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12/14/17: WHY NO NEW NEWS?
Greeting fellow tentacles,

Just a quick message to let you know, that as you read this, the staff of AT is hard at work on a brand new website that will be replacing this one soon. We know change is hard, but we are fairly confident that you are going to be thrilled with this new website and all it's features and we are really excited about it.

In the meantime, we won't be updating here as much beyond keeping the tour dates and the store active and working. For any news items related to Alternative Tentacles and our artists, we recommend checking out our facebook:

We will keep that page up to date with all the latest details. If you haven't, please join up on our mailing list as well. There is where everything generally hits first like the latest news, releases, videos, and sales.


...and get ready because 2018 is going to be a big year for AT. We can't wait to show you.

More soon...

08/18/17: NEW: ArnoCorps & Itchy-O
In stores August 25th: ArnoCorps return with THE UNBELIEVABLE EP

FINALLY! The truth behind comedic Austroploitation EXPOSED! ArnoCorps deliver brand new anthems including "Twins", "Junior", "Kindergarten Cop", "Jingle All The Way", & more!

Pre-order your copy NOW (What are you waiting for?! GO! GET TO THE WEBSITE!!) CLICK HERE FOR MORE

Not enough for you? Well COME ON!!! Did you know Alternative Tentacles has reissued the two classic ArnoCorps titles: THE BALLSY EP and THE FANTASTIC EP! Both Available NOW!

To celebrate all of this awesome we have The Unbelievably Fantastic Ballsy 3 Pack of Pump bundle deal! Get all three EPs for $30! That's 21 tracks of EPIC tales of heroism! Pre-orders now shipping ahead of release on Aug. 25 ONLY on the A.T. store!

Meanwhile from the depths of Midwest America, Itchy-O has returned! If you've never experienced the disorienting power of this throbbing 50-piece troupe of masked chaos, you're about to get another chance to join the apocalyptic party that is itchy-O. Infamous from Colorado to Tasmania for astounding unsuspecting audiences with their aural and visual insanity, itchy-O returns to unleash a fresh new album to add to their legendary live spectacle. They are the most unique band Jello Biafra has signed to Alternative Tentacles in many years!

"From the Overflowing" is the follow-up album to their full-length debut "Burn The Navigator" which was released by Alternative Tentacles in 2014. This new release is charged with the same sonic fury of their live shows delivered by a driving drum corps battery and taiko drummers along side Spaghetti Western guitar licks, snake-charming bass lines, and a rich arsenal of dark electronics including synthesizers, theremin, and vocoders. Itchy-O completely engulfs and immerses its audience from every angle in a pounding electric bog of music and ephemera. While these itchy-O events are legendary this well-produced record stands on its own and is sure to be a mind-bending auditory voyage of experimental splendor.
Pre-order NOW! Releases Sept. 8, 2017!

07/15/16: The Passing of Erik Petersen
We're heartbroken about Erik Petersen's death earlier this week. After knowing him & Denise for years, I was super proud that we added Mischief Brew to our roster 2 years ago (following fellow Philly punx Witch Hunt). My deepest condolences and love and support go out to my fellow Philadelphians and friends elsewhere who are grappling with this truly awful news. I wish I was out there with you to grieve. Let's celebrate his life and art and dance on the ruins! -Jesse Luscious, AT GM

12/01/15: bATcast #125: THE BANDS OF KRAMPUS NIGHT!

bATcast #125 is up! Kevin None previews the bands performing at KRAMPUS NIGHT, the Alternative Tentacles showcase featuring Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of Medicine, ArnoCorps, Fleshies, and Death Hymn Number 9 at Slim's in San Francisco on Saturday, December 5th! Find us on iTunes or listen HERE


Win two tickets to KRAMPUS NIGHT with Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of Medicine, ArnoCorps, Fleshies, and Death Hymn Number 9 at Slim's in San Francisco, CA on Saturday, December 5th or a KRAMPUS BUNDLE: 4 of the latest LP's from each band "White People And The Damage Done", "The Greatest Band Of All Time", "Scrape The Walls", and "3rd Degree Moon Burns"!

