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08/28/08: Denver DNC Newsflash 2

Jello called us from Denver today. He wondered what possessed Hillary Clinton to wear her trademark pantsuit in "prison jumpsuit" orange. He was also appalled that as a woman, she didn't address reproductive rights and remind the audience how horrible a McCaine Supreme Court would be.

Jello said the only big protest march was one held by Iraq Veterans Against the War, which drew 3000 people according to media estimates (AlterNet says 7000, IVAW says 10,000 btw). There was a standoff between the IVAW marchers and the Denver police, but eventually an IVAW rep was allowed to cross into the convention grounds to present a letter to a representative from the Obama campaign.

The city of Denver apparently received $50 million in grants for all the security measures they had to take for the convention. While there are miles and miles of fencing that block off open areas and dump trucks blocking strategic intersections, Jello wonders who pocketed most of the money because it couldn't have cost 50 million bucks. Especially considering that the biggest demonstration drew 3-10,000 people, $50M seems like overkill.

Read about the Iraq Veterans Against the War march here (AlterNet). More about the IVAW letter presented to the Obama campaign here (CQ News). Read the letter presented to the Obama campaign here (IVAW).

08/25/08: Denver DNC Newsflash

Jello said the security is totally overblown at the DNC that even the delegates are probably exasperated by all the extra walking they have to do. He wonders how people will get to the stadium for Barack Obama's speech since the freeway by the stadium will be completely closed for security.

Jello was supposed to read a bedtime story ("Eric Meets the Moose Diarrhea Salesman" from Beyond the Valley of the Gift Police) Sunday night at the Freedom Cage (the DNC "Free Speech Zone") to protesters who are camping out. When he arrived, there were only a few folks, including three reporters. Jello eventually read his bedtime story to about 30 people. When some protesters unfurled a banner and leaned it against the chain-link fence, the police showed up to tell them it was against the rules to lean things against the fence. There is a tiny write-up about this in the Rocky Mountain News.

Jello will probably be at Freedom Cage again tonight when Tent State has a youth candidate event. We'll let you know if we get any other confirmed appearances.

08/21/08: Jello Biafra at the DNC in Denver

Of course, Jello wouldn't let the Democrats invade his home turf without a proper welcome! Right this second, the only confirmed DNC-related appearance we have for Jello is Ralph Nader's Denver Super Rally to Open the Debates on August 27 at 7pm at Magness Arena (University of Denver).

As more confirmed events roll in, we will up date our tour dates page, our Facebook profile, and our MySpace page. Yes, we desperately need to set up an RSS feed of our news and tour dates to update you in a timely manner--in the mean time, please friend us on those sites (our MySpace blog is RSSable).

To see Jello in Denver without the possibility of being tear gassed or tasered, we suggest going to the Slim Cessna's Auto Club show on August 23 at the Bluebird Theater. Jello will be the emcee at the show. Did we mention that SCAC is the best live band, like, ever?

08/11/08: Audio of Jello's talk at Last HOPE posted online.

Last month, Jello Biafra was a featured speaker at the Last HOPE conference. The audio of his talk, as well as talks from other Last HOPE speakers, have been archived at the conference website. Go to the Talks page, then scroll down to "Jello Biafra" and you can right/control click on the 16 or 64 kbps mp3 audio to download.

P.S. Last week, we confirmed Jello's appearance as a judge at the US Air Guitar Championships on August 8. He had to cancel at the last minute due to an injury. Sorry to those who were looking forward to seeing him there.

08/08/08: Jello to judge air guitar competition
Jello Biafra will be one of the judges at the US Air Guitar Championship national finals. This competition is the final step in determining who will represent the US in the world championship to be held in Finland later this year. Regarding his Simon Cowell-like role, Jello says, "Today Air Guitar, tomorrow the Gong Show...and from there the world!" No word yet on whether he will indeed appear on the newly resurrected Gong Show on Comedy Central...

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