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07/13/05: Free Truth Police-style!
"When truth is no longer free, freedom is no longer real: the truths of the police are the truths of today."

Jacques Prevert

07/11/05: Bloody Good Down Under!
"Thanks ! received the items today which is a bloody good turnaround time to Australia !

Say hi to Jello for me even though I was born in 1979 I still love the DK's and anything jello... :)
Thanks again, J."

07/09/05: Butthole Surfers Words of Wisdom 4
Are you ready to Rock?
Well rock on!
Pardon me, I'm only bleeding but you cut me to the bone my imperfections have reduced you to a lowly animal
A part of me was introduced to you then it walked right out the door And tonight you're probably feeling like a human cannonball
It used to be that loving you was easy, unrestrained and now I'm only bleeding forgone loving, only pain
Pardon me, I'm only bleeding but you cut me to the bone and tonight you're probably feeling like a human cannonball

07/06/05: Butthole Surfers Words of Wisdom 3
Don't look back at me
I see you trembling
You look like shit
I am the ultimate God!
God is second to me!
I am number one motherfucker!
Don't even look back
Don't even look upon me
with your naked eyes
Shut up!
Shut up!
Shut up!

07/04/05: Butthole Surfers Words of Wisdom 2
There's a time to live and a time to die,
I smoke Elvis Presley's toenails when I wanna get high!
There's a time to fuck and a time to crave,
But the Shah sleeps in Lee Harvey's Grave!

07/01/05: Butthole Surfers Words of Wisdom 1
But the Shah sleeps in Lee Harvey's Grave!
There's a time to shit and a time for God,
The last shit that I took was pretty fuckin' odd!
There's a time for drugs and a time to be sane,
Jimi Hendrix makes love to Marilyn's remains!

06/30/05: Repo Man 3
Debbi: Duke, let's go do some crimes.
Duke: Yeah. Let's go get sushi and not pay.

06/29/05: Chomsky is Evergreen!
The package arrived today; thanks for the quick service. As to your note: not just long trips but short ones as well! I never get tired of Chomsky.


06/28/05: Repo Man 2
Duke: The lights are growing dim Otto. I know a life of crime has led me to this sorry fate, and yet, I blame society. Society made me what I am.
Otto: That's bullshit. You're a white suburban punk just like me.
Duke: Yeah, but it still hurts.

06/27/05: Rave review of Jello/Melvins in Germany!
"Hey Jesse !

we did it and we are so glad we pulled it through to get all the way up to Berlin ! materialisticly it was worth every EURO we've spent. mentally this experience is invaluable. it was such an incredible show and tons a fun to see Jello in such a great way.

perfect voice, couldn't had been any better, perfect instruments and sound, perfect performance !

! goose-skin-approval !

I liked alot when he threatened "Schwarzenegger" to become the next evil dictator and followed up with "California über alles" ! so great so incredible I am still psyched, totally! man I am so happy this has come true!

I now leave you with the very best wishes, take care. "

06/26/05: Repo Man 1
"Put your seatbelt on, boy. I don't ride with anybody 'less they wear their seatbelt. It's one of my rules."

06/24/05: It's Here!

23rd June and I have the package. As I thought the hold ups were at my end (The postal service in the UK is f***ing atrocious!!). I knew it would get here and thank you for the free posters and the credit note.

Anyway Rock on Have fun Fuck Censorship, Peace
Richard (AT fan since 1991, and still loving your work)

06/02/05: Flap Flap That's Yer Lot!
"Hi guys, a quick note to accompany my latest order.

Cheers for the swift dispatch of the last bundle of goodies. The green AT hoodie is well cool and the workshirt is better than I expected. Cheers!

Also, impressed to see that The Bat has put out some stuff by that christian band. Ok so I'm not into their beliefs, I'm a Quaker as it happens, but I applaud AT's open minded attitude. Now that is alternative!!

Keep flappin' those wings Bat Buddies, Rousie"

05/31/05: Ex-Kennedys blast from the past!
"I paid the $20.00 to see the DK cover band in Phoenix in Nov 02. The lure of seeing the DK's before I kicked the bucket was too strong (I recently moved to the US from Australia). Now I think it's the last thing I should have done. It left a very sour taste in my mouth.

Cheers! Anthony"

05/30/05: David Cross skewers Pitchfork 2
David Cross skewering Pitchfork on... uh... Pitchfork. Ack, the irony is thick enough to choke on!

"... Then don't listen to Thar She Blows, the terrible new cd by The Original Apple Dumpling Gang. If you like shitty, regurgitated slop as evinced by the overlauded production team of Dr. Snagglepuss and Oppressor, then you're gonna love this. Daring to delve into his worn out bag of used tricks, Dr. Snagglepuss turns to his old SugarSnaps partner, TreacherousFace ZombieHead, and spits out beats that sound like two dying frogs farting in your face. If that's your idea of an aural good time then you're probably the kind of person that likes early Faust meets pre-post-op Neutron Bitch also meets Blunder (with a nod to Iceland's Achilles Healed) but then a fight breaks out and DNA Groove comes over and separates everybody and quickly escorts Neutron Bitch out through the service entrance where they make love on a pile of day old lettuce (like in the movies). Either way, T.A.D.G. do themselves a disservice by trying to milk some more milk from an aids infested cow called "their old music". All in all it's a big disappointment, but then again if you like aids milk then I guess this is for you. RATING: 2.shit"

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