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The much maligned and misunderstood Pachinko, just want you to know that all the rumors about them pummeling and beating up people everywhere they go are just dirty rotten lies! In fact, Pachinko are just regular 'ol guys from the Midwest. Madison, Wisconsin to be more precise. It is true that Brian, Pachinko's strapping lead singer, put a notoriously evil club promoter in the hospital (elevating him to hometown hero status!).

     Pachinko have appeared on numerous seven inches on Rhetoric, Bovine and Skin Graft Records. But in the six years Pachinko have been plugging away, no one has been able to agree on their sound. "The indie rock aficionados say we're a "noise band," while most hipsters into the distorto-noise thing try to write us off as a punk band and most punk rock factions don't know what the hell to make of us," says Brian. When we at Alternative Tentacles heard their dirgy ditties, we swooned and asked them to do a seven inch right away! The end result was the Diablo en Senorita Pachinko 7" which more than sufficiently showcases their "wielding rock like it was a weapon" - talents. This was but a taste of what was to come. Their debut full length, Behind the Green Pachinko, is an eardrum-pummeling onslaught the likes of which any genre has never heard! Pachinko have been playing out with the likes of Zeni Geva and Tribe 8, and are awaiting the opportunity to damage more eardrums on tour again.

In 2000 they released their Splendor In The Ass II; Electric Boogaloo and toured Europe!

     If you want to know what a thousand disgruntled U.S. postal employees sound like with guitars strapped to their tummies, don't miss Pachinko!

"The Ballad Of Bon Scott Mominee"
"Ez Jesus"
Taken from virus230Splendor In The Ass II: Electric Boogaloo

"Ez Jesus"
Taken from virus252Ecstasy of the Agony

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1996 El Diablo En Señorita Pachinko
1996 The Day The Needles Stood Still
1996 Behind The Green Pachinko
1997 Maximum Avant Cruelty!
1999 Splendor In The Ass II: Electric Boogaloo
2000 Ecstasy of the Agony

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