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Who are "Star Fucking Hipsters"? Are they "stars"? Are they "Hipsters"? Who do they "Fuck"? If & when they do in fact "Fuck"? If the answers to these questions are important to you, then you might not belong here, with the 'hipsters. If you care about music or politics above superficial labeling, then you might enjoy Star Fucking Hipsters (but please stay out of their bedrooms!).

SFH started as an idea for a new band with less restraints than the two founding members; Sturgeon "stza" Crack & Brandon "possible" Kolling's band; Leftover Crack. The restraints being musical genre, the lack of a female perspective & a veritable shit-load of dramatic, emotional & historical baggage, mostly fictional rumor, but some unpleasantly true. After the release of LOC's epic "Fuck World Trade" (A.T. 2004), a plan was hatched for this new musical endeavor, although on the eve of the final 3 shows of L.O.C.s 2004 tour the tragic & untimely death of Brandon in Dallas destroyed the plan & tore apart L.O.C. for almost 2 years. In the meantime, with no practical job experience & a penchant for self-destruction during down-time, sturgeon slowly assembled a group of NYC musicians in an attempt to bring the idea of SFH into existence, one 4 song set in Tompkins square park during the summer of '05 & the O.G. SFH easily fell apart.

The next year, mainly to put a few songs together for the LOC/Citizen Fish split release "Deadline" (FAT/A.T. 2007), Sturg met up with LOC/Slackers drummer Ara Babajian & Degenerics/Ensign guitar prodigy Frank Piegaro & wrote/practiced 7 songs. 3 of these ended up on the Citizen Fish/LOC split, leaving 4 songs in limbo which became the basis for the first SFH record "Until We're Dead" (FAT 2008), rounding out the line-up with Nico de Gallo (Casa de Chihuahua) on vocals & Yula Beeri (Nanuchka/World Inferno) on bass, along with a stellar line-up of guest musicians (Franz Nicolay of the Hold Steady, Joey Cape of Lagwagon, Darius Koski of Swingin' Utters & many more) & with much needed production help from song/check-writing maverick Fat "Mike" Burkett (NoFX, Me First & the Gimee Gimees).

And so it went, almost immediately after the completion of the first record, Frank & Sturgeon started writing a bunch of punk & metal tunes intent on releasing a second record by the end of 2009, with the help of sound-man/recording genius Ryan d. Jones & his laid-back approach of "I can record you guys anywhere..." Literally, if a plane passed overhead & it didn't fuck up the drum track then they had a take (& you can believe that Ryan & Sturg were crossing their fingers hoping to get some kind of ambient sound from the real world). Unfortunately the buses passing on Tenth St. & the trucks on Avenue C had no chance of being heard over the fury of drummers P.Nut (Degenerics/Ensign) & Alex Charpentier (Aloke/Awkward Thought). This record was recorded in the bedrooms of the band members (mostly in the world famous C-Squat) & it sounds better than any Crack Rock Steady recording since "No Gods/ No Managers" by Choking Victim (recorded mostly in the not so famous Serenity Squat on 7th St.)- all recorded within half a block of the punk landmark of NYC's 9th & C, & just one block from the historically significant Tompkins Square Park (this place definitely transcends C-squat & punk rock with its rich leftist political history). With Chris Pothier (Big Attack/Dread Fabrik) joining in on Bass & the virtuosity of Frank's guitar riffs, Nico & Sturg come out swinging on the vocals with everything from black-metal crust ("Church & Rape", "SFH theme", "Allergic II Peoples") to more sweetly sung punk ballads ("Dreams are Dead", "Never Rest in Peace") to the classic sound of Strg's "chain-saw politics" & sore throated vox & Nico's complimentary style on punk hits ("3000 miles away", "Severance Pay"). There's even one ska/punk tune featuring Citizen Fish's Dick & Jasper ("The Civilization Show"), who also appear on the one Strg/Brandon penned "Look Who's Talking Now!"- the song that kicked it all off originally recorded by Leftover Crack on Mike Davies BBC Radio One Punk Show in 2004 before Brandons death. It's been recorded to perfection on the A.T. release "Never Rest in Peace" out October 20th 2009.

SFH plan on much bigger things, while keeping the world's greed & corruption in lyrical check. Keep an ear out for their own BBC Radio One session with Mike Davies to be aired in Sept./Oct. 2009, & their November west coast tour with Citizen Fish & Molotov Compromise. During the tour they will be celebrating Alternative Tentacles 30th anniversary with one date in S.F. alongside the Fish & Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of Medicine. A video for "3000 miles away" has been planned to shoot in November with more tour dates to be booked & announced for the winter/spring of 2010.

Star Fucking Hipsters is not a side-project for any of the band members, so expect a lot more of them in the future...

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