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12/11/04: Grumpy Elves?
We would like to put a smile on the Grumpy AT Elves faces, by saying a big thank you. We ordered stuff on friday and recieved it Monday in the UK - we were blown away. We have been waiting weeks for stuff from british websites.

Keep up the good work, you are all good punk rockers. Nige + Toni.

12/03/04: Wesley story from mailorder...
"... As a side note Wesley stayed in my apartment a few years back in Huntington, West Virginia. when he was on tour with today is my super spaceout day. He was a great guest and a loveable guy, my roomate was so excited he drank himself silly and passed out before the show only to wake up to Wesley headbutting me in the hallway of our apartment on their way out of town.(Wesley also ate my roomates Combos as he told me the destinations of the trains traveling behind our apartment around 6:00am.)

It was an incredible night I will never forget. Anyway thanks for the email and I am looking forward to my package in the mail.


12/02/04: Aad Bass Customer!
"Just got my cd's and gotta say, you guys are the best...not only three bad ass cd's but all sorts of other free posters and stickers...

rock on !"

12/01/04: Mailorder like a Milkshake!
"hey, my order came today and i just want to say THANKYOU!!!!!! for the free welsey posters. i love them like a milkshake!

thanks again, matt"

11/29/04: Phone companies ROCK!
"Your internet service should be back within an hour"

- Local phone company to us last Wednesday. Our internet access (and our ability to update this site, download new orders, and all the rest) was shut down from Wednesday 11/24 to this afternoon Monday 11/29. That's what we get for using all of this technology stuff, right?

11/28/04: Post the 10 Commandments EVERYWHERE!!!
"I urge you to join with other Americans in expressing a desire that the Ten Commandments can be legally displayed in all public places. It is important that we have a moral basis for our laws. The Ten Commandments are in essence the foundation for our laws. Should the foundation be destroyed, the building will fall.

Please join me in supporting the display of the Ten Commandments in all public places, including schools and courtrooms."

- From a mass e-mail from the American Family Association about pressuring the US Supreme Court to allow the US government to post a list of moral commands from the Old Testament of the Bible in government buildings. Apparently the whole separation of church and state thing is SO 20th Century!

You can reach the American Family Association at:

American Family Association, 107 Parkgate Dr., Tupelo, MS 38801, phone # 662-844-5036

11/15/04: Hassle-Free Day!
i got my package yesterday... made it through customs with no hassles.

thanks again folks... you're the best!

hugsnsmooches, jeff

11/04/04: Dubya and Religion
"No President should impose his religion on our country."

- George W. Bush, 11/4/04

10/29/04: Jumping to Conclusions?
"A political candidate who jumps to conclusions without knowing the facts is not a person you want as your commander in chief."

- George W. Bush, 10/27/04, Lititz, Pennsylvania (Reuters News Service)

10/08/04: For your Driving Pleasure!
The package has arrived and I am ecstatic. Thank you especially for tossing in 'Gross Misconduct' on cassette tape, you have greatly enhanced my driving pleasure.


10/04/04: New Jello Melvins record!
Just wanted to let y'all know that I got my order three days after placing it. Great job!!

p.s. 'Never Breathe What You Can't See' gets my vote for Album of the Year. Jello is clearly better off without Klaus, Ray and Peligro.

10/03/04: Black Kali Buzzkill solves lonliness!
I recently ordered some CDs from you guys - just had to say thanks for the speed. Not only that everything arrived nice 'n' safe. It is much appreciated and now I've got Buzzkill and Black Kali Ma to warm up those long, lonely nights. Hahah.

Yeah! Thanks again, B.

09/23/04: Simple tax truths in business-speak...
"The fact that America's companies were allowed to report less than half of their actual U.S. profits to the I.R.S., while ordinary wage earners have to report every penny of their earnings, has to undermine public respect for the tax system."

- Robert S. McIntyre, lead author of the brand new study, "Corporate Income Taxes in the Bush Years."

(New York Times, "Study Finds Accelerating Drop in Corporate Taxes," Lynnley Browning, New York Times, 9-23-04)

09/14/04: AT rulz GTA forums wrld-wd!
Hi, im very happy wiz the Virus 290 had safely arrived to me the day 9 & there's alot of things that i don't knew; i've lughted alot wiz some of the Jello explains & how he spoken 'bout his teacher, that 1 from Norway. I wear now very proud my dear workin' jacket wiz the BIG bat on the back, the speed of the postal service still have me amazed; i hope to be able of buy more music, maybe clothe & some other things that i find interestin'.

I love some of the details in the record & in the catalog among the stuff that came wiz it. Yar the fuckin' bosses. I try do do as much publy of Alternative Tentacles as i can, from speakin' to the ppl 'bout you, to do it in some computer game forums, do do it in missions in those games.

Many thanx 4 all, u've done me very very happy. God bless u all, let's cu!!.

09/10/04: Are we p.o.'d at terror or the economy?
From The Nation editorial "The GOP Hijacks 9/11" in the 9-20-04 issue:

"As Dale Maharidge reports... after spending more than two years crisscrossing the heartland, ...the 9/11 appeals tap into a growing fury over conditions that seem incapable of being righted but have nothing to do with terrorism. Maharidge writes, 'The 9/11 attacks were not solely the genesis but an amplifier of pre-existing tensions- rooted in the radically transformed American economy, from a manufacturing dynamo to that of millions of jobs of the Wal-Mart variety.'"

Here is Dale Maharidge's full article in The Nation entitled "Rust & Rage in the Heartland."

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