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10/23/08: Watch Iraq war documentary "No End in Sight" for free!

Just passing along the news that the excellent, Oscar-nominated documentary No End in Sight about the war in Iraq is available for free, in its entirety, on Youtube here. (It's a legal copy posted by the filmmakers.) We'll embed it below if you want to check it out without going to another page.

10/22/08: Howard Zinn on Election 08, Foreclosures

Today, the Real News Network posted a video interview with Howard Zinn, in which he talks about voting and foreclosures. We'll embed the video below for you. Enjoy!

10/21/08: Noam Chomsky on Election 08 and Economy

The Real News Network has a two-part video interview with Noam Chomsky on their site. Part 1 is on the election and Part 2 is on the economy. We're embedding the interviews below for your viewing pleasure. (Alternative Tentacles doesn't endorse any candidates officially, so what Chomsky says is his own opinion, not ours.)

Part 1

Part 2

10/17/08: Woven Hand, 16HP, Lilium & more!
Woven Hand, led by Sixteen Horsepower's David Eugene Edwards, is on a rare U.S. TOUR right now!

Plus, mailorder's super-stoked on the return of many Woven Hand titles to our already overstuffed selection of cds, lps, dvds, and shirts from the Sixteen Horsepower/Munly/Slim Cessna's Auto Club/Lilium/Theo Hakola musical millieu!

Woven Hand s/t
Woven Hand Blush Music
Woven Hand Mosaic
Woven Hand Consider The Birds

Lilium Transmission Of All The Good-Byes
Lilium Short Stories

Check out Other CD/Vinyl for more from Woven Hand- as well as non-Alternative Tentacles releases from Munly, 16 Horsepower, & Slim Cessna's Auto Club. There are also rare cds from other offshoots like Theo Hakola!

10/13/08: Mailorder closed today!
It's Columbus Day, also known as Indigenous People's Day! This means that the US Post Office is closed, as is our mailorder & office. Packages will be sent out Tuesday 10/14/08!

10/09/08: Zolar X, Unplugged

Ygarr Ygarrist of Zolar X will be playing some acoustic shows. If you're in the area, drop by to forget about your earth troubles!

Zolar X
10/10/2008 Pig & Whistle Hollywood, CA
10/16/2008 924 Gilman Berkeley, CA
11/13/2008 Knitting Factory Los Angeles, CA

10/06/08: Report Suspicious Activity shows scheduled

We just heard some great news from Vic Bondi and J Robbins of Report Suspicious Activity: RSA will be playing some shows in November! They have confirmed shows in Baltimore and Chicago. They are working on a DC date as well. The Chicago show will be extra special, with Vic and members of Pegboy playing a short set of Articles of Faith songs. Don't forget to check out RSA's new album Destroy All Evidence, and visit the RSA MySpace page for their Palin anthem "Lipstick on a Pig" which is unavailable anywhere else.

Report Suspicious Activity

11/13/2008 Fletcher's Baltimore, MD
701 S. Bond Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21231
11/15/2008 Beat Kitchen Chicago, IL
w/ Pegboy. $12 adv/$15 door. Doors 10pm, 21+. There will be a special set of Articles of Faith songs performed by Vic Bondi and members of Pegboy in addition to sets by the bands.

10/06/08: BloodHag's Stratton hosts game show!
Monday October 6th (tonight!) come on down to the Re-Bar and be part of the live studio audience as Professor Jake Stratton (BloodHag vocalist and announcer for the Rat City Rollergirls and SSP) tries his hand at being a game show host... GRUDGE ROCK: Rock N' Roll Family Feud! Two bands go head-to-head playing the classic game show Family Feud, with the added twist that all the questions are music related! One band will WIN the GRAND PRIZE: ALL THE DOOR MONEY! One band will LOSE and get FABULOUS CONSOLATION PRIZES! Both bands will PLAY LIVE and rock the Re-Bar down to the ground! MONDAY OCT 6th SEASON PREMIERE OF GRUDGE ROCK! ANDROID HERO vs. STEEL TIGERS OF DEATH THE RE-BAR 1411 Howell 21+ $7 9pm door Be a Grudge Rock myspace friend at www. myspace. com/rocknrollfamilyfeud

09/26/08: Punk knows no boundaries...

