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Disclaimer: The sites linked from this page may not necessarilly reflect the collective opinions, tastes, feelings, sentiments of the Alternative Tentacles staff or Jello Biafra. 'Nuff said.

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Alexander Cockburn
Ani Kyd
Dash Rip Rock
Drunk Injuns
The Evaporators
Flaming Stars Unofficial Site
The Freak Accident
Free Beer
Greg Palast
Jim Hightower
I Object
Leftover Crack MySpace
Michael Parenti
Mumia Abu-Jamal Activist Site
Nardwuar the Human Serviette
Nomeansno Unofficial Site
The Phantom Limbs
Pilot Scott Tracy
Ratos de Porao MySpace in Portuguese
Report Suspicious Activity MySpace
Skarp MySpace
Slim Cessna's Auto Club
Turn Me On Dead Man
Victims Family
Yuppie Pricks
Zolar X


Revolver USA/Midheaven Mailorder Revolver USA is our exclusive distributor for retailers, distros, and onestops.
Winston Smith Official site of collage artist extraordinaire who designed the AT logo and many album covers
RE/Search Publisher of fine books on subversive topics such as paganism, pranks, etc
G7 Welcoming Committee Records Canadian label of Subhumans, Noam Chomsky, and more
Sudden Death Records Canadian home of Joey "Shithead" Keithley and DOA.
AK Press Purveyors of radical political thought worldwide
John Yates and Stealworks Official site of AT's longtime co-conspirator and graphic designer Mobilizing the punks because the revolution won't be televised
Wendy-O Matik A writer, poet, and performance artist based in the Bay Area. Check out her book, available from AT Mailorder!
Hip Hop Slam Billy Jam's hip hop label. Home to some of the best DJs (a.k.a. turntablists) in the world!
Nardwuar the Human Serviette Probing interviews with myriad personalities, by Nardwuar of the Evaporators!
Layman Books Charles Romalotti, author of "Salad Days" and "Pariah", among others!
Reversible Eye A Chicago art gallery run by Loto Ball, formerly of the Phantom Limbs.
The Vera Project A mostly volunteer-run program in Seattle. It's an all-ages venue as well as a resource for young people to acquire skills such as silkscreening, sound engineering, etc.


Citizen Soldier News and views straight from military members and friends.
Iraq Veterans Against the War Veterans and those currently serving in the military who are against the war in Iraq, and advocates for the rights of military personnel.
Peace Protest Net A portal for pro-peace movements from around the world.
Peace Action An organization advocating peace for over 40 years.
Voices in the Wilderness Advocates to end the occupation in Iraq.
Central Committee for Conscientious ObjectorsEducates the public about military recruitment and helps the enlisted who want out for conscientious reasons.
Veterans for Peace Those who fought in wars who now work toward peace.
Women in Black 2001 Nobel Peace Prize nominated peace group.
Electronic Iraq Blogs from humanitarian workers in Iraq provide a more personal account of the war from the besieged's point of view.
Peace Not War The people who brought you the anti-war benefit comp Peace Not War, featuring Chumbawamba, Crass, Public Enemy, etc.
Iraq Journal Independent journalists and photographers report on their day-to-day experience in Iraq.
Iraq Body Count Tallies the civilian casualties in Iraq for Operation Iraqi Freedom.
Iraq Slogger Iraq news, including breaking news sourced directly from the streets.


Subterranean Records Label, distro, and mailorder source for music from the wrong side of the tracks.
Busy Beaver Buttons The Button Gal!
Adeline Records East Bay label featuring some obscure band named Green Day
Jagjaguwar Records Another home for Jad Fair's recordings.
Kool Arrow Home of Brujeria and other brutal recordings.
G.C. Records Home of the Fleshies picture 7" with Toys That Kill and SO much more.
Lookout! Records Some former Lookout! employees are now proud AT staffers.
Interpunk Your one-stop punk shopping site.
Insound A more indie rock oriented music and zine store.
Left Off the Dial Cool, new label based in Oakland, CA. East Bay represent!
Shit Sandwich Records Chicago-based label specializing in punk and garage. Mmm, shit sandwich!
Consortium Booksellers can buy most of our spoken word CDs from this distro.
Pomona Books and Music Books, Music, and Public Relations from the UK, including Crass-related words and songs.


Lollipop Magazine Great long-running music magazine.
Pitchfork Media Snarky reviews and news items updated daily. Breaking news items and active message board for the punk community at large.
World Wide Punks A complete DIY resource site including web hosting!
The List Homepage for the Bay Area's best show/events calendar. (Here is a version of the list sorted by Band, Venue, and Date.)
MaximumRocknRoll Over two decades and still ticking...
Punk Planet The print magazine ended its run, but the site lives on.
924 Gilman East Bay's legendary all volunteer-run club!
Boycott RIAA is a good resource for copyright/fair use information
RIAA members direct from the Recording Industry Association of America website.
Better Than the Van connects touring bands with someone offering a place to crash for the night.


