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07/15/16: The Passing of Erik Petersen
We're heartbroken about Erik Petersen's death earlier this week. After knowing him & Denise for years, I was super proud that we added Mischief Brew to our roster 2 years ago (following fellow Philly punx Witch Hunt). My deepest condolences and love and support go out to my fellow Philadelphians and friends elsewhere who are grappling with this truly awful news. I wish I was out there with you to grieve. Let's celebrate his life and art and dance on the ruins! -Jesse Luscious, AT GM

Jello News --see more!
01/20/16: Limited Edition Jello Biafra & Winston Smith Woodprints Available For A Short Time!

Something very cool has shown up for a VERY limited time, Prints on Wood are offering a limited edition signed and numbered photo of Jello Biafra by Edward Colver printed on wood available with or without frame.

This is the fifth release with Edward Colver of his iconic photos during the most memorable time of Punk Rock. Printed on sustainable Birch wood with archival UV protected ink. The timed release will end on February 3rd at 11:59 pm so don't wait too long!

Find them here:…/ed…/edward-colver-jello-biafra

So not only can you get a limited edition Print On Wood print of Jello Biafra by Edward Colver, but you can also get this amazing Mona Mohawk piece by Winston Smith here:

Don't wait long! These things are going to go fast!

Quote of the Day --see more!
05/18/11: Newt's Greatest Hits #4
"The secular socialist machine represents as great a threat to America as Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union once did."

[In his book To Save America: Stopping Obama's Secular-Socialist Machine, May 2010.]

AT Legal Defense Fund --see more!
09/04/07: AT Legal Defense Fund closes
The Alternative Tentacles Legal Defense Fund has been closed. It was begun in the mid-1980s to help defend The Dead Kennedys and Alternative Tentacles from out-of-control censorious authorities who objected to the H.R. Giger poster included with the final Dead Kennedys studio album, Frankenchrist. You can hear Jello's take on that infamous trial on his 2nd spoken word release High Priest Of Harmful Matter. Funds later supported Jello Biafra and Alternative Tentacles against the Faux Kennedys in 2000-2004.

The cool cats over at Truth On Tees produced the rockin' Bush America as a fundraiser for both the ATLDF and Greg Palast Investigative Fund.

Thank you to everyone who has supported the Fund over the years!

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