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Jello News

03/26/03: LARD Performed in L.A.!

LARD performed two songs at the Ministry show at the House of Blues in Los Angeles on Monday, March 24th.

Jello Biafra joined Ministry on stage during the first encore to sing War Pimp Renaissance and I Wanna Be A Drug Sniffing Dog.

During the second encore he sang accompanying vocals on their infamous cover of Magazine's The Light Pours Out Of Me.

Jello Biafra was in town for his spoken word performance at the Henry Fonda Theater for March 26th. Ministry had three nights at the House of Blues, Monday night was the last night for the string of shows.

Since LARD is a studio band, they have only performed together one other time. They performed 4 songs live before recording The Last Temptation of Reid in 1990.

There are no plans at this time for further recordings or tour dates.

03/14/03: Jello Sells Out (AND saves trees!)

On Tuesday, March 11th, Jello Biafra performed at The Metropolitan Performing Arts Theatre, Spokane Washington, selling over 750 seats altogether! This was as much a surprise to us as it was to Jello. As we were waiting in the green room before showtime, word come down that the show sold out!! Jello's response was "what? In Spokane?" Wow!

The show went great with Jello talking for over four hours with a 20 minute or so intermission! Jello could have even gone on longer as he didn't even get through all of his materials. Everyone certainly got their money's worth indeed.

Thank you Jello. This was not only a success for Jello, but for Spokane as well, as the proceeds went to two very worthy non-profit organizations; The first being The Lands Council, a conservation group dedicated to protecting the woods, water and wildlife in Washington and parts of Idaho, Montana, and Oregon. We can thank The Lands Council for protecting our watershed, protecting habitat for the endangered Mountain Caribou, and keeping our National Forests out of the hands of greedy timber thieves--way to go Lands Council!

Thin Air Radio was the other recipient of the show's proceeds. Thin Air Radio is one of Spokane's first low FM community and public radio station that is trying hard to get on the air. FCC red tape and low cash flow have been hindering their efforts to get up and running. They are in the midst of buying much needed studio and transmission equipment,and the funds will help out tremendously!

All in all, it was a great night! Jello seemed to have fun, and the audience loved him! Thank you Jello for helping out our community!

Travis Coletti
Wildfire Education Coordinator
The Lands Council

12/13/02: Jello in Bikini Bandits on MTV 2 UK

Jello Biafra will be making his television acting debut on Christmas Day, as "The Bikini Bandits Experience" airs on MTV 2 UK. Jello supposedly has "starring" role along with : Maynard James Keenan, Dee Dee Ramone, Corey Feldman, Hank The Dwarf, and Gary The Retard.

10/21/02: Gilmore Girls' are pro-Jello
There is a TV show I'm told called the Gilmore Girls. The following dialog is from an episode from the show that aired recently. The title of the episode was : Application Anxiety.

Here is the dialog:

[a boy walks up to Lane]
DAVE: Excuse me, Lane?
LANE: That's me.
DAVE: Okay, great, I'm Dave Rygalski.
LANE: Right, hi. You're a guitarist.
DAVE: Yeah.
LANE: But how'd you know I was me?
DAVE: The Dead Kennedys shirt was a tip off. (he's wearing a DK fresh fruit for rotting vegetables shirt.)
LANE: Good thinking. Hey, uh, isn't it a drag that Jello Biafra isn't singing for them anymore?
DAVE: Yeah, now their front-man's that kid from the Courtship of Eddie's Father.
LANE: Yeah, what's next - Urkel joining the Wu-Tang Clan?
DAVE: Or maybe Malcolm in the Middle fronting for the Butthole Surfers.
LANE: Some things are sacred.
DAVE: I'm with ya on that.
LANE: So, um, what's your band like?
DAVE: We do a lot of cool covers - uh, the Clash, the Kinks, et cetera. Statistically, it's like thirty-eight of the forty-three bands you listed.
LANE: Nice percentage.

10/15/02: East Bay Ray and Co. Sue Jello Again
True to the spirit and vision of Dead Kennedys (ho ho ho) East Bay Ray and Co. have filed a new lawsuit against Jello Biafra claiming he is interfering with their ability to profiteer off of Dead Kennedys.

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