Don't call him a poseur! This sexy, green mohawk-sporting beast is a Mary River Turtle from Australia, an endangered species. If we didn't already have the AT Bat, we so would declare him the Alternative Tentacles mascot. More photos and an article at the Daily Mail site.

09/25/08: The Bat at Frisco's Expo this Saturday!
Okay, so SATURDAY is the 9th annual EXPO FOR THE ARTS! It's all day 11am-6pm outside at DOLORES PARK in San Francisco.

Our table will be next to 924 Gilman Street's again, so stop on by! We'll have a ton of old & new AT music & spoken word, not to mention some of our ace new dvds. Dolores Park is very close to 16th/Mission BART, so there's easy access from anywhere in the Bay Area.

Expo information here!

09/25/08: Critical Resistance in Oakland this weekend
The anti-prison organizing conference Critical Resistance begins its tenth year this weekend at Laney College. There will be workshops and skill shares and Angela Davis will be speaking.

09/24/08: Postpone the debate! Show this video instead...

Inspired by the McCain/Palin ticket, Report Suspicious Activity wrote "Lipstick on a Pig" and made a video to go with it. This song is so brand new that it isn't available on their latest album Destroy All Evidence (Virus 389). Peep the video below!

Lipstick on a Pig

09/22/08: Not just a yo-yo man...

"It's hard for me to stay silent when I keep hearing peace is only obtainable through war. There's nothing more scary than watching ignorance in action. So I dedicate this Emmy to all the people who feel compelled to speak out and not afraid to speak to power and won't shut up and refuse to be silenced."

--Tommy Smothers' Emmy acceptance speech

09/11/08: Imminent Anti-Bush Merch Market Collapse

This Onion News Network piece seems mighty appropriate for us. But then again, we are still selling "Newt Hates Me" shirts so the anti-Bush/Cheney merch market won't collapse just yet? In any case, we still have our Cheney "Evil Dead" shirts and other Bush apparel like this and this.

Economists Warn Anti-Bush Merchandise Market Close To Collapse

09/09/08: Skinny about Stza & the Donut Social!

The Star Fucking Hipsters have posted the following on the SFH myspace blog:

Sturgeon Arrested for Assault with Deadly Donut !

While many of you may have read about this online already - I'd say that most of you also did not get the full scoop on the importance as to why the protest even happened. Unfortunately, the simple story/headline you might get is that Sturgeon acted like an idiot & got arrested for satirically lobbing donuts in the direction of police officers. Clearly a popular immediate criticism of this action is a sarcastic "Great , that's really productive" or at least something along those lines. And ...that criticism is accurate to that extent when held upon those actions but that's not the whole story. Sturgeon may of had the spotlight on him as he was the entertainment/ 'the clown' - but the issue here is constitutional rights. His role was to draw attention to it. And you're reading this now - so there you go.

This is not simply an issue about an arguably politically juvenile punk band & their lyrics or their sound decibel debate -- this stretches past all that now. While it may not be directly related - it also gets tied up to the ongoing pattern of targeted harassment by members of the NYPD where they have been blatantly targeting Sturgeon and his bands (most recently being Star Fucking Hipsters this past May) where they have actually, on numerous occasions, threatened to close venues permanently if they let his band perform in the following days(as in pre-event). At a club in Greenpont - they promised that if the band was let to perform the next day - that they would find a code violation to shut down the venue. On top of that - during the incident last May - they flat out refused to give their badge numbers & took down the information of every kid that walked up to the venue. No matter what inane ramblings the man says - its punk to challenge authority (at least - the last time I checked) & its now an issue about the violations of free speech. Quoting an officer from the 9th precinct on the behavior of these Brooklyn Cops : " these people are no longer cops, they are criminals."

