, ex-AT shirt printer & ex-member of SOSA, FANG, BOOM AND THE LEGION OF DOOM, and more! There will be an auction between bands, including 3 Alternative Tentacles music and dvd packages!

Bands include:
Strychnine (headliner)
Sick On The Bus (UK)
Poop (L.A. - featuring Rikk Agnew)
at Annie's Social Club (formerly CW Saloon), 917 Folsom @ 5th St., SF., $7, 8pm. 21+

Don't forget to bring checkbook and/or extra cash for the auction! Check out the flyer here. You can keep up to date on his progress here, and you can make a donation towards his medical costs here.

03/07/06: This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb student free!
After a ton of pressure from across the country, the Ohio University police dropped the charge against the grad student whose bike was destroyed by overzealous police who saw a sticker for the d.i.y. punk band This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb on his bicycle. More information is in this Punk News article.

In a reply to an e-mail we sent to the Dean of Students, he wrote:
"I appreciate your concern about this case, but you are mistaken as to my role in it. The Associated Press article on this story is misleading in one particular way. My comment was made Thursday (before any charges had been filed; the charge was filed Friday) and was in response to a question about whether I thought the police had acted reasonably in being concerned about the bike. I agree that we could debate this point as well, but, nonetheless, the article makes it sound (incorrectly) like my comment was supporting the decision to file charges. This decision was made by police in consultation with the prosecutor. I had no involvement in the decision to file a charge.

In any case, an agreement has been reached today to drop the charge against Patrick." [the grad student with the bike]

03/04/06: This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb sticker scare = jail?
In a case of brainless authorities making an embarassing situation for themselves worse for the victim of their over-reaction and fear-mongering, the grad student who's bike had a sticker for the d.i.y. Plan-it-X band This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb is being charged for 'inducing panic.' This is obviously absolutely ridiculous and wrong-headed, and hopefully will be quickly reversed.

More info at Punk News.
From the Friday 3/3/06 Akron Beacon Journal:
Student charged with inducing panic over bike bomb scare

ATHENS, Ohio - A graduate student was charged with inducing panic in a bomb scare at Ohio University over a sticker on a bicycle that read "this bike is a pipe bomb," which authorities figured out was the name of a punk rock band.
Four buildings on campus were shut down Thursday, streets were blocked off and a bomb squad was summoned from Columbus after a member of the university police force noticed the Patrick K. Hanlin's bike chained outside an on-campus restaurant about 5:30 a.m. The bomb experts destroyed the bike to find no bomb inside.
University police charged Hanlin, 28, on Thursday after he came forward as the biker's owner, OU spokesman Jack Jeffery said. The charge carries a maximum penalty of six months in jail.
Dean of Students Terry Hogan said authorities responded to the sticker appropriately. "This is one of these circumstances where, in these times, these are the kinds of incidents that cause all of us to take pause, and I think we have to be concerned," he said."

03/03/06: Arundhati Roy on George W. Bush in India
AT spoken word artist/author Arundhati Roy appears on today's episode of Democracy Now, talking about US President George W. Bush's current visit to India and Pakistan! Dig in and learn about the thousands of people protesting the US President on the streets of New Delhi, Bombay, and elsewhere in India.

03/02/06: Metal Urbain playing twice in San Francisco this weekend!
Metal Urbain, famed French punk/electronic pioneers, will be playing two shows in San Francisco before heading back to France. They are wrapping up their recording of their new Alternative Tentacles release with co-producer Jello Biafra now!

Saturday 3/4 is with the always crazy Japanese electro-Devo-punk masters/mistresses Polysics!

The show is at the Cafe Du Nord on Market Street near the Castro in San Francisco. Also playing is Los Abandoned from Los Angeles.

Sunday 3/5 is with A Kiss Could Be Deadly and Miraflores at the brand new Annie's Social Club at 5th and Folsom! This bar used to be the Cherry Bar, and before that the Covered Wagon (a.k.a. the CW Saloon).

These 2 shows are a rare chance to see these 1977 French punk/electronic/??? masters in the US. Don't miss either of these historic shows!

03/01/06: Signed Michael Parenti books!
We have 10 signed copies of Michael Parenti's brand new book The Culture Struggle for sale under "Books"- once we sell through these 10 we'll have the regular, unsigned version available. If you want to get a book or the new Alternative Tentacles Michael Parenti "Rulers Of The Planet" dvd/cd signed by him in person, check out the Tour Date Page.

Coming soon: Michael Parenti on the AT Batcast!

02/14/06: Norman Finkelstein on Democracy Now!
"Former Israeli Foreign Minister Shlomo Ben Ami Debates Outspoken Professor Norman Finkelstein on Israel, the Palestinians, and the Peace Process
What happens when a former Israeli Foreign Minister debates a scholar known as one of the world's foremost critics of Israeli policy? The answer is not what you may expect. We spend the hour with Shlomo Ben Ami, author of "Scars of War, Wounds of Peace," and Norman Finkelstein, author of "Beyond Chutzpah". They joined us in our firehouse studio for a wide-ranging exchange. We discussed the origins of the Israel-Palestinian conflict, to the Oslo Peace Process, right up to the present."

You can read the transcript or listen on-line to the 2/14/06 episode of Democracy Now for free!

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