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photo by Ryan Russell

Akimbo has barreled their way through the United States and Europe over the last six years with all the fervor of a demon army bent on conquest. Forging a path of righteousness with a thunderous sound and a menacing presence in today's underground rock scene, Jon Weisnewski (Bass/Vocals) and Nat Damm (Drums) have solidified a unique and devastating sonic battle axe left embedded in the skulls of their enemies. After years of rotating guitar players, Aaron Walters (Guitar) joined the band in 2006 and has proved to be the diesel in this engine of pure, flaming, voluminous rock. Hand picked for the Alternative Tentacles roster by Jello Biafra, they encompass everything that has made rock, punk, and metal a dangerous sound for the last 50 years.

Hungrily devouring the corpses of Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and The Who; dissecting the still quivering bodies of Black Flag and The Jesus Lizard; infusing the essence of the still beating heart of The Melvins, Akimbo has so far released four pounding albums on Alternative Tentacles, Seventh Rule Recordings, Dopamine Records, and Rockandroleplay Records. With a relentless touring schedule and an ever growing nation wide fan base, the Akimbo juggernaut is bent on leaving audiences a stunned, deaf, shuddering mass. Be warned: The pin on the party grenade has been pulled.

"Paul Reubens Theater"
"Sense Of Smell"
"Steal Your First Born"
"Pink Bathwater"
Taken from virus369Harshing Your Mellow

Taken from virus344Forging Steel and Laying Stone

"Dungeon Bastard"
Taken from virus378Navigating The Bronze

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2006 Forging Steel and Laying Stone
2007 Harshing Your Mellow
2007 Navigating The Bronze
2010 Jersey Shores
2013 Live To Crush

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