Now back to the issue as to why the protest ocurred as it did:
On August 2nd & 3rd , the usual group of Lower East Side activists/organizers put on the annual anniversary rally/concert of the neighborhood-defining 1988 Tompkins Square Park Police Riots. This was the first time that the organizers were held to a strictly enforced sound level reading - limiting the concert to 70 DB at 100 ft. The concert the week before had no enforcement, nor the month before, nor the month before that, etc etc etc. During the event, an organizer had to call a well known Civil Rights Attorney to get the show from getting pulled. After the bands were done, the concert promoters were informed to expect a $1,500 summons in the mail for violating the decibel limit.

So maybe this was a coincidence & the rule just happened to start being put into effect during our 20th Anniversary Police Riot Anniversary gig - but since then - there has been zero enforcement on sound levels in the park for other events, including Street Life Ministries Christian Rock Concert, the Charlie Parker Jazz Festival, The Theatre for the New City play along with various other concerts, movies, etc. This pretty much displays a pattern of selective enforcement. By letting you gather, perform or rally - they are letting you keep your right to freedom of speech - but if they dont like what is being said - they can make that speech inaudible....and legally less audible than the traffic passing behind the event. Again, what is more important than a decibel debate for a targeted borderline juvenile punk band like Leftover Crack - this is a standard that can be forced upon ANY group protesting or rallying in the entire city of New York. To further this - they gave the permitted protest a decibel limit for amplified sound capping at 70 db at 50 ft (due to being in a residential zone).

The entire protest concert/ rally was really a big rouse to get the entire debate of sound levels into Federal Court (where the Judge stated that there is a strong merit to further a selective enforcement case). The reason this is all relevant is that there is NO law that restricts decibel limits to political rallies & any precident set would be historically significant. The police cling to article 10-108 , where it basically says they can come up with any number. But without standards & regulations .....there is no way to fairly monitor this as you have to read both ambient sound with the amplified sound. The crowd size, passing traffic, a plane flying overhead - these are all factors to take in.

The closest thing the NYPD 's legal team had to argue in court was a 45 db restriction of commercial music in bars from 15 ft outside the door or to street performers in time square. The threat of arguing to challenge the arbitrary numbers that they gave us was made more of a big deal with the promise of punk bands playing in residential streets instead of just the usual gang of local activists yelling at the wall. Instead of yelling at the wall, lets move the party, make our point and play some loud punk music to that wall. It's not going to fall but we do what we do to watch our watchmen and to keep them in place. In a neighborhood where 'punk' as a culture has been pushed out due to gentrification and rising rents (see: CBGB) - we need these places to to unify and for that culture to continue to thrive.

If they hold us strictly to these sound levels - they have to hold everyone accountable & piss everyone off - city wide. We ABSOLUTELY DO NOT WANT anyone else's party to get turned down but need to point out this incident to show that we cannot be pushed around. Just because we publicly called them out - they challenged the HOWL festival the very next day (where Star Fucking Hipsters were also scheduled to play) . This is surprising because not everyone is as easy to push around as the squatter/hippies/inane ramblers...other events, like these, have large corporate sponsorship back them. As there is no precise law, rule, or even a way to accurately measure outside political rallies, concerts, protests, or neighborhood block parties ESPECIALLY ones against the misuse of should be brought up that as a biased party, the NYPD had to sign off on these sound permits, creating this arbitrary number with other officials. If threatening to bring the party & the political debate - along with the promise of punk music - isn't seen as challenging a 'sloppy law' then i dont know what to say. The donut flinging - i can't back - and neither can Sturgeon really , but there is an issue of greater importance. No matter how dumb that particular part of it may of been - the issue is free speech and the power for the authorities to selectively quiet any rally or protest they want and still let other corporate-backed events or block parties get away with significantly louder sound.

The HOWL Fest was able to get by at 75 dB at 150 feet, which is where ours was let to go. Their crowd at the mainstage was almost as big as the Leftover Crack crowd. Even though they let both of these events slide at this reading - they said they will continue to legally give events 70db at 100. These numbers are total bullshit & whats more important is that these levels are what they can now assign ANY protest, which is even more bullshit.

Decent coverage of this (why would you want to read any more at this point??) can be found at

that's it.

p.s. -

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