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01/23/08: Akimbo "Navigating the Bronze" Contest Winners!

Akimbo have spoken and we have two winners for the Navigating the Bronze contest. Thanks for all your entries, everyone! A special shoutout goes out to the most supportive band parents of the year, Mr. and Mrs. Weisnewski, for participating with their entries!!

"When I was younger we all had infatuations with genitalia on bronze statues in our city. Those who stared too long at them were labeled "bronzies". To me, navigating the bronze means....spending the night pursuing useless sexual pursuits."
-- Richard G. from Racine, WI

"this phrase has no meaning, but has a purpose"
--Billy W from Leeds, UK

Here are a few honorable mentions that we (Akimbo and AT staff) loved:

"I think 'Navigating the Bronze' should be the name of a tasty eggnog cocktail. The recipe could look like this:

2 oz light rum
6 oz milk
1 tsp powdered sugar
1 whole egg
--Anna C. from Seattle, WA

"Navigating the bronze- Steering to be mediocre: doing just enough: no ambition or drive to be the best.

Our president is navigating the bronze so the public doesn't think he's totally worthless."
--Rey M. from Hackensack, NJ

"navigating the bronze (phrase) - Making it through to the your next pay check without any money. One does this by eating things that are found in the back of the refrigerator for meals (old hot dogs, cold and forgotten leftovers, etc.) and also bumming food and/or car rides from your neighbors and friends.

(usage) - shit man, I spent all of my cash on beer last night and I don't get paid until Friday... looks like I'm gonna have to navigate the bronze for a few days."
--Matt S. from Reno, NV

"navigating - to find or give directions
bronze - to make hard or unfeeling

therefore, navigate the bronze must mean to 'give anyone who is pissed off or has given up some kind of reason for being.'"
--William K. from Belchertown, MA

"Making your way through a sea of tan people.

We saw an albino navigating the bronze."
--William M. from ?

"The Bronze Age of Comic Books is an informal name for a period in the history of mainstream American comic books usually said to run from the early 1970s to the mid 1980s. It followed the Silver Age of Comic Books.

The Bronze Age retained many conventions of the Silver Age, with brightly colored superhero titles remaining the mainstay of the industry. However darker plot elements and more mature storylines called "Navigating the Bronze" featuring Real world issues, such as drug use, prostitution, and punk rock began to appear during this period, prefiguring the later Modern Age of Comic Books.

Example: Spiderman was navigating the Bronze hardcore in that last issue, smoking grass and going to a concert with his spidey senses altered."
--Robert J. from Fullerton, CA

"1. The aimless wandering through the fatuous blogosphere, jumping from link to link, reading post after post and taking in none of the meaning or content as time slips away with amazing speed as you ruminate on how banal most people truly are.

2. I'm so out of it I spent the last three hours just sitting at my computer navigating the bronze."
--David W. from Chicago, IL

"In my mind, navigating the bronze is all about living in the the DIY world of punk and underground music. As sad as it is to say, legitimate alternative music won't ever reach the top 10 on Billboard, but then again who the fuck cares. I see the really successful bands as being the gold medalists, because they get to be on top and sell everything. Then the guys that still get their videos played all the time, but don't quite reach the forefront of music, they get silver. Then there are the bands that not enough people know about, that bust ass year round and make great music that so many will never hear, I'm afraid they get the bronze. The title has to do with navigating our lot in life, through all the run down bars and all-ages venues, through the troubles gone through to put out records, and the struggle to keep going when you gotta struggle to play the bills and buy that new guitar because some asshole at a squat stole your last one. All of that is what navigating the bronze means to me."
--Scott P. from Kennesaw, GA

01/14/08: The Eat to play live in Miami next month!
We're thrilled to announce that The Eat will be playing a show in Miami, FL on February 2. This will be their first show since 1996. Recently, the band's "Communist Radio" 7" showed up on eBay for over $1000, but this show is only 10 bucks!! And you can get their anthology It's Not the Eat, It's the Humidity (Virus 377) for only $12 2xLP or $14 2xCD!

