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Jello News

04/26/11: JB+GSM Las Vegas shows CANCELLLED!
"Two band members have been called back to New Jersey due to an urgent family emergency." - Jello Biafra Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of Medicine have had to cancel their Las Vegas appearances this Friday & Saturday. As soon as we know more information about current show/rescheduling we'll post an update. Our deepest, best thoughts go out to our GSM friends who are grappling with this family crisis.

04/18/11: The latest installment of What Would Jello Do?
In this episode, a heavily made-up Jello (on the set of a film he's doing) holds forth on the Alberta's Tar Sands and the dirty secret of Canada's oil supply. (Canada now supplies more oil to the U.S. than any other country.) WWJD?

04/06/11: New Jello & GSM studio release
The 2nd record by Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of Medicine, Enhanced Methods of Questioning, will be released May 31! 5-song EP plus an 18-minute bonus track (a Deviants cover) on the CD!

04/01/11: Jello Biafra endorsed for mayor by San Francisco Bay Guardian!
The SF Bay Guardian endorses Jello Biafra for Mayor of SF!

The 63rd Annual Conference on World Affairs is an event held since 1948 at the University of Colorado in Boulder. The core of the conference consists of panel discussions, on topics such as music, art, literature, environmental activism, business, science, journalism, diplomacy, technology, spirituality, the film industry, pop culture, visual arts, politics, medicine, and human rights.

This year musician/activist/raconteur Jello Biafra will appear on a number of panels on a variety of issues.
Here's his schedule at the Conference:

Monday April 4 - Sex: Good For You Is Good For Me 1:00pm
Monday April 4 - What the Left Can Learn From the Right 4:30pm
Tuesday, April 5 - Katy, Gaga, Ke$ha: The New Feminist Role Models 3:30 pm
Wednesday, April 6 - A PLENARY DUET: Dynamic Duo: A Bipartisan Rant 1:30 pm (Jello squares off with right-wing African-American Fox News pundit Robert George)
Wednesday, April 6 - What's Wrong With American Sports? 3:30pm
Thursday April 7 - Anarchy in the USA 5:00pm
Friday April 8 - Idiots, Twits and Hypocrites 1:00pm

All events are FREE and open to the public.

The website for the conference:

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