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09/07/04: Krugman on War, Bush, & Kerry
"America really was attacked on 9/11, and any president would have followed up with a counterstrike against the Taliban. Yet the Bush administration... derived enormous political benefit from the impulse of a nation at war to rally around its leader. Another president might have refrained from exploiting that surge of support for partisan gain; Mr. Bush didn't. And his administration has sought to perpetuate the war psychology that makes such exploitation possible. Step by step, the fight against Al Qaeda became a universal "war on terror," then a confrontation with the "axis of evil," then a war against all evil everywhere. Nobody knows where it all ends.

What is clear is that whenever political debate turns to Mr. Bush's actual record in office, his popularity sinks. Only by doing whatever it takes to change the subject to the war on terror - not to what he's actually doing about terrorist threats, but to his "leadership," whatever that means - can he get a bump in the polls. Last week's convention made it clear that Mr. Bush intends to use what's left of his heroic image to win the election, and early polls suggest that the strategy may be working. What can John Kerry do?

Campaigning exclusively on domestic issues won't work. Mr. Bush must be held to account for his dismal record on jobs, health care and the environment... To win, the Kerry campaign has to convince a significant number of voters that the self-proclaimed "war president" isn't an effective war leader - he only plays one on TV. This charge has the virtue of being true. It's hard to find a nonpartisan national security analyst with a good word for the Bush administration's foreign policy. Iraq, in particular, is a slow-motion disaster brought on by wishful thinking, cronyism and epic incompetence. "

- Paul Krugman, NY Times columnist 9-7-04

09/03/04: X-mas in September?
hello, oh itīs chrismastime! 10000000000000000 thankīs. the music is here.

best wishes, uta

09/02/04: Fast and Speedy!
Hi i just wanted to thank A.T. and Jesse for the quick delivery of my order. its much appreciated.

thanks, dustin

09/01/04: Anarchy For Sale!
Alternative Tentacles, might be the only thing punk left in the world, punk is begging to become something everyone can enjoy and more comercial than pop, the only light, faith, for the inmortalizim of punk are organizations like A.T., using skaters to promote punk, is genius, and youre covering parts of the US, but what about other places, we need a punk,skater army over the world! I live in PR, its on the Carribean, but were considered a colony of the tyrantius US, we have anarchyk issues, like one of our island being bombed everyday in the hand of US, and using our island for military crap, so i myself a skater, can promote A.T, here making a bigger punk army, and perhaps having a new place to tour, there are skaters in here, and a punk scence that has anarchy for sale...


09/01/04: People to Bush- Pack up your desk!
"The Next Pink Slip Might Be Yours!"

- Text of the pink slips from this demo:

From the NY Times: "Holding up pink slips of paper symbolizing the notices employees sometimes receive when their jobs have been terminated, the demonstrators held a line from Wall Street in Manhattan's downtown and stretched north about three miles to the midtown area where the Republican National Convention is in its third day today at Madison Square Garden."

08/23/04: Hurrah!
The book has arrived. Thank you so much for the prompt delivery. And the enclosed catalogue. And the buttons, of course. Did I mention that you guys rule? Also, a big Thank You to Tenaya for the nice note she had enclosed. I will spread the word around that this is a must-read.

The book actually arrived on Tuesday. Sorry I could not let you know earlier. I have started reading it and I am already drawn in. I think it is one of those books one will enjoy to read and reread. Plus, I think I will be able to discover some surely amazing bands through this book which I have not heard of before. Canīt wait to continue reading tonight. So much for now. Have nice weekend and thanks again.

Best, Henning

08/22/04: Australian Free Trade
From a correspondent talking about the impending Australian/US free trade agreement.

"Bend over and smile sweetly for the fist of American economic & cultural imperialism!"

08/19/04: Jello at Comfest
"I saw Jello at both performances and it was incredible. Probably the best moment in my life for at least the past 5 years. You can definitely expect a large order being placed from me once I get paid because I keep giving my spoken word away to people who need to hear it and people who need to be informed. Alternative Tentacles is my favorite label by far and the fact that you sat down and wrote a response to my email says something. Everyone at A.T. is awesome and thanks again for sending Jello all the way out to Comfest!"

-Sarah B.

08/18/04: Good Day!
Well, I just recieved my order today, so everything's just perfect at the current moment. Well thank you guys for your ultra-liberal politics, innovative punk-indie music, and caring customer service!

Good day, Mike

08/14/04: Marxism 101
Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana."

- Groucho Marx

06/13/04: Reagan quotes from a loyal mailorder fan!
I thought I'd send you some good quotes on Reagan for your site, or for your own enjoyment. The Greg Palast piece kicked ass. Since I was born in the eighties, all I ever watched on TV was cartoons, little did I know that the greatest cartoon character of them all was the President. But Bush is pretty funny, in that "Jesus Christ, we're all fucked" sorta way. Anyway, I'll let you get back to work. Rob

"I don't think he's read the report in detail. It's five-and-a-half pages, double-spaced." -- Larry Speakes explaining why Ronnie didn't know about a recent truck bombing in Beirut. 5 Oct 1984

"There are times when you really need him to do some work, and all he wants to do is tell stories about his movie days." -- Anonymous White House aide. 31 Aug 1980

"He knows less about the budget than any president in my lifetime. He can't even carry on a conversation about the budget. It's an absolute and utter disgrace." -- House Speaker Tip O'Neill after a meeting with Ronnie. 23 Nov 1980

"God, he's a bore. And a bad actor. Besides, he has a low order of intelligence, with a certain cunning. And not animal cunning, Human cunning. Animal cunning is too fine an expression for him. He's inflated, he's egotistical -- he's one of those people who thinks he is right, and he's not right. He's not right about anything." -- Movie director John Huston (to Rolling Stone), after a meeting with Ronnie.

