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Jello News

02/05/07: Listen to Jello's KMOX interview online!
KMOX 1200AM in St. Louis, MO interviewed Jello on Thursday, February 1. If you want to hear the archived version, look here and scroll down or search the page for "Jello."

01/31/07: Jello Interview on KMOX 1200am St. Louis, MO
On Thursday, February 1, the "Two Johns No Waiting" radio show on KMOX 1200am St. Louis, MO will interview Jello live on air. The appearance is scheduled for 8:30pm CST. Tune in, or check out the show's website for an audio archive of the interview.

01/28/07: Quashing rumors: Jello is alive.

Over the weekend, people have been spreading rumors that Jello Biafra has been shot or was killed. We've received quite a few queries from people everywhere. This is completely UNTRUE. AT staff has spoken to Jello, and he said he checked himself for bullet holes and didn't find any. Thank you to those who expressed their concern. If you hear any rumors like this in the future, please check the AT website and AT MySpace for the official info. If we don't say it happened, it probably didn't happen.

In the mean time, Jello will make the following appearances in the coming weeks:

Jello Biafra
02/19/2007 UW Student Union Milwaukee, WI
02/20/2007 Belcourt Theater Nashville, TN
02/21/2007 Mad Hatter Covington, KY
02/23/2007 Beachland Ballroom Cleveland, OH
02/25/2007 Higher Ground Burlington, VT
02/26/2007 Iron Horse Northampton, MA
02/27/2007 Living Room Providence, RI
02/28/2007 Knitting Factory New York, NY
03/01/2007 Torp Theater New Britain, CT
03/02/2007 Baronet Theater Asbury Park, NJ
03/03/2007 Ethical Society Philadelphia, PA
03/04/2007 449 Room (449 S. Broad St.) Trenton, NJ
04/09/2007 Sacramento State University Sacramento, CA
04/11/2007 Cal State University Northridge Northridge, CA

12/14/06: Jello on NPR/PRI's "Fair Game"
The new Public Radio International show Fair Game interviewed Jello, and will air the episode starting tonight, running through the weekend. To find out what stations air the show, go here. If your local NPR station doesn't air the show, you can check the Fair Game website for an online version starting Friday, 11/15.

12/13/06: Jello on Creepy Sleepy!
You can hear Jello Biafra on the Creepy Sleepy on-line radio show! Here's the mp3 link. Ch-ch-check it out!

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