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09/27/04: Jello supports US soldier's blog from Iraq
Remember the blog run by a US soldier serving in Iraq that the military was trying to shut down? Well, now the soldier cannot add new content to the site but he's reposting old posts and Jello wrote an e-mail of support for the soldier and the troops which is collecting a fascinating series of comments here.

Here's your chance to read unfiltered true life stories of the troops on the ground in Iraq- this is just one of many blogs maintained by military members overseas. Dig in!

09/01/04: Jello pro-Johnny Cash, anti-RNC!
From Democracy Now's report from the RNC about the protest against the Republican's attempt to connect music legend Johnny Cash with their party:

JELLO BIAFRA: "This is Jello Biafra reporting from outside the infamous auction house, Sotheby's, where the Man in Black Bloc has converged upon the Tennessee republican delegation who has gone for a private viewing of items from the Estate of the late Johnny Cash. As Steve Earle would put it, "Johnny would be rolling in his grave."

...What would Johnny Cash think of Bush's illegal war in Iraq, let alone what he does to people of lesser means in the South and the rest of the United States? What would Johnny Cash think of mountaintop removal, for example, where the coal companies blow the whole top off of mountains in Appalachia, and if all the debris lands in the valley and buries people's homes and buries streams? They don't care. Why do they do it? Because they can.

So people are here to take back the spirit of Johnny Cash, or at least subject these republican fat cat scam artists to a little bit of the old spirit that goes back through Johnny Cash or as one of my friends in the Melvins put it, when Johnny Cash died he looked off wistfully and said he was our Abe Lincoln in a way. And so the people inside and the people at Sotheby's, they are going to sell Johnny's effects to rich people who want to buy a piece of Johnny Cash. And I guess the message from the protesters here is you cannot buy a piece of everybody, let alone have everybody lie down while you wreck the country with the PATRIOT Act and go off to illegal blood baths in the Middle East which accomplish nothing except creating more terrorists. "

09/01/04: Jello to speak at RNC protest event tonight!!!

Jello is scheduled to appear at a Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting media march on Wednesday, September 1. Jello will speak at 8pm in front of the CNN/NBC building at 6th Avenue and 56th Street. The march will begin at 6th Ave and 52nd St before the CNN stop, and will continue after the stop to Fox with more speakers to start between 8:45-9pm. For more information, visit

Jello is also scheduled to be on Air America tonight, time to be determined.

08/06/04: Jello scheduled to appear on Air America on 8/9
Jello is scheduled to appear on the "Morning Sedition" radio show on Air America between 7-7:30am EDT. For more info and to stream the show, go to

07/16/04: Jello's Statement about the DKs Lawsuit
I and Alternative Tentacles have thrown up our hands at getting any justice from the three ex-Dead Kennedys' greed-motivated lawsuits, and the shocking denial of our appeal. The court refused to hear any evidence of the many shady things they have done since the trial.

But that does not mean that the verdict and court rulings are the real truth any more than George Dubya was democratically elected president. They just got away with a lot of lies. O.J. Simpson would be proud.

What they have done to Dead Kennedys since their hostile takeover speaks for itself. Their money uber alles mentality has more in common with Dick Cheney than the vision and principles our band stood for.

I'm as proud of Dead Kennedys as I ever was. It seems obvious I love and respect what we accomplished far more than they ever will.

If they force me to blow the whistle again, I will. We'll continue to oppose the dumbing down and pimping of the DK catalogue, phony "reunion" shows (often with my likeness in the ads), selling my image into video games, their refusal to show me all the books, blah, blah, etc., etc.

Ending our defense against their main legal attack does not mean I endorse or recommend any Dead Kennedys releases on Decay Music, Manifesto, Plastic Head, Cleopatra, MVD, etc.

I can't. I'm too ashamed.

- Jello Biafra

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