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LAND OF MILK AND HONEY: Coming at you like a money shot in a porn flick, Alternative Tentacles is proud to present Ultra Bidé's long awaited Super Milk, the follow-up to the band's God Is God Puke Is Puke full-length debut. Question: What do you get when you cross the inner electronics of your uncle's broken '76 stereo receiver, the depravity of NYC's Lower East Side, and three of the friendliest Japanese boys you'd ever hope to meet? Super Milk! Super Milk! Super Milk!

ESCAPE FROM MANHATTAN: In the last three years between album releases, Ultra Bidé have toured the U.S. half a dozen times, been to Canada, Europe, Japan, and back, honing their skills in the process for this very moment. Super Milk finds our heroes in search of love, fending off the ugly realities of city life, and trying to survive life in the big rotten apple. Super Milk is somewhat of a creative departure from their signature style of chaotic, freewheeling noise rock. Producer Scott Harding (New Kingdom) helped the trio create a more sparse, reined-in sound, mixed with a fun-with-electronics type approach. Also, former Alice Donut drummer/trombonist Stephen Moses guests. Lyrically, Super Milk documents the band's distaste with the fictitious, unattainable American Dream in Giuliani's New York City. Although despite the dark and jagged anthems on "Super Milk," a few songs almost resemble love songs; "Honey You So Good!" and "Burn My Soul."

NO SLEEP 'TIL BROOKLYN: Filled with lust, disgust, and a desire for change, Ultra Bidé fled the increasingly yuppified Lower East Side and moved to the more livable confines of Brooklyn. They are currently plotting their world tour, and can hardly wait to get the show on the road! Their over-the-top showmanship and amazing musicianship whips even the most jaded and tired die-hard barfly into a toe tappin', head bobbin' frenzy. Their live show is 100% entertainment, and they would love to show you what rock'n'roll is all about!

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1995 Kill Me Tender
1995 God Is God Puke Is Puke
1997 Maximum Avant Cruelty!
1998 Super Milk
2013 DNA vs. DNA-C

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