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06/24/03: Jello Wants Your Help : Wesley Willis vol. 3

A note from Jello:

"Hello! I'd like to talk more about the latest ugly chapter in the increasingly Kafka-esque DKs,Inc. nightmare, but our attorney's have me under a strict gag order not to shoot my mouth off until the next round of court hearings.

Meanwhile, its full speed ahead on a mid-Fall release of the long-awaited Wesley Willis' "Greatest Hits, Volume 3" CD. We would like your input & help in putting this new album together.

We don't think studio recordings exist of some of his more recent classics. Does anyone out there have good live recordings of any of these songs?:

George Bush is a Stupid Asshole
Osama Bin Laden
Michael Jackson
Look Out For The Turd Burglar
Get Your Brains Splattered
I'm Hoo Riding on You
Thou shallt Not Kill

He also wrote an entire album abot his struggle with Leukemia. Did he perform any of that on the last tour?

We only want these if the sound quality is good, "the rock band is aw-some-" and Wesley is fired up.

Other hot performances and between-song monologues are welcome too. (I'd still like to hear those early cassette tapes he sold in subway stations in the early 90's.)

Other nominations are welcome but I'm already at a logjam of over 40 winners. Got any good photos? Wesley tattoos? (I saw 2 in one day (!) in Denver awhile back.)

To submit material:

CDRs, pictures of Wesley and your Wesley tattoos:

PO Box 419092
San Francisco, CA
attn. Wesley Willis Volume 3 Submission

MP3s to :

With the world on a hellride and demons here at home his spirit is more uplifting and refreshing than ever.

Stay off the Hell Bus,

Jello Biafra"

06/20/03: Jello Biafra Appeal Denied in Lawsuit Filed by Other ex-Dead Kennedys

We are shocked that the California State Court of Appeals has denied our appeal in an unpublished opinion, and sent the dispute back to San Francisco Superior Court for further hearings. Those hearings will give us an opportunity to prove facts different from those claimed by the other ex-Dead Kennedys. So, unfortunately, this dispute is far from over. We are far from giving up. Stay tuned.

Sadly this means we need your support now more than ever. If interested, please help us out through the Alternative Tentacles Legal Defense Fund,

06/18/03: Jello Celebrates 45th Birthday
Jello Biafra celebrated his 45th birthday yesterday at a BBQ party thrown in his honor. It was a small gathering of friends and Alternative Tentacles employees (current & former) at someone's house in Berkeley, CA. One surprise was the accordion player who was invited who played a bunch of Dead Kennedys' songs off of Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables as well as some Devo songs along with the obligatory Happy Birthday To You.

05/30/03: DK vs. Biafra Appeal

The case of Jello Biafra vs. Dead Kennedys was back in court again today. As you may recall, Biafra filed an appeal against the outcome of the trial, which gave their rogue corporation, Decay Music, total control of Dead Kennedys' catalog. This is the decision that stripped AT of any rights to sell DK's albums and shut Jello out of any say in DK matters. Today, in San Francisco Superior Court, after two years of stalling and delays by the other side, three appellate judges listened to oral arguments in the appeal. We are now awaiting their verdict, which we are told could take days, weeks, or possibly even months.

05/05/03: Jello Invited To Speak at Kent Sate Anniversary
Jello was honored to have been asked to speak at the annual May 4th commemorative event at Kent State. Other speakers included Dr. Ronald Manson (the president of Jackson State University, where other students where killed on May 4, 1970), as well as Kerry Kennedy-Cuomo, the daughter of Robert F. Kennedy.

Here are excerpts from someone who was in attendance there :
"...While we are getting ready to leave to make our way over to the Kiva Center, someone comes into the restaurant to say that the cops have blocked off the university, no one is allowed into the campus by car or foot. We go back to the hotel and begin disguising ourselves as respectable citizens (ie, we take off our clothing that the police could possibly react negatively to - such as a No Blood For Oil t-shirt and a John Yates shirt). We all pile into a minivan, I pull out my videocamera should it be necessary. The drivers find a way through the residential area surrounding the campus and get us in a back way. Traffic through the campus is being monitored too. We walk into the center without a confrontation. ............... Just as things are getting set up though, the kids who have been standing outside, waiting for things to start, get shooed off by cops in riot gear. These are the cops that just arrested 30 people who were part of the rally. One was carted off for beating on a plastic bucket, using it for a drum. Another woman in her fifties was thrown into the police van, her head hit a window and cracked it and she was charged with destruction of police property.

I am walking towards the doors to let people know the show is about to start and I see them all running away. I run out the door shouting, "Come inside! They can't get you if you are in here! Protect your Freedom of Expression!" A few kids turned around and came in. The rest were gone. The small auditorium had a lot of empty seats.

Someone (I can't remember his name) got up on the stage and told of his experiences at Kent. He was a student when the shootings took place. He was reading his First Amendment Rights when he was arrested and taken to jail. As he was telling his story about a dozen police in riot gear came into the building. They stood along the back wall, behind all the seating. The guy kept talking, telling his story, trying to keep the audience calm. I took out my videocamera and filmed them.

Then Jello started his program with : "We interrupt this program....".... The audience went wild, really loving this, especially when he took off his robe and revealed the cop shirt. The show went on without incident. Jello spoke for his entire 4 1/2 hours (he gave them a short break). There was a collection taken for the people arrested. About $155 was collected for bail money. One of the people arrested (the drummer) came back to the auditorium and thanked everyone for gathering the money and let us know they were out and doing okay.

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