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01/28/07: Quashing rumors: Jello is alive.

Over the weekend, people have been spreading rumors that Jello Biafra has been shot or was killed. We've received quite a few queries from people everywhere. This is completely UNTRUE. AT staff has spoken to Jello, and he said he checked himself for bullet holes and didn't find any. Thank you to those who expressed their concern. If you hear any rumors like this in the future, please check the AT website and AT MySpace for the official info. If we don't say it happened, it probably didn't happen.

In the mean time, Jello will make the following appearances in the coming weeks:

Jello Biafra
02/19/2007 UW Student Union Milwaukee, WI
02/20/2007 Belcourt Theater Nashville, TN
02/21/2007 Mad Hatter Covington, KY
02/23/2007 Beachland Ballroom Cleveland, OH
02/25/2007 Higher Ground Burlington, VT
02/26/2007 Iron Horse Northampton, MA
02/27/2007 Living Room Providence, RI
02/28/2007 Knitting Factory New York, NY
03/01/2007 Torp Theater New Britain, CT
03/02/2007 Baronet Theater Asbury Park, NJ
03/03/2007 Ethical Society Philadelphia, PA
03/04/2007 449 Room (449 S. Broad St.) Trenton, NJ
04/09/2007 Sacramento State University Sacramento, CA
04/11/2007 Cal State University Northridge Northridge, CA

12/14/06: Jello on NPR/PRI's "Fair Game"
The new Public Radio International show Fair Game interviewed Jello, and will air the episode starting tonight, running through the weekend. To find out what stations air the show, go here. If your local NPR station doesn't air the show, you can check the Fair Game website for an online version starting Friday, 11/15.

12/13/06: Jello on Creepy Sleepy!
You can hear Jello Biafra on the Creepy Sleepy on-line radio show! Here's the mp3 link. Ch-ch-check it out!

11/08/06: Jello on-line and in-person!
1. Jello apologizes for missing the Omaha in-store appearance, though he made the show later that day. He missed his first flight.

2. Jello Biafra is featured on Mindwalk internet radio! Here's all the details from one of the most consistently entertaining and thought-provoking on-line radio shows around:
Mindwalk 53: Punk Voter Battle Cry
Jello Biafra, "get out and vote" spoken word from his new 3 CD set "In the Grip of Official Treason"... plus Sweatshop Union and Anti-Flag.

Mirror broadcast quality mp3 downloads or find rss feed here:
TRT 29:30 Stereo 128/44 27meg mp3

For more info on Sweatshop Union, Jello Biafra, & Anti-Flag:

10/27/06: Jello and Punkvoter unite against Prop 90!
Jello Biafra and Fat Mike have united Punk Voter to oppose the stealth Proposition 90 here in California.

Here's how Jesse Luscious the AT Mail Male (who moonlights as a political activist when he's not packing orders for you) describes the Proposition:
"Prop 90- bans most zoning and eminent domain moves by government unless fair market value is paid to the owner. It may also require reimbursement for loss of revenue due to workplace safety regulations, rent control regulations, environmental laws, or any other regulation which negatively affects the value of properties or businesses. Yes, there's been some egregious abuse of eminent domain by local governments, and the US Supreme Court's pro-eminent domain decision 2 years ago was a terrible decision. However, this proposition goes much much further.

By mandating that cities, counties, and the state reimburse landowners and business owners for the effects of zoning, worker safety, rent control, and environmental laws, the proposition effectively ends most local regulation of developers. For instance, a landowner can say "I want to build a 10 story casino which pays minimum wage and is powered by a coal furnace in downtown Berkeley." When Berkeley turns down the proposal because of existing zoning, green building, and living wage laws, the city must reimburse the landowner for the "loss" of revenue from the rejected project because these laws have decreased its value. If this passes, then government can either go bankrupt or remove many useful common-sense local laws, leaving our entire state open to whatever project for-profit developers come up with. Oregon, which just enacted a similar law and is 1/10th the population of California, is currently facing $5 Billion in related lawsuits.

This is a trojan horse proposition like Proposition 13 was in 1978- presented as a tax break for small property owners, it ended up stripping away most existent education funding and California tumbled from #1 in per-pupil spending in the 1970s to #47 this month. Proposition 90 is a truly terrible proposition.
No on 90

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