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Jello News

05/10/07: Jello to MC Dirkfest!
Jello will be the MC for the 2nd day of Dirk Fest, a 2-day festival June 7th and 8th in San Francisco! It's in honor of Dirk Dirksen, the Pope of Punk, who passed away in November of 2006. Also playing are The Avengers, SF Mutant All Stars (with Naomi Ruth Eisenberg, The Contractions, The White Trash Debutantes (with Billy Gould from Faith No More & the fabulous Jon Gries "Uncle Rico" from Napoleon Dynamite), No Alternative (with Chip Kinman from The Dils and Rank and File), Fab Mab Films by Karl Hinz, and more! It's all June 8th at the Great American Music Hall. The June 7th show is at Slim's and features the original lineup of Pearl Harbor and the Explosions, Toiling Midgets, The Lewd, The Rubber City Rebels, The Symptoms, The Sea Hags, and more!

03/15/07: Greedy ex-DKs okay song for rape scene in new Tarantino Movie
From Jello Biafra:
East Bay Ray and Co. have gone ahead and cleared a cover version of Dead Kennedys' "Too Drunk to Fuck" for a brutal scene in Grindhouse, a 'double-feature' directed by Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez. This is their lowest point since Levi's. I Like some of Tarnatino's work, another place in the film might have been fine. But this goes against everything the Dead Kennedys stands for in spades. The scene is actually in the "Planet Terror" film directed by Rodriguez. Tarantino himself is pointing a gun at a disabled amputee woman's head yelling "Dance, Bitch!" as the Nouvelle Vague cover of "Too Drunk to Fuck" plays from a boombox. The terrified woman later "wins" by killing Tarantino, but that excuse does not rescue this at all. I wrote every note of that song and this is not what it was meant for.

Some people will do anything for money. I can't help but think back to how prudish Klaus Flouride was when he objected to H.R. Giger's painting on the "Frankenstien" poster, saying he couldn't bear to show it to his parents. I'd sure love to be a fly on the wall when he tries to explain putting a song in a rape scene for money to his teenage daughter.

The deal was pushed through by a new business manager the other three hired, Kevin Raleigh of Associated Talent Management in Hollywood.
- Jello Biafra

02/27/07: DJ Jello Biafra on WRVU FM
When Jello was in Vermont on tour, he dropped in at WRUV as a guest DJ. You can hear Jello playing some records he bought while touring and talking about current events. Go here to the WRUV archive page, click on the pulldown menu, and choose 2007-02-24 @ 2200h: Matt, Frozen Peanut Butter World. You can either download the entire show as an mp3 file or stream it.
*** The archived show will only be available for the next few days, so don't snooze on it! ***

Here are Jello's tour dates for the next few weeks:

02/27/2007 Living Room Providence, RI
02/28/2007 Knitting Factory New York, NY
03/01/2007 Torp Theater New Britain, CT
03/02/2007 Baronet Theater Asbury Park, NJ
03/03/2007 TBA Philadelphia, PA
03/04/2007 449 Room (449 S. Broad St.) Trenton, NJ
03/05/2007 Chameleon Club Lancaster, PA
03/06/2007 MeDIA Co-op Theater Memphis, TN
03/17/2007 Parish II Austin, TX (AT SXSW Showcase)
04/09/2007 Sacramento State University Sacramento, CA
04/11/2007 Cal State University Northridge Northridge, CA

02/05/07: Listen to Jello's KMOX interview online!
KMOX 1200AM in St. Louis, MO interviewed Jello on Thursday, February 1. If you want to hear the archived version, look here and scroll down or search the page for "Jello."

01/31/07: Jello Interview on KMOX 1200am St. Louis, MO
On Thursday, February 1, the "Two Johns No Waiting" radio show on KMOX 1200am St. Louis, MO will interview Jello live on air. The appearance is scheduled for 8:30pm CST. Tune in, or check out the show's website for an audio archive of the interview.

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