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Jello News

04/26/06: The Latest DK Fiasco?
From Jello Biafra:

We are again getting reports of a Dead Kennedys song turning up in a truly putrid TV show behind Jello's back. This time, instead of "American Idol," it's "California Uber Alles" used by "The OC" But again, we need visual proof. The Dead Kennedys partnership is now run in Cheney-esque secrecy, so a simple inquiry to East Bay Ray seems useless.

Is the song used only in the UK's Channel 4 commercial, or have there been more like it? Thanks again for the crucial help in busting 'em on "American Idol," but if we can't prove an "OC" connection, we should let this one drop.

Thanx again, Biafra

03/28/06: Jello in NOLA
Here's a shot of Jello in New Orleans last week.

Please donate to the Women's Center at the Common Ground Collective in New Orleans, LA (see the Jello News item from 2 days ago).

03/26/06: NOLA donations needed!
Jello Biafra just came back from speaking in New Orleans, LA, and is asking everyone to read this list of items needed by his friends at the Women's Center at the Common Ground Collective in New Orleans, LA.

From Ms. Kitty @ the Women's Center:
"It is super super hard to get stuff down here, due to price gouging and the city being half abandoned, so anything you can donate is appreciated. The requested items are separated into light and heavy sections since you need to think ahead since it costs a lot more to ship to NOLA at the moment than normal places. Plus, we do not have mail delivery, Common Ground picks it up from somewhere about every two weeks it seems.

Those items that have been marked with an * are especially needed.
LIGHT items
office products
hole punch
cutlery (forks, spoons, etc.)
feminine hygiene products, especially alternative methods such as lunapads or the keeper type cups
crochet hooks and yarn
nail clippers (toe and finger)
tylenol and tylenol pm
midol or other menstrual pain reliever
pregnancy tests
AfAm hair care products(perms, doo gro, etc)
children's underclothes

HEAVY items
laundry/dish detergent
shampoo/conditioner (all types)
You can donate money, but money orders or cash only please. We are really punk rock at the moment.

Please send all donations to the following address:
Miss Kitty Love, Director
care of: the Women's Center at Common Ground Collective
1415 Franklin Ave
NOLA 70117
also, please send a note with a return address, in case I have time to send you a thank you card!! Please pass this on/re-post and thank you in advance!!

One last thing- if you can, we would LOVE if you could donate your TIME!!!! Please come down. Get in touch with me for more details if you are considering this. Peace!
Sincerely, Ms. Kitty (cristina), Director
Common Ground Women's Center 9th Ward, NOLA"

03/24/06: Biafra Barnstorms Across Canada!
That's right, Jello's playing the width of Canada in April- check out his latest dates!

02/24/06: Jello Biafra & Metal Urbain in studio!
Jello Biafra is working with esteemed producer/engineer Matt Kelley (Jello Biafra With The Melvins, Jello Biafra spoken word, Digital Underground, Del the Funky Homosapien, Tupac Shakur, George Clinton, The Coup, Zen Guerilla) on producing the upcoming Metal Urbain album on Alternative Tentacles! The tracking and mixing is happening in San Francisco and the resulting record will be out on AT later in 2006.

This is Jello's second non-Jello-related producer job- he produced the stellar Ani Kyd record AT released in 2005.

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