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10/27/06: Mail Orders Aging like Fine Wine!
As many of you know from your own orders, a lot of fab folks are ordering the awesome new Jello Biafra spoken word cd. Thanks a ton, this is great!

However, the huge influx of orders has slowed our shipping time from 2 days turnaround to as long as 2 weeks turnaround. Please be patient!

We're really happy for your orders, but there's only one of us who's able to pack orders (us being a tiny record company). Thanks and please give us a few extra days to pack and ship your order right now. Rock on!
Jesse/AT Mail Male

10/26/06: Fleshies & Florida Fest!
Starting tonight (Thursday 10/26), Oakland's own Fleshies are rockin' the kick ass Fest this weekend for up to 4 shows! Read on, gentle (and not-so-gentle) readers...

Thursday, 10/26/2006
at the Skatepark of Tampa
Toys That Kill, Fleshies, Tiltwheel, Modern Machines, Off With Their Heads
4215 E Columbus Dr., Tampa, Florida
$8, all ages, 6pm

Friday, 10/27/2006
maybe a house party in Gainesville? or maybe we'll just be getting drunk?

Saturday, 10/28/2006
at Abbey Road (official Fest show)
Dillinger Four, Radon, The Bomb, Fleshies
238 W University, Gainesville, Florida
$40 (pass for the fest good all weekend, see website for set times and more info...) FLESHIES PLAY THIS SHOW AT 10PM SHARP!

Sunday, 10/29/2006
at Uncle Lou's
Fleshies, Racin' for Pinks
1016 N. Mills ave, Orlando, Florida
$5, 9pm

10/04/06: Sermon Live! (in your computer)
The Sermon's blazing live show is now available for free from the rockin' internet TV show Pacific Noise! Jess Headroom says ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-check it out!

09/28/06: Two shows, two coasts!
The Bat's involved with 2 awesome shows this Saturday night, one on each coast!

Here on the West Coast, San Francisco's awesome On Six Gallery hosts the Drunk Injuns, Los Olvidados, and Clay Wheels in a skate rock extravaganza!

On the East Coast, Carlapalooza is a melodic punk benefit for the MS Foundation in beautiful Secaucus, NJ! AT has donated a ton of rockin' raffle items, so show up and buy a ton of tickets! Bands include The Ergs, The Steinways, Hot Cops, The Krays, Nancy, and many more.

09/27/06: Blowfly vs. Knoxville Public Access
Is the original dirty rapper too dirty for TV?

If you live in Knoxville, TN, you can tune in to "Name of Show Here" on channel 12 and find out this Thursday, September 28 at 7:30pm. Blowfly will participate in a call-in show with the staff of Knoxville Voice.

Later in the evening, he will perform at the Pilot Light with Megalon Esquire and Brother Steve.

09/15/06: Join AT at the Expo Saturday!
Alternative Tentacles will join a ton of publishers like Manic D, Re/Search, venues like 924 Gilman, The Lab, The Cartoon Art Museum, radio stations like KUSF and KZSU, and many many more artists and friends of artists this Saturday September 16th!

The Seventh Annual Expo for the Artist & Musician runs from 11 am-6 pm at SomArts Cultural Center, 934 Brannan Street, San Francisco, CA. A ton of workshops, exhibits, art, and a beer garden all mean this all-day event is gonna frickin' ROCK!

09/14/06: BloodHag art charity auction!
That's right, you can act now and win the awesome cover art of BloodHag's new AT record "Hell Bent for Letters"! The Professor writes:

"The artist, Gene Ha and I grew up in South Bend, Indiana and spent our high school years in a basement, dilligently playing D&D and honing our art drawing everybody's characters. These were good times, I was surrounded by smart, funny, creative people. Sadly, one of these basement denizens, our good friend and talented artist Barry Winston passed away suddenly this last year. Beyond losing a great talent at such a young age, Barry left behind a beautiful daughter, Brianna. Barry's friends have set up a college fund for Brianna, and to do our part to honor Barry's memory, we are auctioning off Gene's original album cover artwork. Gene has set up an eBay auction!

Not only do you get the original art pieces, you'll get the CD and LP versions of the album (autographed), and if you want, we'll even throw in an autographed tie! Please write us at our My Space page with any questions.

Don't be stingy with the bids, let's give Brianna a good nest egg for her future. I think i'm gonna bid on this myself!
Prof. Jake Stratton, BloodHag"

09/08/06: Frisco Filming Tomorrow!
Open casting call for extras for the filming of Lynnee Breedlove's novel "Godspeed" Saturday (tomorrow) 1-5pm. It's a punk rock show, featuring Fabulous Disaster and Jesse Luscious performing the Blatz tune "Fuk Shit Up."

1) Where - 460 Bryant St., San Francisco, CA
2) When - 1pm to set up, shooting around 2pm
3) Style - think early 1990s punk rock, bike messenger, SF Hags.

09/07/06: Leftover Crack, Citizen Fish, & Fat!
Two of our favorite ska-punk bands, Leftover Crack and Citizen Fish, are releasing a series of songs on one of our favorite local labels: Fat Wreck Chords! Fat released the most recent Citizen Fish studio record and Citizen Fish's co-band The Subhumans entry in their Live In A Dive series.

Starting this fall, Fat is releasing 7"s that will eventually become a full-length. We'll carry them in our on-line store, along with the rest of the LOC family of bands- F-Minus and Choking Victim.