Who: The Eat
What: First show since 1996!
When: February 2, 2008, Doors 8:30pm
Where: Churchill's Pub, Miami, FL

01/04/08: 924 Gilman Flick Forthcoming!
It's official! Alternative Tentacles will be releasing the dvd version of the long-awaited "924 Gilman" film directed by Jack Curran and his Scarred Films outfit. Subtitled "Let's Talk about Tact and Timing," the documentary includes interviews with tons of people, including Jello Biafra, Ian MacKaye, Rancid, Offspring, Jesse Michaels, author Wendy-O-Matik, & your AT Mail Male Jesse Luscious. There's also many live performances, including Operation Ivy, Fleshies, Pansy Division, Screeching Weasel, The Frisk, and Ted Leo And The Pharmacists. Some of the proceeds will go directly to the 924 Gilman collective.

In Jack's words:
"This is a film documentary that is about and benefits 924 Gilman St. (the venue). It celebrates the efforts of the volunteers who built and have maintained the club over the last 20 years. The focus of the documentary is primarily on the inner workings of the club as told by volunteers and performers, though many live performances are included. 924 Gilman St. (the venue) is based on the fact that bands, audience and staff are all equally important to the success of a show.

It was my goal from the beginning was to avoid having a scripted narrator (a good tool but the easy way out). After hours of editing and reediting I think it worked. This documentary features interviews with past and present volunteers that represent most all of the positions required to keep 924 Gilman St. running. (Booking, Security, Stage Managing, Coordinating, Storekeeping, Meeting Secretary etc...). These are the folks that make everything else possible. Let's hear it for the volunteers!"

It'll be in stores in late spring/early summer. Stay tuned for updates!

12/24/07: We're closed sporadically until 2008
We'll be here Thursday 12/27 & Friday 12/28, and then back for good from Wednesday January 3rd on! Now back to the best of lists!

12/22/07: The Son of the Attack of the "Best of 2007" lists

Dr J. M. McNulty of BloodHag's favorite MODERN Science fiction authors:
PS they are ALL British...what's up USA?

1 Iain M. Banks
2 Jeff Noon
3 China Mielville
4 Geoff Ryman
5 Charles Stross

top 10 bad, top 10 good of 2007 for miss ani kyd

1 bad.i started this year out with a bang! new years eve my sons best friend fell off of a 5 story roof and was in a coma! 1.good...he lived!

2.bad.january.i caught my boyfriend of 5 years in a secret location with a girl..yes cheating on me 2. good.i broke up with his sorry ass that day

3.bad.had to play a show with him 2 days later!
3.good..i rocked it! schizophrenic son decided to try crack
4.good.he didn't like it. son was hospitalized for the above
5.good.this one was a short stay bassplayer byron had to go on tour with fear factory so writing of our next cd got halted
6.good.i started playing music again with my good friend and the guitar player of fuel injected.45 ash blue ....i feel like i need another 6 here..good ash,byron and i wrote some cool new songs

7.bad.had to sell my s.u.v
7.good..jello was happy

8.good.started a cool new diner called choppers here in vancouver
8.bad. my partner and i didn't see eye to eye so i left. cat of 18 years came to live with me.she had spent the last few years with my x husband marc les perance
9.bad.she was very sick and after 2 months of being here she died of kidney failure.R.I.P. suzuki

10.good..i played a wicked solo show and my son (who is doing very well i might add)opened up for me....i feel there is only good from here on in !!

Christian, Triclops! (latest inductee to the Alternative Tentacles roster!)

"Golden Moments of 2007"

1) Polk Street Fair. Triclops! getting stale bread found in shit can alley being thrown at us, while watching crack heads and little kids dance into the dusk. Renamed "The Hepatitis street fair" while audience grudgingly agreed.

2) Playing SXSW on Saturday night at Emo's, the same night as all these bands:The Buzzcocks, Meat Puppets, Qui, Turbo Negro, 400 Blows and Riverboat Gamblers. Somehow we survived AND saw all the bands. In my opinion, probably Triclops! gnarliest set complete with John singing hidden inside a trash can riding atop the a sold out crowd.

