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Modern day America!
Like a lead balloon careening into everything within striking distance, folks should probably walk briskly to the nearest exit because the livid-legend PACHINKO is about to drive itself into the ground all over again. After a ten year hiatus, Madison, Wisconsin's PACHINKO is back with new music and live performances.
Guaranteed to wipe that smug smile off your face, PACHINKO is making a racket with a ton of new songs by original members: Brian Brech, Greg Norman, Matt Quigle, and Mike "Magma" Henry. They are once again churning out more of the great messed-up head shakers they paraded around way back when.

Originally formed in 1992, PACHINKO had releases with Bovine, Rhetoric and Satan's Pimp Records before finding a home here at Alternative Tentacles. Being that they are old as fuck, PACHINKO has shared the stage with all the noise greats as well as a lot of crap, and have recorded with the likes of Mike Zirkel, Steve Albini, Wendy Schneider, Tim Mac and Jon Terrones. They've also toured the U.S. and Europe extensively.
PACHINKO is mean, witty, nervous, powerful and, at times, scary.
PACHINKO shows are a balance of what is happening and what might happen. Get your effects in order and head out to see the lead balloon smash into your favorite local venue!

"The Ballad Of Bon Scott Mominee"
"Ez Jesus"
Taken from virus230Splendor In The Ass II: Electric Boogaloo

"Ez Jesus"
Taken from virus252Ecstasy of the Agony

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1996 El Diablo En Señorita Pachinko
1996 The Day The Needles Stood Still
1996 Behind The Green Pachinko
1997 Maximum Avant Cruelty!
1999 Splendor In The Ass II: Electric Boogaloo
2000 Ecstasy of the Agony
2017 State Your Grievances

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