"To think that the guy became President is really kind of funny." -- Viveca Lindfors (to People), talking about Ronnie.

"An amiable dunce." -- Clark Gifford (former Defense Secretary), describing Ronnie at a Georgetown dinner party.

"... that incoherent cretin." -- Andre Faulds (British Labour Party member), discussing Ronnie in Parliament.

"I was sitting there so worried about 'throw weight', and Reagan suddenly asks us if we've seen War Games." -- Anonymous Congressman after a meeting with Ronnie to discuss arms control. 7 June 1983

"He only works three to three and a half hours a day. He doesn't do his homework. He doesn't read his briefing papers. It's sinful that this man is President of the United States." -- Tip O'Neill exasperated after meeting with Ronnie. 31 Oct 1983

"Since when is it considered cruel and unusual punishment to expect the President to learn the facts he needs to govern?" -- Geraldine Ferraro asking an impossible question to answer. 11 Oct 1984

"Mr. Reagan's ignorance about the Soviet Union and his air-headed rhetoric on the issues of foreign policy and arms control have reached the limit of tolerance and have become and embarrassment to the US and a danger to world peace." -- The Chicago Tribune telling the truth in endorsing (!) Ronnie for re-election. 28 Oct 1984

"The task of watering the arid desert between Reagan's ears is a challenging on for his aides." -- Columnist David Broder, stating the obvious.

"What do you do when your President ignores all the palpable, relevant facts and wanders in circles?" -- David Stockman (ex Reagan Cabinet member), explaining what briefings with Ronnie were like. 12 April 1986

"When you meet the President you ask yourself, 'How did it ever occur to anyone that he should be Governor, much less President?' " -- Henry Kissenger expressing his thoughts to a group of scholars at the Library of Congress. 18 April 1986

"His answers to any questions about young men being killed for some vague and perhaps non-existent reason in Central America has been to smile, nod, wave a hand and walk on. And America applauds, thus proving that senility is a communicable disease." -- Columnist Jimmy Breslin explaining Ronnie's ability to "get away with it".

"Stupefyingly incredible." -- British Labour Party member Denis Healy's reaction to Ronnie's "explaining" trading weapons for hostages with Iran. 14 Nov 1986

"If he knew about it, then he has willfully broken the law; if he didn't know about it, then he is failing to do his job. After all, we expect the President to know about the foreign policy activities being run directly out of the White House." -- Sen. John Glenn concisely summarizing Ronnie's complicity in Iran-Contra. 25 Nov 1986

"So shockingly dumb that by his very presence in the office he numbs an entire country." -- Columnist Jimmy Breslin offering an accurate description of Ronnie.

"If we told Reagan to walk outside, turn around three times, pick up an acorn and throw it out into the crowd, we'd be lucky to get a question from him asking, 'Why?' " -- Unnamed White House source on Ronnie's personality.

"Poor dear, there's nothing between his ears." -- British Prime Minister, and fellow reptile, Margaret Thatcher, neatly summing Ronnie up in 7 words. A New York Times article after a Moscow summit (6/2/88)

03/19/04: The Package from America!
HeHeyyyyyyy man ... just got the package... in pristine condition.

You maybe do not realize this,but in Europe (the old world) - or at least in Denmark - theres is something known as "the package from America" ... But after WW2, when a lot of people here had a hard time getting shit together. A lot of them went to the US to try their luck. (one of my dad's childhood friends went to Massachussetts (correct spelling hehe) and became a chief mechanic for The Ford Corp ........

Oh HELL i'm ranting. and the story is not important ... The important thing is: There's still something awesome about recieving a package from the US. Especially when its filled with stickers and old newspapers and stuff. (I also thought it was cool getting a letter from Powell and Peralta ... and the fact that Dogtown Skates bought on of my drawings, while never setting a foot in the US. hehe) Considering that I could have gotten the book in hardback from Amazon for the same price ... I still love the fact that theres actually a HUMAN (Jesse?) who vigoruosly will follow the orders to the door, and give the costumer a very nice experience.... THANK YOU!

And though I'm not a writer, Im still working for (designing) the # ONEnewspaper in denmark ... and my journalist colleagues who heard my outburst of joy - recieving your package .... not the book alone .. THE PACKAGE ... said 'make a story about it' .... soo... (well if I do I'll send you a copy - maybe even translated) : OK im a little drunk --- BUT I'M HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY

Say HELLO to Jello and give him massive hug - 15 years ago i thought it ... and I still think so ...JELLO FOR WORLD PRESIDENT !!!

Over and out

Awestruck yours, Peter :)

03/06/04: Citizen Fish and AT
I received my order. Thanks for trying to trying to contact me about the out of print seven inch; the credit slip is fine. Recently I bought some stuff at a Subhumans show, and the merch guy (I'm pretty sure it was Jasper of Citizen Fish) could've ripped me off when he accidentally misquoted the price without me noticing, but he didn't. It's encouraging that there are still people like y'all who give a shit about their customers, and I'll bet you weren't even forced to attend an idiotic "knock-their-socks-off customer service" seminar!

thanks again, Eric W.

03/03/04: Utah + Jello
I just want to say thanks for the cd's and the great customer service. Jello needs to come back to Utah soon.

thanks again, sean

02/17/04: Hi Ya!
just recieved my lydia lunch book! you peoples rock!! keep up the good workees!

Sincerely, Shannon

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