09/01/06: Lynnee Breedlove's Movie Needs You!
From Tribe 8's unforgettable frontperson Lynnee Breedlove comes this news- she's directing and starring in a movie version of her 2002 novel "Godspeed," and you can join her this weekend and next weekend! [September 2-3 and September 9-10]

Go to the Godspeed Movie site for more information on what's needed and who's already involved. Kathleen Hannah, Ad Rock, and Jesse Luscious are just 3 of the many music peeps already involved with this future classic of a film!

08/23/06: Zolar X Update up on You Tube!
That's right- a rockin' 3 1/2 minute look at the upcoming Zolar X cd "X Marks The Spot" is up on the short film site You Tube here!

It's out of this world!

08/17/06: This weekend East Bay Devon Blood benefit!
Alternative Tentacles is proud to have donated swag to the 2 day Art Show/Raffle for local tattooist and close friend of AT intern T-dawg- Devon Blood!

The art show and raffle drawing are Friday 8/18 and 8/19 at Acme Bar, 2115 San Pablo Ave (@ Addison, 1 block south of University) in Berkeley, CA (510) 644-2226, 4pm-2am, 21+. You do not have to be present to win!

Raffle prizes include $7500 in tattoos from the following shops: Spider Murphys, Black Heart, Sacred, 13, Industrial, Picture Machine, One Shot, Mom's, Goldfield's, True Love, Everlasting, Secret Sidewalk, and Zebra.

The other $3000 worth of prizes include bar tabs from Acme, Radio, Ruby, and Spoontonic, plus swag/gift certificates from Alternative Tentacles, Good Vibrations, Lanesplitter, 510 Skateboards, Trumer Pilsner, Bette's Oceanview Diner, Harris Steak House, Festoon, and the Icon, Twister, and Dolled Up Vintage shops. There's a ton of other local prizes, plus a Pabst Blue Ribbon snowboard (!?!). You can't make this shit up!

Raffle tickets are on sale at multiple places around the Bay Area, contact Acme Bar, Sacred Tattoo, or The Devon Blood page for details. Upcoming fundraiser includes a wide-ranging series of signed instrument auctions from all your favorite underground musical heroes- tune into those websites for details!

08/14/06: Boom! Anti-Gentrification in Frisco!
Fault Lines and Indybay present an evening of anti-gentrification entertainment & education featuring a free screening of the documentary film "Boom: The Sound of Eviction" and a discussion with director A. Mark Liiv, Lupe Arreola from St. Peter's Housing Committee, and members of the Defend Bayview Hunter's Point coalition.

When: 8pm (sharp), Wednesday August 16th
Where: Station 40, 3030 B 16th St (at Mission St, across from BART)
Price: Free!

"Boom: The Sound of Eviction"- By turns humorous and scathing, this potent social critique explores the effects of the recent Dot-com boom and bust on community displacement and gentrification in the San Francisco Bay Area, with a focus on the Latino Mission District. Features interviews with dot-com workers, developers, the Mayor, and the community that challenged their new economic order. Here's what the LA Times said about Boom: "Witty, poignant and impassioned . . . implications for every big city in America." Co-director A. Mark Liiv will be present for Q & A

More information at:

07/31/06: BloodHag contest on MySpace!

Hey, kids! BloodHag is having a little contest and literacy test on their MySpace page here. For those who do not want to click on the link to enter MySpace, a.k.a. Rupert Murdochsphere, then read the rules below. In the mean time, check out their new album Hell Bent for Letters (Virus 357) on CD or LP!!

BloodHag contest! Find the missing lyric and win!


BloodHag is well known for being well-read, unfortunately, our laser-like focus on reading sometimes backfires on us, and we neglect the other areas of our life. This neglect has surfaced in the worst place...our new album!

Yes, folks, due to inattention on the part of Dr. J.M. McNulty and myself a lyric has been left out of one of our songs! I don't mean we forgot to print it in the liner notes, I mean we recorded the lyric, but due to some screw-up during the mixdown on Protools, a whole line was left out of one of our songs! As the singer and lyric-writer it really kind of pisses me off, but it's all my fault, since I was there during mixdown and didn't notice anything at the time.

So, most of you who haven't seen us perform this particular song live probably would not have noticed this missing line, but if you studiously read the lyrics and compare them with the songs (since of course all you fans have no problem understanding my vocals), you'll find the missing super-brilliant lyric.

Which brings us to the contest! Find the missing lyric and win a BloodHag t-shirt and an autographed Sci-Fi paperback!

How to play: Find the missing lyric and send it to, include your email, t-shirt size and mailing address. I will collect the correct answers until the deadline on 11:59pm, August 31st, 2006. I will write all the names on little pieces of paper, put them all in Zach's Highlander baseball cap and draw out the winner's name. I will contact you, and you will freak out with joy and wait by the mailbox every day until your prize arrives (allow 6-8 weeks for delivery).

DO NOT send your answer to the myspace email.
DO NOT post the answer in the blog, in our comments, in a bulletin, our website, or anywhere on myspace or the internet.

So take advantage of our inattentiveness and win big! If you haven't bought the CD yet, go to and buy it now!

Thanks everybody, look for us back on the road in October!

Prof. J.B. Stratton

07/28/06: Yuppie Pricks playing last show tomorrow!
That's right, our beloved Texas pranksters and coke whores The Yuppie Pricks are rockin the Free (Market) World one more time in the Promised Land: Las Vegas bay-bee!

As part of the RollerCon 2006 festivities, The 'Pricks will play their final show ever at the always entertaining Double Down Saloon this Saturday July 29th!

Do a rail for me, boys!

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