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03/25/02: YES, That Was JELLO BIAFRA on the OSCAR'S

Jello Biafra appeared on television last night as part of the Oscar's broadcast. During the opening film by filmmaker Errol Morris, there was a clip of Jello saying, "No More Wire Hangers!".

Jello was asked by Errol Morris to say a bit for this film a few weeks ago. The subject was how film has affected you or a poignant memory regarding film.

What was included was Jello's recant of being in San Francisco's Castro district while Mommie Dearest was being shown and a crowd of drag queens all screamed out, "No More Wire Hangers!".

Jello's bit received a great response from the audience in attendance and almost knocked an awestruck Greg Werckman - former Alternative Tentacles' General Manager - off of his couch.

Jello Biafra's new spoken word album : The Big Ka-Boom, Part One will be available in shops April 16, 2002. (Available earlier via our website). This is Jello's first release since January 2001 when he released his 3xLP/3xCD Become The Media. The Big Ka-Boom, Part One deals predominantly with the "War On Terrorism" and was recorded on one of his performances during the Spitfire Tour.

Jello appeared alongside Shawn Fanning, Mayor Jerry Brown, Alice Waters, Susan Sontag, Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr., Iggy Pop, Donald Trump, First Lady Laura Bush, Philip Glass, Lou Reed, Rev. Al Sharpton, President Mikhail Gorbachev, Walter Cronkite, and Laurie Anderson, and many, many in the film short.

On 12/11, the San Francisco Examiner reported that exasperated citizens are voting for Jello as a write-in candidate in the runoff election for city attorney. Thankfully, the paper refrained from using the tired ol' "There's room for Jello" joke in the story. Read the full article here.


Tammy Faye was in town recently with John Waters for a night of entertaining at the Castro Theater. Jello had the rare treat of getting to kiss the woman with the famous eye make-up.

09/24/01: Brandon Cruz's letter to Jello Removed from site
East Bay Ray asked us to remove Brandon Cruz's letter from our website.


In 1991, Jimmy Carter publicly warned George Bush that his Gulf War would set back world peace and Middle Eastern relations at least twenty years. Now what happens? Now what do we do? I fear a mass slaughter of innocent civilians far greater than what happened at the World Trade Center. I fear governments all over the world will round up and attack anyone who opposes them for any reason on the grounds that they are terrorist sympathizers; kind of like what we did when we locked up thousands of labor union activists and immigrants in the 1920's for opposing World War I. I also fear that after we have blown up and killed every living thing in Afghanistan (which the Soviets tried to do for ten years and lost, by the way) that Osama Bin Laden will emerge from his cave and tell his mushrooming following, "I told you so." Even if we wipe out the millions of people who already agree with him - what will their kids be like? And what will their children be like? Look at how young the people throwing rocks at Israeli soldiers are. This isn't going to go away. There has to be a better answer; I just wish I knew what it was.

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