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NOMEANSNO define post-modernist hardcore. In a word (or several), they are intelligent, articulate, studied, thoughtful, violent, passionate, intense, and playful. Acclaimed by peers and adored by fans, this musically adept trio has consistently thrilled sweaty crowds around the world. The band is a punk rock success story, albeit on their own terms, well hidden beneath the radar of the music industry.

NOMEANSNO formed in the heady days of late 70's punk. Rob Wright, then a dishwasher at a campus cafeteria, witnessed an early performance by DOA. With a burst of inspiration, he formed a duo with his brother, John. In the early 80ıs, after adding a guitar player, NOMEANSNO began to tour in earnest, captivating audiences with their live performances.

No One is their ninth studio album, and, in typical fashion, it is a monster. Produced by the band, this thundering release was recorded in Spring 2000 at Vancouverıs Lemon Loaf Studios by Mark LıEsperance. The whopping 63 minute masterpiece includes two covers - the RAMONES anthemic "Beat On The Brat", played with ominous Sabbath overtones, and a unique rendition of Miles Davisı classic, "Bitches Brew", featuring guests Mark Critchley (Itch) and Dave Macanulty (Royal Grand Prix) on keyboards and congas respectively. Tom Holliston, the band Œs guitarist throughout the 90's, comes of age on this new album with "A Little Too High", a savage paean to cocaine psychosis. Tom funnels his powers into the brother's percussive maelstrom, flavoring the song with his own special dementia. "Our Town" is a typical NOEANSNO tour de force, an epic tale told in lockjaw rhythm; swelling and heaving in great tidal waves, it is guaranteed to make your neck ache.

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1989 Terminal City Ricochet
1991 The Sky Is Falling And I Want My Mommy
1992 Virus 100
1995 4th And Back
1998 The Making Of Him
2000 Ecstasy of the Agony
2010 Terminal City Ricochet DVD & Soundtrack CD

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