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Jello News

06/15/05: Jello and Napalm Death duet for tsunami victims!
Jello Biafra has guest vocals on the Napalm Death song, "The Great And The Good" on their brand new record, "The Code is Red... Long Live the Code"!

The tune was also released as a limited-edition 3 band benefit single for Indian Ocean Tsunami relief . The other two tracks are from The Haunted ("Smut King") and Heaven Shall Burn ("Strassenkampf" [a Die Skeptikercover]). The bands and Jello Biafra wrote liner-notes for the single, which is limited to 1000 copies.

03/28/05: Jello on "This American Life" on "Frankenchrist"
Jello appears on the National Public Radio show "This American Life" this week on an episode about knowing one's enemies. Jello speaks with Michael Guarino, the prosecutor in the DKs "Frankenchrist" trial. You can catch it this week on your local NPR station or on-line here (it's the episode named "Know Your Enemy" aka Episode 285).

You can also check out more info about the Frankenchrist trial on the second Jello spoken word record, "High Priest of Harmful Matter". There's an excerpt from this release in the TAL episode too!

12/16/04: Huge new Jello Interview in Arthur!
Check out the new Arthur (#14) for a huge interview with Jello. You can order a copy of the magazine here!

From their site:
"God Bless Jello Biafra: The former Dead Kennedy and veteran firebrand has returned to musicmaking with a car bomb of a new album, recorded with the Melvins. Sorina Diaconescu talks with Mr. Biafra in the direct aftermath of the Nov. 2 election about freedom, surveillance, pranks and selling out. Photography by W. T. Nelson. "

12/15/04: Jello NOT in Australia
Just in case you've been seeing e-mails about Jello, Noam Chomsky, Winston Smith, and others being held captive in Australia, here's the truth. None of those people are being held in Australia, as far as we know. Jello is not even near the continent of Australia. He hasn't complained about any broken arms or skin cancer from being held captive under the hot Aussie sun, so he ought to be in great form tomorrow night @ his San Francisco spoken word show!

Here's one of the e-mails we received @ AT, exactly as it came into our inbox. Enjoy!


Dear revolutionaries, I have recently discovered that our comrades, Sherman Austin, Noam Chomsky, Jello Biafra, Winston Smith as well as CNT organisers and other revbolutionaries from Canada have been captured by ASIS, Australian Security Intelligence Service and are being held in the upper yarra vally located just south of Melbourne. This is not a cruel joke and this is not a myth. After discovering that these people had gone missing after arrivinfg in australia led me to discover that it is an aryan conspiracy that involves every authority figure in Australia. From the PM to the x police chief of Victoria. They are being held out bush in the sun and have received skin cancers. Biafra has had his limbs brocken and we fear Noam may be dead. This is an internation call to action, and we are encouraging everybody who has revolutionary aims in life to cxome to Australia IN NUMBERS. These people are still alive and are being made slave to ASIS and its disapearance network. We fear for ALL of our comrades and we need international support to help free these people from there ASIS slaveholders. I will be in touch with as much information as i can gather before i too am disapeared and drowned in a river n the upper yarra.


Please this needs as much independent medfia attenmtion as possible they are stil alive and we need international support for these people PLEASE HURRY!

Please forward this onto as many lists as you can and create as much media attention as possible DON'T delay anymore"

09/27/04: Jello supports US soldier's blog from Iraq
Remember the blog run by a US soldier serving in Iraq that the military was trying to shut down? Well, now the soldier cannot add new content to the site but he's reposting old posts and Jello wrote an e-mail of support for the soldier and the troops which is collecting a fascinating series of comments here.

Here's your chance to read unfiltered true life stories of the troops on the ground in Iraq- this is just one of many blogs maintained by military members overseas. Dig in!

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