3) Afternoon show at a coffee shop, where Johnny played the "Azzmilk bass" with real wild onions, grown on the grounds.

4) Touring w/ Qui and 400 Blows. The tour no one wanted to end. Except maybe Cronk. Every night hearing David Yow say "Who booked this fucking tour, I'm gonna kill em!" Bring it on home....

5) Meeting and (finding the balls) to give Thurston Moore a 12" picture disc. He said he appreciated it. Enough for my nerves, def one of the rock gods for me.

6) Playing in my southern rock band Mornin' Whiskey at Bottom of the Hill for my 31st. 3 outta 4 Floridians. Ronnie'd be proud....sorta

7) Meeting my favorite guitarist, Omar Rodriquez-Lopez of The Mars Volta, while he told Johnny how much he liked his vocal effects.

8) Melvins at Great American Music Hall. The heaviest thing I've seen since Slayer at Clash of the Titans tour when I was 13.

9) The Fest 6!! Begging bands to borrow gear while we are supposed to be onstage playing! Thanks to Floyd and the badasses of Underground Railroad to Candy Land and Arrivals we burn three numbers down. Best show of tour and Johnny getting heckled by kids in the front row because of the late start. "Let's go Mighty Ducks 3!!!" they yell, as the rest of Triclops! tries desperately to stop laughing our asses off.

10) Since we will be playing our set on New Year's Eve way before 2008 begins, I will end the list by saving the best for last. We were asked to play with Melvins and Comets On Fire, 2 bands that have been a huge influence on my guitar playing and I was almost convinced that it was easier to get the opening slot on the Jessica Simpson/Marc Anthony tour than play with the Melvins, but I was wrong. Thank Allah Happy New Year!!!

Michael Andrews, Knights of the New Crusade

Top 10 Stuff

Washington Phillips LP reissue on Mississippi Records - same stuff as on the reissues of decades back, but it's always good to have this in print. In fact, everything on Mississippi is great.

"God in the Garage" LP - Sure, I wrote the liner notes, but it's still some of the best 60s Christian garage punk ever. - Some people need reminding that Jesus wasn't born at the North Pole. Or in Candyland.

The Guilt of the Templars (book) - A ton of thought-provoking information and theorizing on the Knights Templar and the nature of their guilt in this long-overdue reprint of a 1966 classic. This is better than Holy Blood, Holy Grail to the same degree that New York pizza is better than New York burritos. for info.

Marjoe (DVD) - I've been meaning to see this for years and it did not disappoint. The abuses of money-hungry false shepherds has only gotten more ruthless than those revealed in this amazing documentary. And it's got great music.

Coconut Coolouts - one of the greatest underknown bands around, and a pleasure to share the stage with.

Hash brownies WITHOUT THE HASH!

And of course:

The Father
The Son
The Holy Ghost

Erica Theis, AT intern

Said Radio - Tidal Waves And Teeth
O'Death - Head Home
Akimbo - Navigating the Bronze
Rags To Rejects - Bleed The Leech
Low - Drums And Guns
Triclops! - Cafeteria Brutalia
Gogol Bordello - Super Taranta!
Bobby Osborne - Bluegrass Melodies
Defiance, Ohio - The Fear, The Fear, The Fear
The Eat - It's Not the Eat, It's the Humidity (Total cop-out on account'a I'm lazy. Also, rather than actually buying new music, I spent the entire year going through the KALX 7" collection so at this point if you asked, I'd probably try to tell you it's 1986.)

