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02/18/09: Crucial Crust & Glorious Grind Sale!
CRUCIAL CRUST SALE! (as well as grind, punk, and other genres). We realized what gems are buried deep in our website, so as an enticement for you thrifty punx, we put together this special 3-label sale- all full lengths are $5 and all 7-inches are $2.

All CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY, PROFANE EXISTENCE & SIX WEEKS music is ON SALE until 3/31/09! Go to these links for Crimes Against Humanity, Profane Existence and Six Weeks!

02/16/09: AT closed for Profane Existence Day!
... Er, Presidents Day, sorry. Post office closed, and so are we. Orders & such will be dealt with tomorrow, Tuesday 2/17.

But before traipsing off into the internet wilds, check out some of the new & classic radical punk & crust from our friends at Profane Existence! It's all on sale until March 1st! We're adding more throughout the day, so keep checking back!

02/14/09: Happy Birthday, Blowfly!

February 14 is Blowfly's birthday. He turns 70 years old this year, but he still criss-crosses the world performing his awesome, filthy parodies. We wish him all the best, and we hope that you'll hop on over to Blowfly's MySpace page and leave him a birthday greeting comment. If you live in Miami, you can attend Blowfly's 70th Birthday show at PS14 on March 6.

Here's a segment on Blowfly that aired recently on the French TV show Tracks.

Blowfly Tracks Uploaded by cpolacid

02/06/09: FUCKED UP added to Police Killing benefit Sunday!
This Sunday at 924 Gilman in Berkeley, CA is a super-special show. It's a benefit for the family of Oscar Grant, who was shot dead by a transit police officer early on 1/1/09 in front of hundreds of other passengers. Here is video & information from the Huffington Post on the incident.

Just added to the bill is Canadian punk/prog/??? band FUCKED UP, along with TWO GALLANTS & TRASH TALK!

Amebix in S.F.

01/30/09: Amebix rampages through the U.S.!
Amebix wraps up their very first U.S. tour EVER with shows tonight in Providence & tomorrow afternoon in Philly- if you're anywhere nearby- you cannot miss this!

They completely destroyed San Francisco's Great American Music Hall, and were joined by Jello Biafra on "Largactyl"- REEEEELAX! REEEEELAX!

Amebix in S.F.

We were able to corral the band before last Sunday's San Francisco show for an interview for the AT Batcast, as well as one for local college station KALX- the Batcast will be up very soon!

Here's a decent sounding youtube video of "Winter" from their Canoga Park show, & one of "Winter" from the Echoplex a day or 2 later.

Tour info for Amebix & all AT bands here!

01/21/09: Happy Bloguration Day!

America inaugurated a new President yesterday, but today we inaugurate the Alternative Tentacles Blog. Our current website lacks the bells and whistles that people have come to expect from sites like RSSable news, comments, etc. While we get our shit together for a new website, we decided to start a blog to have a place where we can post about happenings, highlights from our mailorder, and whatever else we feel like. Everyone on staff at Alternative Tentacles will be posting, and we hope to have guest posts from AT band members too!

We already have a few posts up on the blog so please take a look and what you think!

And it gives us great pleasure to say: Please go to and RSS the fuck out of it.

We will continue to post news here on, as well as on our Facebook and MySpace pages, but the blog will have more non-newsy posts. Just sayin'.

01/16/09: Send a note to George W. Bush

It has come to our attention that Karl Rove is collecting farewell notes to George W. Bush via e-mail, meaning Rove's lackey will screen and print out the e-mails and they will be handed to G. W. Bush who may or may not read them. (He may read your note if it has something to do with pet goats...)

We thought we'd pass on the e-mail address in case you want to send something in:

They are accepting e-mails until January 19, 6pm East Coast time.

Just make sure you keep it civil and respectful so you don't get a visit from the Secret Service.


01/14/09: Doc Corbin Dart feature in Vice Magazine

There is a feature on Doc Corbin Dart (of the Crucifucks) in Vice magazine. The entire article is posted online. It is a great read and we highly recommend you check it out--especially if you are new to the bizarre, fantastic world of Doc Dart, now known simply as 26.

01/12/09: Get your AMEBIX tickets now!!

The Amebix US tour is coming up shortly, and we'd like to remind you all to get your tickets in advance. Like now. Because the shows will sell out, some even before the day of the show. We don't want you to be left out in the cold.


01/22/2009 Safari Sam's Los Angeles, CA
w/ Book of Black Earth, Doomsday Hour. $15
01/23/2009 Safari Sam's Los Angeles, CA
w/ Annihilation Time, Mala Sangre. $15
01/24/2009 Emo's Austin, TX
w/ Severed Head of State, Sub Oslo, Deskonocidos
01/25/2009 Great American Music Hall San Francisco, CA
w/ Annihilation Time, Hellshock
01/27/2009 Neumo's Seattle, WA
w/ Tragedy, Mass Grave, Meisce
01/29/2009 Bowery Ballroom New York, NY
w/ Kylesa, Thought Crime, Attake
01/30/2009 AS220 Providence, RI
w/ Kylesa, Morne
01/31/2009 Starlite Ballroom Philadelphia, PA
w/ Kylesa, Mischief Brew, Behind Enemy Lines, Parasytic, Lost Cause

12/27/08: AT open sporadically until January 5, 2009
Hey all- We'll be open only a couple of days a week until the new year kicks off it's 1st full week Monday January 5, 2009. Until then, e-mails, phone calls, & mail orders will be handled sporadically. Rock on!

12/21/08: Alternative Tentacles iTunes sale begins at midnight 12/22!

