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Before it became hip and trendy to like bands from Japan, before such bigger-than-O.J. names as Shonen Knife and the Boredoms became major label commodities in this country, there were a handful of bands in Japan pushing the sonic envelope, de-constructing and then re-building "music" and in general, were part of a new vanguard of noise makers. One such pioneering group of innovators is Zeni Geva led by Kazuyuki K. Null - guitarist, vocalist, prolific solo artist/collaborator and noise terrorist.

     Null founded the group in their home town of Tokyo in 1987 but Zeni Geva quickly found a dedicated fan base here in the U.S.. Their popularity in the west enabled them to be one of the first Japanese "noise" bands to tour the States three different times with bands like the Pain Teens, Melvins, Crash Worship, Ed Hall and Shellac. In 1994 they successfully completed a forty city tour of Europe and in September of '95 they completed tours of New Zealand and Australia, proving that ZG is gaining a worldwide audience! 1995 and 1996 saw them tour Europe, the US, and Japan!

     As they continue to create and innovate, Zeni Geva remain in the forefront of this still-emerging genre of noise outfits. Their latest release on A.T., Freedom Bondage, represents Zeni Geva's eleventh full-length album overall, their third release for Alternative Tentacles. Freedom Bondage showcases the ever-familiar earsplitting, grinding guitar attack and nihilistic imagery that have made their past recordings sought-after items and their live shows legendary events. However, their latest recordings contain surprising forays into territory previously never explored and features the considerable engineering talents of longtime friend and ZG collaborator, Steve Albini.

     Industrious and relentless as always, Zeni Geva seem to be everywhere these days, and are surely a mountainous sonic force to be reckoned with! Keep an eye open because they definitely will be assaulting a P.A. near you, and you won't want to miss being apart of the pummelling! Their ear-splitting guitar attack and nihilistic imagery have made their past recordings sought-after items and their live shows legendary events - ask anyone who attended one of the shows on their last U.S. tour. If you missed them last time, you may now redeem yourself and witness the legendary Zeni Geva demolish a sound system near you. You can thank us later.

"Heathen Blood"
"Love Bite"
"The Body"
Taken from virus135Desire For Agony

"Death Blows"
"Freedom Bondage"
Taken from virus170Freedom Bondage

1993 Desire For Agony

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