12/21/07: The Bride of the Attack of the "Best of 2007" lists

Aesop (of Ludicra)
Best albums of 2007

1.Warning-"Watching from a Distance"
2.Neurosis-"Given to the Rising"
3.Dodheimsgard-"Supervillain Outcast"
4.Oxbow-"The Narcotic Story"
5.Alcest-"Souvenirs d'un autre monde "
6.Abysmal Grief-"Abysmal Grief"
7.Primordial-"To the Nameless Dead"
8.Hanatarash & Evil Moisture-"Fatanarchy on Airtube"
9.Angels of Light-"We are Him"
10.Deathevokation-"Chalice of the Ages"

Uli Elser, Alternative Tentacles Consulting Sage

Best Of 2007 :

Tocotronic Kapitulation CD
Spider Bags A Celebration Of Hunger CD
A-trak Dirty South Dance (50 mix)
Erik Enocksson Farväl Falkenberg CD
Panda Bear Person Pitch EP
Diplo pitchfork mix AUGUST final (1: 08 mix)
Beirut The Flying Club Cup CD
Octopus Project Hello Avalanche CD
Port O'Brien The Wind And The Swell CD
Bracken Bracken's Autumn Podcast (mix)

Runners up:

Pylon gyrate+ CD
Marissa Nadler Songs III: Bird on the Water CD
Eluvium copia CD
Feist The Reminder CD
White Magic Dark Stars ep
Mar the silence CD
Ratatat (live on KEXP)
Nancy Elizabeth Battle And Victory
Great Northern Trading Twilight For Daylight CD
Explosions In The Sky All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone CD
Arcade Fire Neon Bible CD
Von Sudenfed Tromatic Reflexxions CD
Ronderlin The Great Investigation CD
Long Blondes
Simian Mobile Disco
Justice cross CD
Blonde Redhead 23 CD
Spoon gaga CD
Blue States First Steps Into... CD
The Polyphonic Spree The Fragile Army CD
Deer Tick war elephant CD
Vampire Weekend s/t CD

Dave Adelson, Alternative Tentacles Absentee Production Overlord


Melvins playing Lysol/Eggnog at Slims SF
Kylesa at Emo¹s in Austin
Ludicra at The Jackalope in Austin
Big Business w/ Dale at Vice's thing
Turbonegro at the Vice show
Sabbath with Dio in San Jose
Unleashed at Metro in Oakland


The Shock Doctrine: The Rise Of Disaster Capitalism ­ Naomi Klein
Blackwater ­ Jeremy Scahill
What We Say Goes ­ Chomsky/Barsamian


Darkthrone ­ F.O.A.D.
Watain ­ Sworn to the Dark
Magrudergrind ­ Rehashed
The Endless Blockade / Hatred Surge Split LP
Cobalt ­ Eater of Birds
Thurston ­ Trees Outside The Academy
Dan Higgs ­ Metempsychotic Melodies
Venetian Snares ­ My Downfall
Wolves In The Throne Room ­ Two Hunters
Burial ­ Untrue
Throbbing Gristle ­ Part Two
Echospace ­ The Coldest Season
Dax Riggs ­ We Sing Of Only Blood Or Love
Hannah Montana ­ Everything
Rihanna ­ Good Girl, Gone Bad
Big Business ­ Here Come The Waterworks


Into The Wild
No Country For Old Men

Maiko Hara, Alternative Tentacles Marketing Slacker

Ways to sit, eat, make foie gras out of myself.

+ TiVo and Netflix. Two greatest life-changing decisions made this year.
+ The Wire, Seasons 1-4 on DVD. Good for four 12-hour days of intense sitting.
+ Trapped in the Closet, Ch 12.5-22. Kells still "crazier than fish with titties."
+ Bhatura cholle from Vik's Chaat. Grease, dough, and a lot of hot air.
+ Silver Daggers New High & Ord (Load). Saxy!
+ Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! Methadone for Mr. Show withdrawal.
+ Watching crappy sci-fi movies and drinking beers with BloodHag in Austin.
+ NY Times No-Knead Bread recipe. Chuck yer Kitchenaid, you don't "knead" it. Har har, get it?
+ Homicide: Life on the Street reruns. Old school John Munch.
+ Ad Hoc, Yountville, CA. 4 course family style meals prepared under the auspices of America's top chef, for *under* $ can ask for seconds (and they give it to you)!!
+ Crayfish sausage w/ smoked Gouda, crispy fried onions, and mustard remoulade (w/ duck fat fries on the side) at Hot Doug's in Chicago, IL.
+ 30 Rock, season 2. Werewolf Bar Mitzvah, a new rite of passage.

