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Jello News

06/08/06: Jello on Marc Maron's radio show
Jello will be on the Marc Maron Show tonight as a guest. 10:20 Pacific time, you can listen from Air America's LA affiliate, KTLK, to hear Jello promoting his upcoming spoken word tour.

05/19/06: Jello Biafra and Henry Rollins!

Henry Rollins and Jello Biafra at last Friday's incredibly fun and successful spoken word/art auction fundraiser for the West Memphis Three put on by Skeleton Key. Jello says it was the first time he and Henry have performed together!

05/11/06: Jello, Rollins, Penelope, Richman for West Memphis Three!
This Friday May 12th, there's an all-star Skeleton Key exhibition and spoken word event in San Francisco at 111 Minna Street, SF (@ New Montgomery & 2nd Streets). It's a benefit for the West Memphis Three

The art will include the one-night debut of artwork by WM3 prisoner Damien Echols, plus art by many others, including Carol Queen, Jayne County, Jonathan Richman, Matt Skiba, Shepard Fairey, Firehouse Kustom Rockart, and Winston Smith.

Speaking will be Henry Rollins, Jello Biafra, Jonathan Richman, Matt Gonzalez , Penelope Houston and Jacob Pitts. Michale Graves and Jacob Pitts will be playing acoustic sets.

Don't miss this incredible once-in-a-lifetime event!

05/09/06: Jello talks to Punk News Dot Org!
You can read the extensive interview our buddy Aubin from did this past winter with Jello here!

04/26/06: The Latest DK Fiasco?
From Jello Biafra:

We are again getting reports of a Dead Kennedys song turning up in a truly putrid TV show behind Jello's back. This time, instead of "American Idol," it's "California Uber Alles" used by "The OC" But again, we need visual proof. The Dead Kennedys partnership is now run in Cheney-esque secrecy, so a simple inquiry to East Bay Ray seems useless.

Is the song used only in the UK's Channel 4 commercial, or have there been more like it? Thanks again for the crucial help in busting 'em on "American Idol," but if we can't prove an "OC" connection, we should let this one drop.

Thanx again, Biafra

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