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Jello News

10/21/06: Jello on LUVER!
You can hear the new Jello Biafra spoken word triple cd streamed live tomorrow (Sunday 10/22/06) on The Talking Stick program on Frank Moore's always entertaining
09/21/06: Biafra bashes Bush bill
According to Senator Patrick Leahy on the Bill of Rights Defense Committee website, the US Congress is trying to shield the President from future criminal prosecution while making torture and rigged trials legal and unreviewable by the US Judicial system!

After reviewing the facts, Jello Biafra said, "This is the most corrupt thing I've heard of congress doing ever. Hey kids, can you say coup?" He suggests "Faxes, e-mails, polite but firm prank calls to the offices of your congress creatures" to let 'em know what you think about this shameful move on the part of the Republican leadership!

07/31/06: Jello Art Contest Completed!
From Jello Biafra:

"Thanx so much to everyone who submitted their art and ideas! I wound up going the Winston Smith route in the end, but this sure was an eye-opener.

It was interesting to see how different people imagine and interpret my work. Some of the drawings, graphics and collages were quite good. There were also some great media wire service photos that we couldn't afford to use.

I was surprised at how many people turned in drawings of me, considering I make a point not to put my face on my album covers. I can't believe how many artists waste so much precious art space on yet another picture of their ugly mugs. Some entries were clearly from people who had no idea who I was. One person even submitted a bunch of drawings of mutilated women.

So I hope this was inspiring for everybody involved and no one got put out too much. Keep at it and stay tuned for the album!"

07/11/06: Jello explains Net Neutrality
Not everyone understands the issues around net neutrality. [Although you can go to for a lot of in-depth information about it] Jello lays out Net Neutrality in this brand new mp3. He recorded this last month when he was in Washington DC on his recent spoken word tour- dig in!

06/27/06: Jello meet and greet in Chicago 7/3!
On July 3, Jello is scheduled to do a brief meet and greet at Reckless Records on Broadway (3157 N. Broadway, Chicago, IL 60657) just a few doors down from Lakeshore Theater where he'll perform that night. The meet-n-greet will begin at 4:30pm. You can bring your AT releases for Jello to sign, or buy Jello-related items at the record store to get signed. (Jello will NOT sign DK "reissue" releases on Manifesto Records.)

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