12/20/07: Attack of the "Best of 2007" lists, the sequel.

Top 10 Fruits of 2007 by Ross Sewage of Ludicra

10. Avocado - It's a fruit alright... go back to school, numnuts.
9. Banana - The atheist's nightmare, as shown by Kirk Cameron. It's got that "I'm not a fruit" texture
8. Mandarin Orange - The new orange is another orange.
7. Zucchini - Grows long and hard... good for sexual metaphors, not so good in actual meals.
6. Pumpkin - Now taxed as a decoration!
5. Tomato - Ronald Reagan and the Supreme Court ruled it's a vegetable, making the tomato the number one red fruit with contrarian commie botanists everywhere.
4. Lime - Makes any shitty Mexican beer appear more expensive.
3. Artichoke - How to shovel a grip of mayonnaise into one's mouth and still appear to be eating healthy.
2. Cranberries - Gotta clear that urinary tract of any "foreign substances" the bosses don't want to detect.
1. Senator Larry Craig - His wide stance in a toilet stall makes him number one fruit of the year.

Luis Illades, Pansy Division

top 10 list of 2007:

1) Patty Smith singing "Children of the Revolution" in the middle of Central Park on marc Bolan's 60th birthday

2) Seeing Stevie Wonder in Baltimore on a Sunday evening on the harbor. He was one of the best performers Ive ever seen. Slayed over a thousand people and made them feel as if they were in his living room. Then having lunch at John Waters' house the next day and gossiping and smoking in the garden.

3) "Red 7" venue in Austin, TX at the Pansy Division/Avengers show. walls were sweating. Bibles were being torn to shred in the audience and onstage. Cans of beer being tossed around. Just where I needed to be.

4) Chopping down some trees in the Adirondack mountains and bringing the wood back to Brooklyn. Spending a few days of quiet with some dudes and doing manly stuff in nature. WEIRD!!!!!!!!!

5) Eating fried chicken in a bar and hanging out with some Hassidic Jews who smoke and drink and play pool like total barflys.

6) Seeing Turbonegro at the "NOKIA" theater in Times square where you can charge your phone in the lobby and hang in the clilllaxxxx lounge and stuff like that. I can never go to a House of Blues or NOKIA Theater or any of that stuff. Please stop playing at these venues, please!!!! Turbonegro still totally slayed though...

7) Building a shop out of wood and researching seasonal produce for months and finally opening a little produce shop. I'm a grocer now. Who knew? (

8) Stealing a car and driving it all weekend. Realizing it was a bad idea and continuing to do it against better judgement.

9) Shudder to Think reunion at Mercury Lounge

10) Tea and finger sandwiches at Nina Nastasia's house

Jon Ginoli, Pansy Division


1. Encyclopedia Dramatica
New heights of tastelessness. It's a Wikipedia parody site. It's teh shit! (

2. Podcasts!
A.T., The World Affairs Council of N. California, The Commonwealth Club, The Onion, Harry Shearer's Le Show, This American Life, and Amy Goodman's Democracy Now help keep my iPod full.

3. San Francisco Public Library.
They actually have the left-wing books reviewed in magazines like The Nation, so I don't have to buy them. (Quote, I forget from who: "We now inhabit an era of such extreme corporate control and government censorship of the media that books have become the new journalism and documentaries have become the modern news programs.")

4. CSA
CSA stands for community supported agriculture. It means paying a flat fee each week for a box of organic produce from a nearby farm. I get mine from Eatwell Farm (between Davis and Dixon). Yum! (

5. Doing a Pansy Division tour for the first time in four years!

6. Driving cross-country by myself from New York to San Francisco in 5 days. Peaceful! (I learned a lot on the trip--did you know Arby's serves deep fried cheesecake in "raspberry" dipping sauce? Not that I ate it...)

