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Jello News

05/07/04: Listen to Jello on Air America tonight!
Jello will be a guest on Janeane Garofalo's Majority Report show on Air America, the new "libreal" radio network. He is scheduled to be on at 10pm EDT/7pm PDT. Listen to it here. (requires Real Player)

04/22/04: Jello faves Burning Image & Mentally Ill mp3s up!
Jello Biafra was floored by a Burning Image demo played only once on Maximum Rock n Roll in the 1980s, and invited them to open for the Dead Kennedys in San Francisco. An amazing but now rare single followed, then the band disappeared. But now you can get a sneak listen to their upcoming cd of that 7 inch and a host of unreleased songs!

Jello had also long been trying to get The Mentally Ill to do a proper release since their infamous "Gacy's Place" EP from the old Killed-By-Death series was fetching insane amounts on eBay. Finally "Gacy's Place" is re-released along with 17 other unreleased tracks on CD and LP!! Jello calls it the sickest punk record ever made! Judge for yourself and check out the mp3s and band page for more information.

Go to our mp3 page here and check out 3 songs from the upcoming Burning Image "1983-1987" cd (virus 316) and four songs from The Mentally Ill's "Gacy's Place: The Undiscovered Corpses" cd (virus 315)!

Both records will be released in May, 2004!

03/15/04: Instant Run-Off wins in Berkeley!
By an overwhelming 70% majority, Berkeley voters enabled the Berkeley City Council to join any county-wide Instant Run-Off Voting system. All that's left to do is pass similar enabling laws in the smaller cities in the county and work with the County Registrar on the details of IRV implementation. As you read here in Feburary, Jello added his endorsement very early to the campaign for Measure I, the local Berkeley initiative that is part of the March 2nd California elections. The IRV system is a long-standing goal of Green Parties world-wide. More information on Measure I and IRV here!

03/11/04: Jello Biafra Apologizes to Fans for Latest Dead Kennedys "Deaf Club" Fiasco


For Immediate Release:


I am sorry I have to be the whistle blower yet again. I am deeply embarrassed by the poor quality of their new Live at the Deaf Club CD. It could have been a good album. But in my opinion the sound quality and remix are so lame it's not even as good as the versions on Give Me Convenience or Give Me Death. And those mixes are almost 20 years old. If they really "spent the better part of a year" on this, I wonder what they were really doing most of the time.

I don't think the artwork is as boring as Mutiny on the Bay, but it doesn't really rock my world either. To me it's a dumbed-down version of the good stuff Winston Smith and I made, but now it seems deliberately designed not to offend anyone. Sad.

I relayed my concerns to East Bay Ray, but as usual I never heard back. I have also been confronted several times at shows by people feeling ripped off by the Making of In God We Trust Inc. DVD. They said they felt especially burned by only 22 minutes of content, and that the karaoke section was as stupid as the elves (yes, elves) on the cover.

Please, folks, I had nothing to do with this! Like the fake Dead Kennedys "reunion" tours, I did not authorize either of these projects and was not allowed any meaningful input at all. I can't double-check the 22 minutes or whatever because I am not allowed to possess the MVD releases unless I buy them from a store. I have never received copies, or even a contract, from Ray & Co. at all. Nor am I allowed to see all the books.

In 1998 the other ex-Dead Kennedy's filed a vicious lawsuit against me stemming from a dispute that got ugly when I opposed putting "Holiday in Cambodia" in a Levi's Dockers TV commercial. Unfortunately, their lawsuit is still going on. I maintain my innocence, and am sickened by what they have done to exploit Dead Kennedys once - good name and legacy since. I would like to go into much deeper detail about all this, but our attorneys have asked me not to. Let's just say it is far from over, uglier than ever, with no end in sight.

So please be aware of the mentality behind all current Dead Kennedys releases, and where the money is really going.

If anyone wishes to help in any way, please support the Alternative Tentacles Legal Defense Fund:

Alternative Tentacles Legal Defense Fund
P.O. Box 419092
San Francisco, CA

On the Internet:

Any and all help is very deeply appreciated.

Lick Bush in '04,

Jello Biafra

02/07/04: Jello endorses Instant Runoff Voting in Berkeley!
Jello has added his endorsement to the campaign for Measure I, a local Berkeley initiative that is part of the March 2nd California elections. Measure I would enable the Berkeley City Council to enact an Instant Run-off Voting system, similar to those already in place in Cambridge, MA, Australia, and Ireland! The IRV system is a long-standing goal of Green Parties world-wide! More information on Measure I and IRV here!

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