All you have to do is take a picture of yourself with your favorite Alternative Tentacles release and tell us a story about it. ANYTHING! How you found it, why is it your favorite, how you met the band, something that happened at a show, that's it! Tag us and let us know if you want tickets or the bundle and we'll pick TWO STORIES as the winners and announce them November 30th!

Let's hear your best tales of high adventure! Go!

11/16/15: bATcast #124: Part 2 with Dick Lucas of Culture Shock/Citizen Fish/Subhumans UK!

bATcast #124 is up! The second half of the amazing inteview with Dick Lucas of Subhumans UK, Citizen Fish, and Culture Shock! Don't miss it. Find us on iTunes or listen here on our BATCAST PAGE

11/09/15: bATcast #123: Dick Lucas of Culture Shock/Citizen Fish/Subhumans UK!

bATcast #123 is up! We sit down with Dick Lucas in the first of a two part interview! Take a listen: or find us on iTunes!


December 5th is Krampusnacht, the night when the holiday demon terrorizes the streets of alpine villiages! Celebrate with Alternative Tentacles Records' showcase of their most bad ass bands!

Featuring Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of Medicine, ArnoCorps, Fleshies and Death Hymn Number 9! Wear your most heroic alpine attire! ONE NIGHT ONLY!



10/20/15: bATcast #122: Bob Suren, author of "Crate Digger: An Obsession With Punk Records"

In our latest podcast AT sits down with longtime label friend Bob Suren, who talks about his new book "Crate Digger: An Obsession With Punk Records". He shares stories from the book, what records from Alternative Tentacles that influenced him, what is was like to get it published, and being on his book tour. A great podcast for aspiring authors!

Be sure to check out all of our podcasts on iTunes or at our website:

10/20/15: ARNOCORPS to play Gilman St. in Berkeley, CA!

ARNOCORPS wants you to solve the riddle of STEEL at 924 Gilman in Berkeley, CA!!!! Assemble your rescue teams and RSVP here:

09/24/15: bATcast #121: AT Intern Fred's picks!

Dominic Davi and AT Intern Fred Hausman III listen to Fred's pick of tracks from some of the recent AT releases, with tracks from Legendary Shack Shakers, Mischief Brew, Dash Rip Rock, and more!

Be sure to check out all of our podcasts on iTunes or at our BATCAST PAGE


J.D. Wilkes and the Legendary Shack Shakers released the new album 'The Southern Surreal,' a concept record that features Jesus Lizard guitarist Duane Denison and Billy Bob Thornton on Alternative Tentacles Records. Jay West/WireImage

Rolling Stone Country on Legendary Shack Shakers brand new album, "The Southern Surreal" OUT NOW on Alternative Tentacles Records!


09/08/15: Nerdist streams Billy Bob Thornton Narrated Poem for Legendary Shack Shakers' 'The Dog Was Dead'

The has posted an exclusive stream of the Legendary Shack Shakers track "The Dog Was Dead" that features spoken word by Billy Bob Thornton!

Legendary Shack Shakers brand new album "The Southern Surreal" is out September 11, 2015 on Alternative Tentacles Records!

09/03/15: ALLMUSIC premieres a brand new song from LEGENDARY SHACK SHAKERS

AllMusic​ has posted a brand new song "Down To The Bone" by Legendary Shack Shakers off of their new album, The Southern Surreal due out on September 11, 2015 on Alternative Tentacles​! Check it out below!


On September 25th at the SF Eagle come see DJ Jello Biafra square off with DJ Al Jourgensen! It will be the BEERS, STEERS, & QUEERS DANCE PARTY!!! Let's just all admit this is going to be pretty incredible....and leave it at that.

For more details check here:

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