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Jello News

02/07/04: Jello endorses Instant Runoff Voting in Berkeley!
Jello has added his endorsement to the campaign for Measure I, a local Berkeley initiative that is part of the March 2nd California elections. Measure I would enable the Berkeley City Council to enact an Instant Run-off Voting system, similar to those already in place in Cambridge, MA, Australia, and Ireland! The IRV system is a long-standing goal of Green Parties world-wide! More information on Measure I and IRV here!

02/07/04: Punk Voter & Jello Biafra in Austin!
That's right, it's a South By Southwest extravaganza put on by our pals at! Acts: NOFX, Alkaline Trio, Dillinger Four, David Cross (Comedian), Against Me!, The Lawrence Arms, with Jello Biafra as the Master of Ceremonies! It's all on Friday, March 19th @ Emo's, Austin, Texas!

11/24/03: Jello in Translation...

In order to make Jello's words more available to an international audience, some of our friends have helped with translating his spoken word performance and writings.

You can read Jello's spoken word performance in Prague from October 2003, translated into Czech at the Czech indy media site. There is a photo gallery and two translations here and here.

Also, Jello's eulogy for Wesley Willis has been translated into Turkish and is available at Click on the "Haberler" link to read the eulogy.

10/13/03: How Did Jello Vote?

In the recall election Jello voted for Peter Miguel Camejo (Green Party candidate). He endorsed Peter's campaign for the recall election and also for the 2002 Gubernatorial election.

It's a real shame and sham that Gray Davis didn't resign from his position. This would have placed Lt. Governor Cruz Bustamante into a temporary incumbency that would have improved his electoral chances. But, Davis refused to admit the public's disdain for his governing and likelihood of Arnold Schwarzenegger to be voted into office. The recall election occurred and the voters sent an obvious message to Davis and Bustamante that they would rather see Arnold in office than either of them. California Uber Alles, indeed.

Jello is also endorsing Matt Gonzalez' mayoral campaign for San Francisco. Matt is a Green Party candidate and is currently the highest ranking Green in the country as President of the Board of Supervisors for San Francisco. The election for mayor will be held in November 2003.

Jello continues to be invited to speak at Green Party rallies that have included supporters such as Patti Smith, Michael Moore, Tom Tomorrow (artist of Modern World comix), Eddie Vedder, Phil Donahue, Studs Terkel, Medea Benjamin (co-founder of Global Exchange, Code Pink and Occupation Watch Center of Baghdad) and, of course, Ralph Nader.

Jello has no plans to run for president in 2004, but encourages all of his supporters to look into running for public office. Changing our government starts in local elections. Find out what you can do to make those changes occur.

For more information about the Green Party, take a look at

10/06/03: Fat Mike (NOFX, Fat Wreck) Recruits Jello for Punk Voter

Fat Mike (NOFX, Fat Wreck) recently started Punk Voter and just asked Jello to climb on board. He did.

Punk Voter aims to :

Activate punks and other disenfranchised young people to participate in elections; to form a coalition to expose the chaotic policies of George W. Bush and his current adminsitration; and to build a coalition of informed voters who can individually and collectively influence public policy.

Jello has just climbed on board with (even though their website makes no mention of it at press time).

There is also talk of Jello being included in the Rock Against Bush concerts (& commercials ? ?) beginning in January in Iowa and New Hampshire performing his spoken word. So check our website (and others) for updates on all of this.

Two similar organizations are also picking up steam :

Rock Against Bush


Bands Against Bush

(Some Artists affiliated with one or the other organizations are : Jello Biafra, NOFX, Good Charlotte, Sonic Youth, The Donnas, Green Day, Sum 41, Liars, Locust, Erase Errata,...)

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