The following titles will be on sale at the iTunes store starting midnight on 12/22 (Sunday night/Monday morn). The band name and album title links will take you to the respective pages on the Alternative Tentacles site. Clicking on the iTunes link will open the iTunes application (if you have it installed) and will take you to the album page at the iTunes store.

Arise Plus Two
From our "re-issue of necessity" series. Early 80's U.K. krust-kings who broke the border between punk & metal. Arise! + 2 contains the original 9 songs plus 2 songs that were previously never released on vinyl- now back in print on vinyl as a 12" & a 7"!. Incredible, crucial, and classic!

No Sanctuary: The Spiderleg Recordings
Prior to Arise, Amebix released their early material on Flux Of Pink Indians' Spiderleg imprint. No Sanctuary: The Spiderleg Recordings gathers the sought-after cult releases No Sanctuary, Who's The Enemy, and Winter.

In The Grip Of Official Treason
With Iraq gone to hell in a handbasket, Rome falling at home, and the so-called opposition party searching for a spine, it's high time for Jello Biafra and his merry mouth to tip the cow and set the barn on fire. As always, Jello whacks the moles wherever he finds them in spoken word extravaganza #8.

Machine Gun In Clown's Head
At last the full, no holds barred, album on how the war on terrorism went terribly wrong and what we can do about it. Expands on The Big Ka-Boom, Part Onewith more in-depth details, plus a eye-brow raising recap of the Florida election Fraud Follies - complete with a trademark searing reply to anyone who still thinks Ralph Nader cost Al Gore the election in 2000.

Sieg Howdy!
The second sonic sledgehammer from the tag team of the new millenium, Jello Biafra and The Melvins! This time there's some new songs, some covers (Alice Cooper's "Halo Of Flies" and an updated DKs "California Uber Alles"!), and some favorites from the first Jelvins album re-mixed by Al Jourgensen (Ministry, Lard), Dalek, and the Deaf Nephews!

Slim, Munly, and the boys present traditional American music like country & western and gospel straight up, without contorting it to suit cow punk or alterna/indie country sensibilities. With their earnest approach and raucous live shows that feel more like religious revivals of a bygone era, Slim Cessna's Auto Club continues to astound on this, their 4th A.T. record.

Fuck World Trade
All the way from the back of the food stamp line... the good the bad and the Leftover Crack are back! Ska-punk collides head on with hoarse vocals and political hardcore as NYC squatters Leftover Crack join the Alternative Tentacles family.

Death Was Too Kind
Canada's original punks shine on this collection of 1979-1981 tunes, lovingly remastered from the super-rare original vinyl & reel-to-reels! Includes their 1st 7" "Death to the Sickoids"; the "Firing Squad" 7"; & the s/t 12"; & 2 lost songs, especially remastered for this reissue from the original tapes. Another classic added to our Re-issues of Necessity series!

Out of Africa
Triclops! assaults the public with the best acid punk around today. Don't let their pedigree fool you: Triclops! turns the dial down on the bellicose punk/hardcore you might expect, instead opting for meandering yet tension-filled psychedelic epics. Featuring AT veterans Larry Boothroyd of Victims Family on bass and John Geek of Fleshies on vocals; other members were in Bottles and Skulls and Lower Forty Eight.

12/20/08: In which we reveal our 2008 year-end lists...

We asked our bands, friends, and staff for their 2008 year-end/top 10 lists. The year's not over yet, so we'll add to the page as more roll in. You can see everyone's lists here.

12/18/08: Pssst...Alternative Tentacle iTunes sale starts midnight Monday 12/22

A few Alternative Tentacles titles--some new releases and some best sellers--will be on mega-discount at the iTunes store starting midnight on Monday 12/22. (That's late Sunday night, technically.) Full albums will be priced as low as $5.99! The sale pricing will be in effect between 12/22 through 1/12/2009, so you have plenty of time to take advantage. We hope you'll explore some bands and records you've been meaning to check out during the sale.

On Sunday, we will post the list of records on sale. For now, we'll tease you by telling you it will include Jello's spoken word, Amebix, Subhumans, Slim Cessna's Auto Club, etc.

Of course, all of our releases in print are always available the old fashioned way on CD and LP. Just sayin'.

12/16/08: Viva Vancouver!

There's been a flurry of activity in Vancouver, BC lately that we'd like to share with you. (We notice these things because we're not aholes who like to chant "USA!" and act like America is the only country that matters...)

First, for British Columbia's 150th anniversary, the Vancouver Sun is taking votes for BC's most influential citizens. DOA's Joey "Shithead" Keithley is on the ballot and you should vote for him! Unfortunately, there are no write-in blanks for our other BC friends. Boo.

However, that doesn't mean we're not gonna talk about them. Nardwuar the Human Serviette sent us some videos taken at the Mint Records holiday show. First is the Evaporators featuring special guest Andrew W.K. The second video is the Evaporators, Andrew W.K., Jon Card and Randy Rampage of DOA, and Wimpy Roy of the Subhumans doing "Oh, Canaduh" and "Fuck You" by the Subhumans.

Evaporators vs. Andrew W.K.

Evaporators vs. Andrew W.K. vs. Subhumans

12/08/08: Blowfly on DAG's Chocolate News

The Original Dirty Rapper Blowfly will grace the small screen as a guest on David Alan Grier's Chocolate News on Comedy Central. We had hoped Blowfly would be the first African-American president, after his campaign which is chronicled on Fahrenheit 69 (Virus 331), but maybe he will get a cabinet appointment in the Obama administration? We can only hope...

Who: Blowfly
What: Guest appearance on the Chocolate News
When: Wednesday, December 10 at 10:30pm
Where: Comedy Central

Please check your local TV listings for the channel and airtime in your area.

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