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From Articles of Faith frontman Vic Bondi, Jawbox/Burning Airlines hero J. Robbins, and Kerosene 454 drummer Darren Zentek come the incomparable Report Suspicious Activity! Started as a solo project by Vic, it expanded into a working band when J. Robbins and Darren Zentek came on board. In 2005 they assembled and released their debut cd on Alternative Tentacles- a politically blunt musical masterpiece. These 3 indie rock/punk veterans are redefining political music for the new millenium!

"Because the next impeachment needs a soundtrack!" (Vic Bondi, 2005)

"The Night of 1000 Lies"
Taken from virus341s/t

"The Loyal Opposition"
Taken from virus389Destroy All Evidence

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2002 Complete, Vol. 1
2002 Complete, Vol. 2
2003 Fortunate Son
2010 New Normal Catastrophe
2012 I
2013 II

Other Releases

2014 III

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