7. Audiobooks! I wish I had more time to read, but audiobooks helped.

8. Old friends

9. New friends

10. Oh yeah, music! New albums by New Pornographers, Neil Young, The Eat (yay A.T.!), Jarvis Cocker, Mary Weiss, Radio Birdman, Apples in Stereo, plus lots of reissues.

George Chen, Alternative Tentacles Publicist

KIT UK tour June 2007. with Deerhoof, No Age, Mika Miko, Tigers, Hands on Heads...
Thrones / Grey Daturas west coast tour October 2007
No Fun Festival, Brooklyn May 2007
Silentist live
Deep Jew live
Dan Deacon live
Lucky Dragons live
Damo Suzuki's Network at 21 Grand, Oakland. November 2007
Gowns - Red State (Cardboard Records/Upset the Rhythm)
Paul F Tompkins - Impersonal (A Special Thing)

Emily Epstein, Alternative Tentacles Intern

top 10 music related things in 2007...

1. seeing tom waits!!!
2. stooges reunion
3. king khan and bbq show at the ghost town gallery
4. budget rock (harold ray! knights of the new crusade!)
5. seeing the black lips 6 times in one week!
6. tom waits - orphans box set
7. the new replacements book!
8. bluegrass festival
9. discovering almighty do me a favor
10. all of the glorious sundazed reissues...mmm

12/18/07: Attack of the "Best of 2007" lists

Bill Davis, Dash Rip Rock

1. Releasing our first country punk rock opera Hee Haw Hell
2. Watching New Orleans become a operational city again
3. Seeing Jerry Lee Lewis at Jazzfest
4. Real absinthe is legal again in New Orleans
5. Dash pal and counterculture yoga freek Steve Poltz had a song on a Jeep commercial
6. Our cowbell girl in Key West took her shirt off
7. People still give us lots of pot
8. Katrina focused attention on corrupt La. politicians and as a result a shitload of them are now in jail
9. Mardi Gras "mi casa es su casa"
10. 2007 was heaven and 2008 will be great.

Jon Weisnewski, Akimbo

TOP TEN OF 2007 (Akimbo and otherwise):

10 - Going 5 kicker games undefeated against germans in Aachen.
9 - Berlin, Prague, Brrno, Copenhagen, Lyon, and Tours on the last Europe tour.
8 - Coen Brothers removing heads from asses and releasing No Country For Old Men.
7 - New album "Curses" by Future of the Left.
6 - All these years and Nomeansno is still awesome.
5 - George Lucas did not put out another shitty Star Wars movie.
4 - Finally recording a concept album (to be released...)
3 - Getting a d20 tattooed on my elbow.
2 - Getting photographed next to Tom Morello at SxSW flaunting said d20 tattoo.
1 - Eggnog came out one month early!

Jared Power, Alternative Tentacles Intern

01.) Stormcrow / Sanctum - split
02.) Magrudergrind - Rehashed
03.) The Eat - It's Not The Eat It's The Humidity
04.) Ghoul - Splatterthrash
05.) Coffins / The Arm And Sword Of A Bastard God - split
06.) Unholy Grave, MDC, Capitalist Casualties (live)
07.) malt liquor mixed with energy drinks
08.) public urination
09.) any band that's still putting out cassettes
10.) Warm Water Cove (R.I.P.)

11/23/07: Akimbo "Navigating the Bronze" Contest!
It's been a long, long, loooong while since we had a contest. Are you guys ready for a new one?

"Dude, I totally navigated the bronze last night!"

What does that sentence mean to you? This elusive phrase has not been explicitly defined by Akimbo, the band who created this mysterious album title. Many theories have been informally offered, none to our satisfaction. However, we want to make "Navigating the Bronze" as ubiquitous as "Ghostriding the Whip" or "Oh no you dih-ent!" in the youth lexicon.