Z Magazine Articles by and biographical information of noted activists and scholars.
Guardian Unlimited Online version of U.K.'s respected newspaper. ( Also peep their news blog.)
Adbusters Artists, writers, and activists turning the concept of a glossy magazine upside-down.
Progressive Magazine Advocating peace and social justice since 1909!
Disinformation Conspiracies, philosophy, activism, sex, aliens, .... Is there a subject not explored here?
Guerrilla News Network News videos with slick production and heavy-hitting information to match. Turn off the TV and check it out!
Counterpunch A bi-weekly newsletter published by Alexander Cockburn and friends.
Common Dreams A progressive-minded news portal.
Cursor Scours the media for headline and reads between the lines.
Memory Hole Conveniently forgotten and unprinted news stories see the light of day.
Google News Search A lightning fast search of news stories from various sources, all over the world.
AlterNet Independent Media Institute's news site.
Crooks and Liars Name says it all, no? Lots of video captures from news shows, especially of politicos making usual asses of themselves.
The Lede and Freakonomics on NY Times The unexpected side-effects of news events blogged here.
Danger Room Wired's national security blog.
Threat Level Wired's homeland security blog.
NewsVine The most active news stories, as voted by the public.
Feministing Media and culture from a woman's POV.
Consumerist News and tips for those of us subjected to capitalism.
Murketing A slanted take on advertising and marketing. Scotus Blog Blogging about the Supreme Court.


Independent Media Center Volunteer-run international network of "people's newsrooms" on 4 continents report events as they happen, uncensored by the corporate media.
Global Exchange Research, education, and action center dedicated to promoting "people to people" ties globally.
Video Activism Network What Jello refers to as "Camcorder Truth Jihad"...
Electronic Frontier Foundation Advocates for privacy and free speech on the Internet.
Project Censored Un- and under-reported news see the light of day.
The Green Party Site for Green Parties worldwide.
Responsible Shopper Before you spend your hard-earned cash, look here to see who deserves it.
Spitfire Tour A spoken word tour sometimes featuring Jello.
Prison Radio The people who help us bring you the Mumia Abu Jamal spoken word releases.
Noam Chomsky Archive A comprehensive archive of articles written by Chomsky hosted by Z Magazine.
Monkey Fist Chomsky Archive Another depository of Chomsky's lectures and writings, as well as articles on Chomsky by other writers.
Darryl Cherney's (Earth First!) Headwaters defense informational site. An online resource for the study and practical application of Anarchism. Yet another well-organized and thorough resource for Anarchists!
Billboard Liberation Front Becoming the Media, one billboard at a time...
Human Rights Watch Focuses on human rights issues from around the world.
The Detroit Project Ariana Huffington's campaign to raise awareness about SUVs and US dependence on foreign oil.
Union of Concerned Scientists Name says it all--scientists speak out on weapons, franken foods, global warming, etc.
Free the West Menphis 3 A site with extensive case history and court documents for the West Memphis 3. A grassroots group encouraging everyone to take up online activism.
9/11 Citizens Watch A citizen group advocating an independent investigation into 9/11 to uncover the real story.
Vote to Impeach If you didn't vote for Bush in the first place, you can sign a petition to call for an impeachment.
Ruckus Society Since 1995, Ruckus Society has helped train activists to organize and strategize effectively. They also make the War Profiteer Cards.
Unsecure Flight Instructions on how to request your Department of Homeland Security travel dossier. Created in accordance with ederal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act of 2006, this is where you can look up where government contracting dollars get spent.


Soft Skull Press Punk rock publisher of Dance of Days, Fortunate Son, and other fine reads.
Seven Stories Press A good selection of books on 9/11, terrorism, and the crisis in the Middle East available here.
Last Gasp Publisher and distributor of comics and books of sordid nature.
Fantagraphics Books Publisher specializing in comics and graphic novels such as Ghost World (required reading).
Autonomedia Long-running artistic, political, and counter-cultural publisher.


Flex Your Head Vancouver, BC's hardcore zine and radio show.
Tape Op A zine for home recording enthusiasts.
Radio Volta Internet broadcast by the members of the Philly Indy Media Center.
Kill Radio Internet broadcast by the members of the L.A. Indy Media Center.
WFMU Best there is in free-form radio.
KFJC They seem to like us, and we like them a lot!!
KALX Listen to Jesse from mailorder on his radio show here!
KDVS Our friends in Davis, CA flood the airwaves with quality AT releases!
CrimethInc A publishing collective that serves as the "black market" of ideas.
South of Gilman St Internet radio station spinning all kinds of punk goodness with an emphasis on East Bay bands.


Castle Keep Ever wonder what Rob from Amebix is up to? Looks sharp!
Shaved Neck Great flyer/article/zine archive from early 80s AZ/CA!
The Widower An independent movie with cameos by Jello and Joey "Shithead" Keithley.
The Onion Every Wednesday, we chuckle and be thankful that we're alive because of The Onion.
Private Eye The U.K.'s equivalent to The Onion. (Sorry, that's a bit America-centric.)
White House dot Org Is this real or a satire? It looks real. It's so scary it must be real.
Television without Pity Snarky recaps of your favorite show so good you can just kiss your TV set goodbye.
Rtmark Where activism meets mischief.
Pet of the Day Aww! Look at that cuddly iguana...
MC Hawking Physicist by day, rapper by night...that is the life of Stephen Hawking.
Bikini Bandits The Russ Meyer-inspired flick featuring Jello in a wig and fake 'stache, now available in mailorder!
Landover Baptist Satire site that makes you wanna pray so that real religious zealots will have this much sense of humor....

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