We leave it up to you, the creative AT fan, to fill in semiotic gap left wide by our well-coiffed Seattle trio. Stretch those vocab muscles and enter to win a signed vinyl copies of said album Navigating the Bronze. We have two LPs, both signed and embellished by all three members of Akimbo.


1. Define the phrase "Navigating the Bronze"
2. Use it in a sentence that reflects this meaning
3. Send your entry by DECEMBER 17, 2007 with your contact information (name, email, mailing address) to:


Alternative Tentacles
P.O. Box 419092
San Francisco, CA 94141-9092

4. Akimbo will judge the entries. Two winners will receive signed Navigating the Bronze LPs, and we will publish the winners and honorable mentions on the Alternative Tentacles site.

Rest assured, we won't use the e-mail/postal address provided other than to notify winners and mail them their prizes.

11/22/07: Mailorder closed until Monday 11/26
We're closed until Monday November 26th because of the Thanksgiving holiday. Some orders will be mailed tomorrow (Friday November 22nd) but all currently printed orders will be mailed by Monday afternoon.

Some Thanksgiving-related reading for you...
From the journal Critique of Anthropology comes this paragraph from Janet Suskind, Rutgers University:
"Thanksgiving was 'invented' in its present form at the end of the 19th century. Through the consummation of a sacred meal, a diverse collection of immigrants become the descendants of the Pilgrims. In every household that considers itself Amencan or desires to become American, Thanksgiving brings family members back home, ritually strengthening attenuated ties of kinship and investing the set of meanings incorporated in being an Amencan with the emotional intensity and significance of family. This article traces the develop ment and analyzes the meanings of this ritual and its symbols."

Reactionary right-wing lunatic magazine The Free Republic has a slightly different, pro-free market take in this article, originally printed in 1985.

11/13/07: Plastic People of the Universe in the NY Times

The New York Times published a great article on The Plastic People of the Universe as well as Tom Stoppard's play Rock 'n' Roll, about Czechoslovakia in the late 1960s. Jello has been a fan of the Plastics and in the 1980s, signed Life After Life featuring members of the Plastic People of the Universe to Alternative Tentacles.

You can find a great selection of Plastics releases we carry in our mailorder here. Also check out Life After Life's full length Just Trip (Virus 192).

11/13/07: Public hearing for renaming of Dirk Dirksen Alley
There will be a public hearing at San Francisco City Hall on Thursday, November 15 at 10am regarding the renaming of Rowland Street at 443 Broadway (original location of Mabuhay Gardens) to Dirk Dirksen Alley.

SF City Hall is located at 1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place, directions and map are here. The hearing will take place in Room 263.

You can also send letters and e-mails of support:

Board of Supervisors
Room #244

Supervisor Aaron Peskin:

Supervisor Tom Ammiano:

11/12/07: Mailorder closed today!
Mailorder's closed today, Monday, the 12th of November. We'll be packing & shipping again on Tuesday. Rock on!
- Jesse the AT Mail Male

11/09/07: Lance Hahn Memorial

As we posted earlier, Lance Hahn of J Church and Cringer passed away on October 21. There will be a memorial event in his honor at the Hemlock Tavern in San Francisco.

What: Lance Hahn Memorial
When: Sunday, November 11 from 6pm-midnight
Where: Hemlock Tavern, 1131 Polk Street, San Francisco

The event will feature music, art, flyers, and videos featuring J Church and Cringer. There will be a potluck at the event, so if you want to bring food to share, please do.

There will be a similar memorial event in Austin, TX on November 18 at the Mohawk (912 Red River) between 4-8pm.

Visit to contribute your Lance Hahn memories. More info at

11/07/07: Weekly rallies for police shooting victim Gary King Jr in Oakland

On September 20, Gary King Jr was tasered, then shot in the back by Oakland police officer Patrick Gonzales. Every Thursday (until further notice) between 3-5pm at Frank Ogawa Plaza, there will be weekly gatherings organized by King's family to protest police brutality and to demand justice for Gary King Jr. For more info, please visit SF Bay Area Indy Media website.

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